Enlightened Ascetic

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Archenemy Legal
Arena Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Gladiator Legal
Highlander Legal
Historic Legal
Historic Brawl Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Pauper Legal
Pauper Duel Commander Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Pioneer Legal
Planechase Legal
Quest Magic Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Vanguard Legal
Vintage Legal

Enlightened Ascetic

Creature — Cat Monk

When Enlightened Ascetic enters the battlefield, you may destroy target enchantment.

Kazierts on Lifelink Cats

2 years ago

Hope this wall of text doesn't bore you to death!

legendofa on Which Magic card's art would …

3 years ago

My (almost) full list:

1 The Fool: Far Wanderings

2 The Magician: Barrin, Tolarian Archmage

3 The High Priestess: Sanctimony

4 The Empress: Karametra, God of Harvests

5 The Emperor: Vish Kal, Blood Arbiter

6 The Hierophant: Grand Arbiter Augustin IV

7 The Lovers: Pia and Kiran Nalaar

8 The Chariot: Anafenza, the Foremost

9 Justice: Dawnbreak Reclaimer

10 The Hermit: Enlightened Ascetic

11 Wheel of Fortune: Wheel of Sun and Moon

12 Strength: Lion's Eye Diamond

13 The Hanged Man: not much for this one

14 Death: Pestilence

15 Temperance: Tonic Peddler

16 The Devil: Chains of Mephistopheles

17 The Tower: Sentinel Tower

18 The Star: nothing I'm really happy with

19 The Moon: Full Moon's Rise

20 The Sun: Not much here, either

21 Judgement: Angel's Trumpet

22 The World: nothing here, either

MokraMrkva on Kitten Crusades

4 years ago

I would go with Arahbo, Roar of the World and with a tactic of always having one or two cats on the field trying to hit people. Go tall. Alms Collector , Enlightened Ascetic , Kinjalli's Sunwing , Lost Leonin , Skyhunter Skirmisher , Stalking Leonin , Temur Sabertooth , Whitemane Lion , some ramp, removals, protection, a board wipe or two and some equipment. would take out Jareth, Leonine Titan because too much mana, Jazal Goldmane, Nacatl War-Pride , Qasali Slingers and Jedit Ojanen of Efrava for the same reason. Also cool are Heroic Intervention and Selesnya Charm. Stave Off has a cat on it.

multimedia on Alesha Vile Mayhem (Budget)

4 years ago

Thanks for the upvote Tata, but I don't think you looked over my deck before commenting :(

This is a budget deck, max of $200. I have to pick and choose which expensive price cards I play. I would like to play lots more expensive price cards, but that's not possible and all cards $5 or more you suggested are not better than any cards for their price already here. A wrath that kills all creatures with no restrictions is better than a wrath that has a restriction especially because reanimation is a theme here which can recover from a wrath. Look closer, Swords is here and has been since the beginning of time :)

You're right Ascetic, Darkblast and Imp are odd choices. There's a small dredge theme and it's here because I can't afford to add lots of expensive price tutors therefore I'm relying more on my graveyard interaction with Alesha. Imp, Darkblast, Thug, Stinkweed, Dakmor, Oddsmaker is the dredge package. Imp and Oddsmaker for no mana cost can put a dredge card into my graveyard.

Tortured Existence is a good suggestion and I will playtest it, but I don't like that I have to pay mana to discard a card. However, Existence can save an important creature putting it into my hand such as Karmic Guide or Kiki from exile of my graveyard by discarding another creature which I do like. Creatures who are enablers have more interactions in this deck then enchantments and Imp is a creature, Existence isn't.

Enlightened Ascetic is here because graveyard hate is annoying and most graveyard hate I see is from enchantments. Ascetic being a two drop who can be reanimated by Alesha or Lark, etc. or copied by Kiki gives me resiliency against enchantment graveyard hate especially Rest in Peace because Rest doesn't stop the ETB ability of Ascetic.

