Crescendo of War

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Vintage Legal

Crescendo of War


At the beginning of each upkeep, put a strife counter on Crescendo of War.

Attacking creatures get +1/+0 for each strife counter on Crescendo of War.

Blocking creatures you control get +1/+0 for each strife counter on Crescendo of War.

SirHipHopHippo on Ewwww Kros, infect

20 hours ago


Hi Nova! Thanks for the comment!

Yes, we all had a budget restriction of $45. You can see the budget version of the deck here. The deck plays really well. In my experience the fogs are imperative for this deck, especially when you get into the 1v1. With Kros you spend all game buffing your opponents creatures and when it gets down to just two players you need to be able to buy time to proliferate the infect counters with something like Contagion Clasp.

As for Paradox Haze I have a very nice hand painted alter of the card, I haven't had a home for it in a while since I took apart another deck so I just have to put it in here. Here's a link to the alternate art if you wanna check it out. There are a lot of cards in the build though that trigger on upkeep Orzhov Advokist, Aven Mimeomancer, Evolutionary Escalation, Sheltering Ancient, Sporogenesis, Crescendo of War, Kumena's Awakening, Phyrexian Swarmlord, and of course the commander Kros, Defense Contractor so I think it will be really strong.

I'm excited to see how Kros can be improved with upcoming sets and more community research.

Gleeock on Pattern Recognition #243 - Into …

1 month ago

Love forced combat. Love dropping a Crescendo of War & pushing engine-to-endgame decks to consider a field presence midgame or watch as they realize how much life can matter again in these types of games. Forced combat is just another strategy that is opening up new avenues of playstyle, new tempo, new threat recognition. Other players that can't see the forest-for-the-trees with the strategy are the ones left complaining the most. I've seen vigilance heavy decks dominate goad games (vigilance...seriously!), lifegain decks dominate, tap/untap decks dominate. It is an easily circumvented strategy that scales well to whatever combat capabilities the opponents are fielding. It inherently brings importance back the the midgame aspect of the game & it can force chip damage to be an important factor in games, which I love because before I had this option I saw far less: midgame, chip damage matters games & more 90% alternate wincon games. I honestly couldn't give less of a crap when I "do not have a choice" on my combat, usually I planned on swinging anyway - as long as my beater isn't removed I'm happy. Even happier if I'm swinging a vigilant lifelinker - Agitator Ant that all day long.

Gleeock on Dealing with politics as an …

3 months ago

You too. I would say that I only play true "aggro" a little. Mostly I play goading midrange with little rampers. Most aggro I play is with disposable threats. I once played an Edgar Markov deck though that did involve some forced aggro... things like lifelinkers & Crescendo of War to turn the game upside down with aggro advantage & it actually played very well. When I focused my player removal with that deck I just picked my opponent by strategy, honed in on him, & the other players didn't have that rationale: "you slapped me earlier" they were more like: "oh well, better him than me", & I didn't go: "oh you have 45 life so I will trim that now" (that player remembers that).... Remember, life IS a resource, especially for aggro, so pressure whoever can least afford it instead of chipping at everyone frivolously & just pissing them off :)

Gleeock on New Social Contract Breach Discussion

4 months ago

It does truly vary wildly

I've seen players scoop & significantly alter the game for everyone else on Crescendo of War with goad in effect. This is a very low-compete, able to respond, game expediting effect. I wonder if they just didn't know how game-altering it was to not complete 1 more go-round?

Likewise for Havoc Festival with Kardur, Doomscourge. I'm not exactly time-burgling (the opposite actually) & this is not stopping anyone from playing magic... maybe dedicated lifegain decks, for 6 cmc

It would be nice if players considered the ramifications a little more before they scooped is all. For me, my way is black & white. If I've committed I stay in I play until the end. I pick up a snack or something if I hate my opponents strategy :)

IHATENAMES on Avacyn, Angel of Wipes

5 months ago

I like and hate alot of what I see here. Land destruction is difficult to play unless you tell people before a game "o hey I run some Armageddon effects" but it is also one if whites way to win by resource denial.

I think you need to focus on your mana curve. You have many impactful 6 drops. Which can help only if you get there. Replacing some with ramp could help.

Marble Diamond I have come to believe is a bad card there are so many 2 mana rocks that this can easily be upgraded with a cheap Alternative.

Magus of the Disk board wide every turn with your commander.

You should probably designate some targeted removal for artifacts as Shadowspear is your biggest concern.

Crescendo of War helps end games you can block for days not your opponents.

A sac outlet for when you may need to wipe without avacyn. Altar of Dementia Perhaps.

Some sort of non indestructible protection like Ghostway or Eerie Interlude orGuardian of Faith

I'd look into 1 or 2 indestructible creatures so you can wipe without needing avacyn to break the Symmetry. Besides Stuffy Doll I don't run alot but it's something to look at maybe.

You have a inf combo w/ a sac outlet btw. Sun Titan Fiend Hunter effect with sac . Hunter exile sun titan sac repeat.

Gleeock on Would a "group hug" Marisi …

7 months ago

I don't know how "huggy" they are... but I enjoy Crescendo of War & Bedlam

BrassLord on Marisi the Pimp - (Combat) Trickin' Hoes

9 months ago

Also, if you're going to super lean into the Goad, Crescendo of War is a pretty decent closer in any pillowfort/goad deck. triggers on EACH upkeep, gets out of hand really quickly if unanswered lol.

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