Champion of the Parish


Format Legality
Noble Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Duel Decks: Blessed vs Cursed (DDQ) Rare
Innistrad (ISD) Rare

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Champion of the Parish

Creature — Human Soldier

Whenever another Human enters the battlefield under your control, put a +1/+1 counter on Champion of the Parish.

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Champion of the Parish Discussion

SavannahLion91 on Human Defenders

4 hours ago

Dude I love White Weenie decks. I play something similar, and it does decent on FNM.

I would defiently add a playset of Thalia, Guardian of Thraben. It does wonders against control decks, and Storm.

I would also add a playset of Imposing Sovereign. This card does work against other aggro decks. It gives your creatures a pseudo haste. Which is something white doesn't have.

You can play Elite Vanguard if you want, but I would run something like Mardu Woe-Reaper, Soldier of the Pantheon, and only two Kytheon, Hero of Akros. Reaper and Soldier might not look like much of an improvement, but they give you more options. Reaper has saved me a couple times from people trying to go infinite by taking out a piece of their combo out of the graveyard. Soldier just can get through or block multi colored creatures all day.

I'd also throw in a play set of Honor of the Pure. It just buffs your creatures a little more. Also, four Path to Exile is some of the best removal you can have. It's pretty much a must have.

Then I would add two more Brave the Elements. This card is bonkers. It's an I win now card, or a counter spell. It's literally why you would want to play the deck and what pushes the deck over the hump.

Then maybe two Gather the Townsfolk. It's not that great of a card but helps you get wide, and puts two 1/1 counters on Champion of the Parish on turn two.

I would probably cut one of the Fiendslayer Paladin. It's actually a pretty good card, and something I haven't thought of. In a heavy burn meta that card is really good. The card that I run over him is Mirran Crusader, but both have their upsides and are definitely worth swapping out for the other depending on the meta. The reason I would only run two is because I try to keep my mana curve low. Before I switched to Crusader I use to run Silverblade Paladin. It's a good card that can win you the game on the spot, or give you the push you need to start winning. The only problem with it is. It was fragile and died to removal easily.

Yeah thats pretty much it. If you go to my site you can find the humans deck I was talking about for a good list.

SynergyBuild on Ultra-Budget: Teenage Mutant Ninja Wizards

4 days ago

I explained how card draw and ramp could help synergise with the deck, I don't know how to build simic, I am a mono-white player, with a tad of red & black, but I was trying to explain how to play modern, not how to make a modern deck, instead, if you want me to tell you how, I will:

Land base, for a land base in a budget deck mono-colors are your friends, trying to do otherwise will take of too much money or be to slow.

Abuse your color's strong suits, in green, abuse ramp, play x mana cost spells, or get card draw and drop your hand, run cards that are mana dumps, and ways to trample over your enemy, things like mono-green ramp/fatties for example. In blue you abuse card draw and counter spells, stalling your opponent hardcore. In red abuse damage and straight speed, in white abuse creatures, small ones that can be buffed, or big ones that can destroy. In black try to mess over your enemy with cards like Thoughtseize, or in a budget deck, Duress is a good option.

Get a subtheme, if your deck is mono-black reanimator, you can run a sacrifice subtheme, where you discard/drop then sacrifice creatures/dredge, then reanimate, then sacrifice, then reanimate, etc.

Another example of a subtheme in white is battalion, the main theme of the deck is drop small creatures and win, but then you have cards with battalion which then allow you to win easier, and with running multiple cards with battalion, when you attack with 3+ creatures, suddenly a bunch of buffs go on all of your creatures all at once.

Tribal is a subtheme, not a main theme as well. It is like running a white-green beatdown deck, and then you realize you have almost all humans, so you can replace the few Dryad Militant's you have for a few Champion of the Parish which makes all of your deck humans, and have elements of human tribal, but it still is white-green beatdown.

