Soul's Might


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Shards of Alara (ALA) Common

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Soul's Might


Put X +1/+1 counters on target creature, where X is that creature's power.

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Soul's Might Discussion

darmpark on I Sexually Identify as a Primordial Hydra

1 month ago

I have a deck vaguely similar to this one that uses Yisan, the Wanderer Bard as it its commander. If I had any suggestion to make, it would be that since you want to focus on hydras, put some more +1/+1 counter interactions in. You might like things like Mighty Emergence, Soul's Might, Nissa's Judgment, Hardened Scales, Inspiring Call, or Death's Presence. Also, since many hydras have an "X" in their cost, you can get more counters on them by having cards that reduce the cost, like Rhonas's Monument, Emerald Medallion, or Conduit of Ruin. Again, since most hydras are 0/0 and work off counters, a fun card to run with them is Gigantomancer, who would just give them +7/+7. There also some good hydras I'm not seeing here. Ones like Protean Hydra, Lifeblood Hydra, or Ulvenwald Hydra. I'm sure you have your reasons, but I'd consider those.

As for what's on the maybeboard, Hydra Broodmaster seems like an obvious choice for a hydra deck and I'm curious why you cut it, especially in a deck with this much ramp. Pathbreaker Ibex would do amazing work if you can guarantee at least two other big creatures attack along side it. Shamanic Revelation is a great source of draw and recovery since you're almost guaranteed to meat the ferocious requirement. Surrak, the Hunt Caller is another pick that has some real potential in this deck. The others I personally don't think much of.

Hope this helps

thundering1 on Tribal... Wurm??

1 year ago

Maybe between Death's Presence and Primeval Bounty (adding +1/+1 counters on multiple creatures), you might be able to switch out Soul's Might for 2 Solidarity of Heroes so you could boost more than 1 creature - hopefully 3 or 4, and swing away. While you wouldn't be doubling their size entirely, they would become a very uncomfortable sight on the battlefield, as well as adding a LOT of mana for your Gyre Sage to get more fat Wurms out.

Drakorya on Skullbriar, the Turbo-Charged Aggro Zombie

1 year ago

Some good cards I use in my Skullbriar deck for counters are:

Solidarity of Heroes

Decree of Savagery

Increasing Savagery

Soul's Might

Blessings of Nature

Cauldron of Souls also performs really well.

I'm not sure about cuts, it depends on how you like the deck to go. My Skullbriar deck is pretty creature-light, to take advantage of bolster cards, so that's where I'd make the cuts.

Also, does your commander ever get bounced? I've got alot of sac outlets in my deck just to stop my playgroup from bouncing him, since it's the only way to get rid of his counters.

DaringApprentice on Hope You Didn't Want That

1 year ago

Sweet deck! I didn't realize how interesting Yasova was to me until I started thinking of ways to use her ability better.

I see you have Willbreaker, letting you keep the creatures you temporarily steal. Some other options for keeping these creatures past the end of the turn could be Conjurer's Closet, Deadeye Navigator, Synod Sanctum, Cold Storage, Nephalia Smuggler, and Ghostly Flicker, which all return creatures back under your control without you having to return them to their owners.

You could also use Hellkite Charger, Breath of Fury, or World at War to trigger Yasova's ability multiple times per turn.

With Glaring Spotlight, you can steal your opponents' creatures that have hexproof. To steal your opponents' noncreature artifacts, try turning them into creatures with options like Toymaker and Titania's Song, and to steal your opponents' noncreature lands, try turning them into creatures with Lifespark Spellbomb or Quirion Druid.

Land suggestions include Command Tower, Frontier Bivouac, Rootbound Crag, Opal Palace, Lumbering Falls, Temple of Abandon, Temple of Mystery, Vivid Crag, Vivid Creek, and Vivid Grove.

If you don't want to give the creatures back after you've stolen them, you can use sacrifice effect cards to get rid of them for profit. Some powerful sacrifice engines include Ashnod's Altar, Culling Dais, Barrin, Master Wizard, Bloodshot Cyclops, Jalira, Master Polymorphist, Profaner of the Dead, Scourge of Skola Vale, Evolutionary Leap, Goblin Bombardment, Perilous Forays, Shivan Harvest, Momentous Fall, High Market, Life's Legacy, and Primal Growth.

