Kinjalli's Caller


Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Ixalan (XLN) Common

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Kinjalli's Caller

Creature — Human Cleric

Dinosaur spells you cast cost 1 less to cast.

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Kinjalli's Caller Discussion

Creeper_Math on WG Dino Deck

6 hours ago

Vanquisher's Banner

Kinjalli's Caller (I run with 4)


razelfark on Abzan Dinos/Counters // Looking for Suggestions!!

1 day ago

I think you may want to use Rishkar, Peema Renegade with this build as a ramp option because it syergizes with all the cards being used and can help get you to your important combo faster. Maybe cut Kinjalli's Caller , Ranging Raptors, or some combination to make room for Rishkar. Maybe 1 and 1?

For side deck I would possibly cut some Natural Obsolescence unless you have problems with vehicles at your local. I say this because you already have Appetite for the Unnatural in the side as well.

I would maybe add more Blossoming Defense or Destined / Lead to the side in case you have a lot of control decks at your local.

Like the idea you are trying. It seems very solid overall.

Panzerforge on Jurassic Petting Zoo!

3 days ago
Perfect hand:
Sunpetal Grove
3x Kinjalli's Caller
Carnage Tyrant
T1, Plains + Caller
T2, Sunpetal Grove + 2x Caller
T3, Forest, Tyrant + Maniacal Laugh.
in case you were curious

Blo on First Dino Deck 3 color

5 days ago

Some feedback:
Heroic Intervention will stop most stuff hitting your permanents, be it boardwipes or targeted removal when you can't have that. I'd run 2-4 copies.
It seems like you're screwing your manabase by playing a lot of the white cards. Kinjalli's Caller does nothing in the deck that another ramper cannot do. Your deck wants to get out your 4/5drops at least 1 turn earlier. Channeler Initiate,Drover of the Mighty and Otepec Huntmaster seem better for that regard as they are better cards individually. I would cut the white dork and add a playset of each of the other, except maybe the Channeler. That gives you a steady 2drop that will get your 4drop out on turn 3.

Priest of the Wakening Sun and Goring Ceratops dont seem to contribute a lot in the deck I would cut both. Kinjalli's Sunwing seems more of a sideboard card than a maindeck card, unless your meta is very aggro based.You could consider splashing for a Bellowing Aegisaur as this seems to be the right deck. It should achieve the same idea as the Goring Ceratops but will be more resilient, and give permanent boosts to your team.

As mentioned above, try to run a playset of Raging Swordtooth and preferably Regisaur Alpha and Ripjaw Raptor as well. Raptor Hatchling doesn't seem to be at home in this deck, just as Verdant Sun's Avatar and Vanquisher's Banner or Ashes of the Abhorrent. You should consider running Dual Shot as well, to trigger enrage and kill of */1 dudes on the other side or trade up when needed.

Ranging Raptors is a solid card and Deathgorge Scavenger is great. Atzocan Archer or Ravenous Daggertooth could be options if you feel like you need more 3drops.

Okay, break over, I have to go back to work :D.

Xanitsu on Dinobib

6 days ago

I would cut the dino cards that dont have enrage and focus on the ones that do. The only dino's without enrage that are worth running are the 3 other avatars (Wakening Sun's Avatar, Verdant Sun's Avatar, Burning Sun's Avatar they are all good in their own right), Deathgorge Scavenger for grave hate, Drover of the Mighty because mana dork, Goring Ceratops he can be a win con due to double strike, Kinjalli's Caller for mana reduction same with Otepec Huntmaster, Raging Swordtooth to trigger enrage, Priest of the Wakening Sun for a tutor, regisaur alpha for haste and it is just a good card, Thundering Spineback anthem and token generator, and Kinjalli's Sunwing for suppressing the opponents. outside of that you just need cards to trigger enrage so cards that deal 1 damage to everything (Earthquake, Magmaquake, Pyrohemia, and Subterranean Spirit just to name a few).

Outside of trigger enrage with AOE damage cards there are other ways to do it like Pit Fight like cards that have your stuff fight other creatures. This also helps with the lack in flying (because you fight the fliers and destroy them). So that way you don't need cards like Cobbled Wings.