Tata on Alesha Vile Mayhem (Budget)

4 years ago

Why not Retribution of the Meek or Fell the Mighty over Wrath of God or Day of Judgment ? I think they are just better, usually, in Alesha. What about Austere Command over cleansing nova?

Have you considered playing Ranger-Captain of Eos or plain ol' Ranger of Eos ? You have a decent package with the three 1CMC sac/discard outlets that you're playing. The Eos Bros are something I've been considering for my Alesha deck for a while.

I am very skeptical about Putrid Imp . I think it doesn't do enough in a deck that isn't completely tuned towards explosive combo wins. I'd rather play Tortured Existence .

I'm surprised by the conspicuous absence of Swords to Plowshares . What gives? Your interaction package seems odd with Enlightened Ascetic but no swords. Darkblast is another odd choice. Are these all meta calls?

multimedia on Teysa, Orzhov Scion

4 years ago

Hey, you're welcome. Thanks for the credit in the description, but you didn't need to do that. This is your deck after all and you had all the cards for the combos already. Just was missing some explanations about the combos which hopefully I helped with.

I do like the interaction of Divine Visitation and Teysa's ability to repeatedly create tokens. The main problem with Visitation is it's a five drop that doesn't do anything when you first cast it and it's not a creature so you can't cheat it with reanimation. I tend not to play high mana cost cards like this. For example instead of playing Visitation I would play Luminarch Ascension which is a powerful card for Angels in multiplayer Commander and is a two drop.

I didn't think of Rest in Peace when I saw the Felidar + Restoration combo in your deck, but good thinking it's a combo that can get around Rest. Keep it if Rest is a problem in your meta. Enlightened Ascetic is an option that's a creature for hate against Rest. You want the ETB trigger because Rest doesn't stop that. If you keep the Felidar + Restoration combo then I would cut Teysa/Elenda or vice versa. Simply because this is too many four drops. Just like Victimize can enable a Guide + Lark combo it can also enabler Felidar + Restoration combo which is helpful. I think overall Felidar + Restoration is more powerful than Teysa/Elenda.

I don't think Rune-Scarred Demon is needed because you already have Razaketh. Rune-Scarred is a budget alternative for Razaketh.

TinkererEDH on God-eternal oketra (angel version)

4 years ago

OmletMojo12 I have some nefarious plans on getting more creatures with return target creature(s) to owners' hands. I went to an edh Facebook page for ways to abuse god-eternal oketra, and they have me several ways. Standard way is to bring in weenies. I'm not a fan of weenies. I will have to rethink for the etb and tokens.

My goal is to get the cost low enough to repeat casting multiple times a turn. I might need a Vedalken Orrery for the flash aspect.

So, here are the planned maybe boards - since I'm going to ETB / casting creature triggers: Ancestral Statue - can actually become free to cast, since it's colorless, return target creature I control to my hand. Emancipation Angel - same as above, except Ivory Giant - taps all non-white creatures. Kor Skyfisher - return target creature I control . Panharmonicon - doubles etb triggers for my creatures - I don't really have artifact ETBs unless they're creatures. Reveillark - graveyard recursion for my weenies - ok. Stormfront Riders - return two creatures, whenever it or another creature is returned to my hand from play, adds at least two tokens into play when it enters the battlefield. Subjugator Angel - tap all creatures my opponents control Sunblast Angel - destroy all tapped creatures. Dust Elemental - flash, return three creatures I control to my hand. Eiganjo Free-Riders - return target creature I control at upkeep Enlightened Ascetic - destroy target enchantment or artifact War Priest of Thune - same as ascetic Thalia's Lancers - legendary creature tutor on a stick Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx - mono-color ramp Possessed Portal - sacrifice a creature? okay. I have lots of tokens. Regal Caracal - more tokens on etb.

Now I need ideas on what to exchange for the above. First thoughts are the two odrics - they're combat focused, not etb or casting focused.

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