Elite Spellbinder

Elite Spellbinder

Creature — Human Cleric


When Elite Spellbinder enters the battlefield, look at target opponent's hand. You may exile a nonland card from it. For as long as that card remains exiled, its owner may cast it. A spell cast this way costs more to cast.

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Elite Spellbinder Discussion

JANKYARD_DOG on Clerical Destiny (Arena 2022 Standard BO1)

2 weeks ago

Gameplay Update: This build is ticking along quite nicely, even versus the mirror match. Angel of Destiny is a riot though most quit on the first strike trigger for some reason, denying me the janky wincon lol. Lolth, Spider Queen also performs well, so I think I will keep both as a one if for now. Agadeem's Awakening  Flip/Emeria's Call  Flip sadly have only been used as lands as of yet.

Still kinda sad there's no Kor Celebrant here just for the RV/KC synergy but we make do I suppose. Especially considering Cleric of Life's Bond only triggers once per turn. Sorry KC, only so many seats on the train...

I'd love to see some similar builds if any of you follow the WB life gain path so if you care to share, feel free. Also let me know if you decide to try this out and how it goes. Until next time...

Raktim on Dungeon Crawler

2 months ago

As an extra note, LVD actually just put out a video on this deck! Fly seems to be instrumentally useful, so replacing Dungeon Crawler with Elite Spellbinder and Paladin Class with Fly could be great! Also, Precipitous Drop isn't terrible, but it does feel a little lackluster as a -2/-2 and a venture card. I don't really have a suggestion for a replacement for Drop, but otherwise, the rest of the feedback is great, and it seems like the deck has some awesome potential!


Raktim on Dungeon Crawler

2 months ago

At first I thought this deck's color pie was all over the place, but I gave it a test run for funsies at it was really fun! If there's any card that hasn't really pulled its weight, Dungeon Crawler and Eccentric Apprentice are somewhat dead cards, as Eccentric Apprentice can only sometimes be useful, and Dungeon Crawler is really slow for the aggro side of this deck. I don't really know any great suggestions of the top of my head, maybe maindeck Elite Spellbinder ? I'm not sure, but I'm loving what you got!

RebelGenius on The Pain of Loss [[Flicker Combo/Control]]

3 months ago

zapyourtumor Firstly, thank you for all the suggestions!

I'm currently hitting myself on the head for missing Shriekmaw , it's perfect in here. I also didn't even consider Elite Spellbinder , it's also perfect in this deck. Sin Collector would definitely be a nice sideboard card.

Ah, my mistake on the Surgicals, I'll get that fixed.

As for Wispmare , it's interesting, I'll definitely play around with it. The whole deck is kinda in alpha phase, so there's gonna be a lot of playing around.

I had thought of putting Solitude in the deck, but I thought that with the other removal spells I thought that having Mirran Crusader as a more offensive body would be better. Do you think that I should swap them?

zapyourtumor on The Pain of Loss [[Flicker Combo/Control]]

3 months ago

I like your deck.

My main comments are that you only have 4 creatures that benefit from flickering, and 6 flicker spells. I would definitely lean into the flicker more and go up to a playset of Cloudshift , then increase the number of creatures that you can flicker. I think Elite Spellbinder can be flickered to have two cards exiled at once that have taxed costs (if this doesn't work then I agree that Silverquill Silencer is better for the deck). And my biggest suggestion is definitely a playest of Shriekmaw . You can do the same stuff you do on grief with this bad boy to remove two creatures plus get a 3/2 for only 2 mana. I'd probably cut some of the other removal, like Damn , and maybe the mirran crusaders, for these.

Lastly, I know I said flickerable creatures that control the opponent's hand are good, but unfortunately most of them have a negative effect when leaving the battlefield such as Thought-Knot Seer , Tidehollow Sculler (love this card), Kitesail Freebooter etc. But one that doesn't have this is Sin Collector . I think he is worth considering for the sideboard since he hits a lot of annoying cards like TTB, scapeshift, BTL, loam, etc.

A random sidenote: You have 4x Surgical mainboard and 2x sideboard, which I assume was because you changed one of them without changing the other. You could maybe replace them with Vanishing Verse .

With these additions, the deck should become more of a streamlined "flicker control" deck instead of just a Grief flicker combo in a BW control shell.

P.S. I just did some research and it turns out flickering Elite Spellbinder does work! Noice

Sorin_Markov_1947 on Orzhov Aggro

4 months ago

This doesn't feel like an aggro deck. This feels more like midrange, but trying to play small threats.

You have a good plan with the creatures, although it maybe isn't quick enough. Take a look at mono-white aggro decks if you want to look at white-based aggro in Standard.

There are several more grindy spells in this list for an aggro deck. You don't want to be worrying about non-creatures really, so Fracture is almost a dead card. Plumb the Forbidden is definitely a grindy card. You don't want to be sacrificing your creatures since you're relying on those to win quickly. Sparring Regimen is okay, but still slow. You'll maybe get 2-3 counters out of it before your opponent stabilizes, and that's just not enough for a three-mana spell in aggro. Same for Show of Confidence , really. The whole learn mechanic is more grindy and plays for card advantage. Not as good for an aggro deck.

Devastating Mastery is a very odd choice. You're an aggro deck. If the game goes long, you've almost definitely lost. You don't want to ever be in a position where you want a boardwipe. You have to win with small creatures and wiping those means a game loss 9/10 times.

I think there are two paths for this deck. 1, you keep some of the cards I mentioned and become Orzhov midrange, but give up your fast creatures and put in bigger ones. Or 2, remove most of the aforementioned cards and add in things like Maul of the Skyclaves , Luminarch Aspirant , Seasoned Hallowblade , Elite Spellbinder , and more (again, check out mono-white aggro decks) and become a full aggro deck.

Haystak112 on Hand in Control

4 months ago

Shadrix Silverquill performs well enough as a one-of. Keeping the oppents with an empty board state helps. And Elite Spellbinder was in my original plan but I'm out of wildcards at the moment

Sorin_Markov_1947 on Hand in Control

4 months ago

Silverquill Silencer and/or Elite Spellbinder seems like a shoo-in here. Better than Kitesail Freebooter imo. Also, how effective are you finding Shadrix Silverquill ? In theory, he seems really bad, but I'm not crafting him to test him any time soon.

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