Then the deck needs ramp spells, mana rocks, and card draw along with other ways to cheat your dino's into play like Sunbird's Invocation, Kindred Summons, Selvala's Stampede, Quicksilver Amulet, etc.

Do not forget your EDH staples.

Lastly a win condition card that you can just play it and either defeat a player or win the whole game. Because the deck is naturally a creature based one and using green i would use cards like Overwhelming Stampede and Titanic Ultimatum where you mass buff and swing big.

edhrec helps when deck building hope this helps. Feel free to look at mine for any ideas (even though mine is already outdated compared to the edits I made physically).

Note: some old cards got relabeled as dino's

Dragonzaf on

1 week ago

Nice try here, a word of advise,try and find what your deck is going to do,it seems like you want to do a little too many things at the same time,like steal your opponents creatures and playing your own,and destroy lands!

I suggest cutting on the Act of Treason effects all togetherInstead of destroying your opponents lands ,why not use ramp like Harrow or Rampant Growth and playsets (or 3 ofs) of Kinjalli's Caller , Drover of the Mighty ,Otepec Huntmastersome nice cheap dinos to consider :Ranging Raptors,Charging Monstrosaur, Kinjalli's Sunwing ,Goring Ceratops,Verdant Sun's Avatar,Wakening Sun's Avatar,Thundering Spineback

some other spells that go with the theme :Dinosaur Stampede,Commune with Dinosaurs,Savage Stomp

about the lands,the desserts don't contribute to your plan,try some cheap tap lands like Jungle Shrine,Rugged Highlands,Blossoming Sands,Wind-Scarred Crag or go the extra mile and hit some check lands like Rootbound Crag,Sunpetal Grove,Clifftop Retreat

Hyperalgialysis on First Dino Deck 3 color

1 week ago

Thrash of Raptors isnt good enough for what it costs in standard. Channeler Initiate really doesn't fit well, it is a solid card but doesn't reduce or synergize the dinos. Raging Swordtooth is a sideboard card against things like tokens. 24 lands with all those cost reducers would be enough. You need more plains or lands that tap for white the Kinjalli's Caller turn 1. Commune with Dinosaurs is really strong early game as mana fixing and a great top deck when your hand is empty, a 4 of for sure. Savage Stomp is really good need a few copies in here as well. I like that your curve goes high and that you have a lot of cards at 1-3 mana but maybe a few too many. Play test and see what is performing and replace with cards that are doing well or more removal pieces. You don't really have much in the way of removal, and if you have a lot of 4-7 drops in your opening hand your opponent may be able to get going too quickly for you to put up much of a fight. Authority of the Consuls shuts down the red deck that was seeing lots of play and Lightning Strike Shock are both great for planeswalkers. Along the same lines Cast Out is solid as well and deserves a spot in the sideboard if nothing else.

Faceless_Being on Naya Dino Tribal

1 week ago

Now I am no real Standard player outside of some janky brews that I have concocted but too start your Sideboard I may have some possible suggestions.

  • 3-4x Blossoming Defense: Instant speed Hexproof to evade removal as well as grant a possibly relevant +2/+2 buff to the targeted creature.

  • 1-2x Rampaging Ferocidon: With your main wincon being straight Dino beats this little guy may be worth having. He is a 3/3 Menace for whilst also able to shut down any possible life shenanigans that could occur as the turns progress. Can't have your opponent trying to heal up now can we?

  • 2x Scavenger Grounds: Pretty meta dependant but as a "just in case" card it does the trick of stopping graveyard bs.

  • Abrade: I personally have seen Abrade be an all star from streams so I recommend running 2x more and having a full playset in the 75. How you would split that between Main and Side would be either up to you or someone else can weigh in to help more.

These are just a few suggestions that may or may not help. I do have some questions about some of your Mainboard cards if I may.

What would you say, out of all test matches thus far, is the ratio to which you get to stick a T1 Kinjalli's Caller? I'm asking simply due to being curious. I am also curious as to how often Raging Swordtooth and Thundering Spineback don't just become "winmore" cards. I see the very obvious synergy with the rest of the deck and with the right boardstate they can be a massive advantage but that is being toooo dependant on a thriving board.

~So far the deck looks pretty nice as even I am tempted to build some dinos for the hell of it. +1 from me

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