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Next to Medusa, it can be argued that the Sphinx is one of the most recognised mythical creatures. She is the daughter of Typhon, the Destroyer, and Echidna, the Mother of Monsters. Originally, the Sphinx was an emissary of the gods. She was sent by the gods to plague the town of Thebes as punishment for an ancient crime. She preyed upon the youth and devoured all who failed to answer her riddles. The king, Creon, offered up his throne to anyone who could defeat the Sphinx. Oedipus took up the challenge. When he correctly answered her riddle, the Sphonx famously committed suicide by casting herself from a cliff.

The Sphinx specialised in enigma. This is what this deck attempts to do, either in the ability of the sphinxes (The Commander herself Yennet, Isperia the Inscrutable, Master of Predicaments, Sharding Sphinx, Sphinx of Uthuun, and Sphinx of Magosi) or in the behaviour of the deck itself. This deck is partially aggro but is also determined to keep a level of control: the original Sphinx attempted to do the same. Unesh and Favorable Winds are a support system for my sphinxes. Rescue from the Underworld is a simple mythological addition I could not leave out.

Cards bearing the name Sphinx are also included: Sphinx's Insight, Sphinx's Decree, and Sphinx's Revelation. In certain depictions on a Greek kylix or architecture in Asia Minor, one sees Sphinxes being depicted with griffins and/or sirens. Because of this Hypnotic Siren have been included in the deck.

There is an element of future sight, due to the fact that in some interpretations of the Sphinx: her ability to make impossible riddles came from the ability to call on her sixth sense. In one translation of the story, Creon describes her riddles as "chants" or "predictions". Naturally that means Interpret the Signs, Divination, Predict, Clairvoyance and Serum Visions are included.

I would love to know what you all think of it and what suggestions you have to make this deck better, within theme of course! Upvote and comment; it really does help.

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