Card choice: You want things to either ramp, cheat out cards, or be <4 mana cost, otherwise it will be hard to play, you want your deck to synergise, but also be fast, because control/midrange is too expensive for a budget deck.

In this deck I would run cards that could abuse counters, like cards with double-strike or infect, in blue/green, there are good, cheap options are Ichorclaw Myr and Glistener Elf, or Necropede for infect.

JAPuckett85 on Hardened Human CoCo

6 days ago

I have Ally Encampment, but it wont help for the Hardened Scales or Rancor or the Humans with white-only mana costs, such as Champion of the Parish and Grand Abolisher.. and nearly every Ally here is white anyway, so it might as well be a Plains. Hero of Goma Fada is not fetchable with Collected Company. Same goes for Munda's Vanguard, plus it's not a Human, which I really need for the triggered abilities on Champion of the Parish & Thalia's Lieutenant. Cathar's Crusade is a good ability, but too expensive of a CMC for this deck in Modern. If it could come down T2 it could have an impact, but I should be winning or losing by T5, & have a nearly empty hand that won't trigger it much after it is in play. Thank you for the suggestions though!

lamoynet on Oh the Humanity

1 week ago

Match Report 8/29/17

Overall Record

Games 3-6

Matches 1-3

Match 1 - Loss - Eternal Command

Sammy won the tempo battle. Tapping all my stuff with Cryptic Command multiple turns in a row will do it. I lost in 2 games pretty fast. However, I did play a match with America Flyers after that and win.

Match 2 - Win - Soul Sisters

He started to block with the key lifegain cards Soul Warden because my board was too large with all the counters and it threaten his life total. Brave the Elements is a sneaky really great card in my deck, especially when my opponent is mono colored.

Match 3 - Loss - B/G Tarmagoyf

Those Liliana of the Veil are impossible to deal with. Sacrifice my creatures, discard my hand... urgh. It did not go well. Fatal Push kills my Champion of the Parish no matter how big he gets to protect his human friends.

Match 4 - Loss - Counter Company

My first experience with an infinite combo deck. Ouch. I couldn't beat him before he assembled the infinte man combo with Devoted Druid and Vizier of Remedies to use Walking Ballista to ping me to death one damage at a time.


First time a Counters Company deck has shown up. Sammy plays a different cool deck every time.

hullos on Idiocracy

2 weeks ago

ok, so a few cards that are not that good in the deck, first Waste Not you gain nothing out of this card, you have no discard and Champion of the Parish you may have a few humans in here but i believe there are better cards. you could add one more Hidden Stockpile seeing as it is a very good card in the deck. you will need a card that can create more tokens as well Lingering Souls could be good. a few other good cards are Bone Splinters and Altar's Reap maybe even Nantuko Husk.

sskorakz6651 on White Power!

2 weeks ago

I agree with the vial to creature ratio. My logic behind it was for maximizing T1 vial. Also If I have the vial ticked up to 3 I can play a Kabira Evangel at instant speed to prevent targeted removal / board wipes so my board state can be more resilient. Also I found out through a lot of games that casting Kazandu Blademaster was sometimes not possible due to not having 2 white sources to tap for it. As for the usage of Champion of the Parish & Thalia's Lieutenant I actually ran a playset of both of them in the deck a while back and found it fun but I found it harder to trigger Kabira Evangel and having that fire off is invaluable a lot of the time to get more damage in. I'll definitely give it another playtest and see how it works again though.

zephyr_chang on White Power!

2 weeks ago

Not sure you need 4 Vials for a deck with only 20 creatures? You might also want to play Champion of the Parish and Thalia's Lieutenant in a deck like this.

G_man on Wary Sisters

2 weeks ago

guessling I think if I were to put Impact Tremors in I'd probably drop the Champion of the Parish. I'd also think about swapping the Ranger of Eos for Mentor of the Meek. The Legion Loyalist is a good call but I have trouble deciding what to cut something for it.

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