Wakening Sun's Avatar


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Set Rarity
Ixalan (XLN) Mythic Rare

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Wakening Sun's Avatar

Creature — Dinosaur

When Wakening Sun's Avatar enters the battlefield, if you cast if from your hand, destroy all non-Dinosaur creatures.

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Wakening Sun's Avatar Discussion

ohtom on Ixalassic Park - You've got a T-Rex

1 day ago

I actually thought about Vizier of the Menagerie, I'll have to see after more playtesting whether the mana base can actually cope, I do think I'll pass on Wakening Sun's Avatar though, it's tempting but, probably not worth it in the end. I feel Sweltering Suns makes for a better boardwipe

InquisitorBiggie on Ixalassic Park - You've got a T-Rex

3 days ago

One way to help push through your deck (and ease the mana strain) could be Vizier of the Menagerie. Wakening Sun's Avatar would also destroy that, though, so be wary.

ohtom on Ixalassic Park - You've got a T-Rex

3 days ago

Goring Ceratops sounds good, but I think you're right, being only toughness 3 leaves him dead Lightning Strike, Abrade and Harnessed Lightning really easily, otherwise I'd consider a copy or two over maybe Burning Sun's Avatar. As it stands though, I don't think it's playable in standard, maybe you could sideboard it and use it against similar decks to really top of the curve?

Wakening Sun's Avatar is also tempting as a big drop - but triple white is a strain on the mana base.

Ol_man on Pre-extinction

1 week ago


Wakening Sun's Avatar wasn't included because its etb effect doesn't hit off Gishath, Sun's Avatar's effect.