To make your opponents' creatures easier to steal, you can use power-reduction cards such as Cumber Stone, Schismotivate, Downsize, Dampening Pulse, or Agoraphobia.

You can also make opponents' creatures easier to steal by increasing Yasova's power, with any of these or other boosting cards: Kessig Wolf Run, Ceta Disciple, Llanowar Augur, Moonveil Dragon, Ursapine, Wolfir Silverheart, Bonesplitter, Hero's Blade, O-Naginata, Ring of Kalonia, Sai of the Shinobi, Shuko, Sigil of Distinction, Silver-Inlaid Dagger, Sword of the Chosen, Boar Umbra, Briar Shield, Elephant Guide, Exoskeletal Armor, Forced Adaptation, Giant Spectacle, Goblin War Paint, Inferno Fist, Madcap Skills, Moldervine Cloak, Mythic Proportions, Quest for the Gemblades, Rancor, Seal of Strength, Shape of the Wiitigo, Spectral Flight, Spider Umbra, Taste for Mayhem, Volcanic Strength, Wurmweaver Coil, Blossoming Defense, Brute Force, Giant Growth, Groundswell, Invigorate, Might of Oaks, Mutagenic Growth, Prey's Vengeance, Strength of the Tajuru, Wax/Wane, Blessings of Nature, Elven Rite, Give / Take, Increasing Savagery, Phytoburst, Reckless Charge, and Soul's Might

HeroInMyOwnMind on Tribal Hydra deck

1 year ago

Some cards you might have overlooked:

Heartbeat of Spring, Doubling Cube, Soul's Might, Increasing Savagery, Exsanguinate, Solidarity of Heroes, Strength of the Tajuru, Unspeakable Symbol, Fires of Yavimaya, Fervor, Cathars' Crusade, Archetype of Aggression, Early Harvest, and Primal Rage.

The weakest value cards I see in your current deck:

Genesis Hydra, Genesis Wave, Beacon of Unrest, Nissa's Renewal, Red Sun's Zenith, and Inspiring Call.

You are at the hardest stage of making a deck. I suggest putting all cards you liked from my suggestions into your deck. Just throw them in there. Then hard lock all of your land and ramp cards, giving yourself a realistic number for what you need to cut. Then decide how much redundancy of each effect you want. X Trample cards, X Haste cards (priority IMO), X Non-Hydra X-Spells, X Utility cards (tutors, etc), X Draw effects (this area you still seem to be lacking in), X Creatures (you might have to cut some creatures that you don't really want to, but you will have to decide if you value flavor over functionality). Once you figure out how many spots need to be allocated for each effect, then take a good long look at the overall cost of the non-X spells, and decide if they deserve their spot (Gisela, Blade of Goldnight for example - great card, but you have to give up 8 mana for a doubling effect that probably wont stay on the board as long as you like. Instead you can set up a turn by saving 5 mana and flashing in Dictate of the Twin Gods which will likely net you at least one kill).

If you want to give it some thought and have me look at it again once you decide, just let me know.

seshiro_of_the_orochi on Heil hydra (NEED HELP)

1 year ago

Looks fun. I guess you actually have the chance to win by Mayael's Aria? You could increase your chances to do so by adding Soul's Might. Also, have you considered Fatal Frenzy or Mistcutter Hydra for even more aggression? You could also think about Hardened Scales, although you already have the four seasons (pun not intended). For a less mana-intensive burn-win-condition, you could try Soul's Fire instead of chandra's ignition.

NavereWhitemoon on

1 year ago

removes- Tajuru Archer - depends on the meta, if your meta doesn't have a high desity of fliers then cut it. Munda, Ambush Leader - I'm not a big fan of the effect as it's very slow, highly recomend Birthing Pod as a substitute. Seascape Aerialist - I'd either cut this or replace it with Archetype of Imagination. Anger of the Gods - not great in EDH, plus you have a lot of small butts. Soul's Might - good pump spell, but more often than not you'd rather have a rally trigger. Please remember Prophet of Kruphix is now banned in EDH.

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