Sandwurm Convergence


Format Legality
Standard Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Vintage Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal

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Set Rarity
Amonkhet Rare

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Sandwurm Convergence


Creatures with flying can't attack you or planeswalkers you control.

At the beginning of your end step, create a 5/5 green Wurm creature token.

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Sandwurm Convergence Discussion

Soulprovider158 on Official missing/incorrect card/token thread

5 days ago

Sandwurm Convergence isn't working. It finds it as a valid card but wont bring up the card image when you hover over it.

Emzed on Big Green Monster

1 week ago

Sure, green decks can have trouble defending against fliers, but some of your tools aren't really worth their slot. Instead of some narrow cards that do nothing except grant reach to one of your creatures or destroy fliers, why not run some fatties that incidentally have reach, but are solid cards even if reach isn't of importance? I suggest Cloudthresher, Soul of Zendikar, Worldbreaker or Silklash Spider. Also, Ulvenwald Tracker, Somberwald Stag and Sandwurm Convergence can help against fliers. However, all of those cards do a lot even if there are no flying creatures around. Flexibility is key!
Concerning the topic of lands: Of course you won't lack mana every single game, but 27 is still way below the approximate number the hive mind of EDH players have settled on. If you stick with that, variance will occasionally let you experience the consequences.

roboy519 on Hello There

1 week ago

Sorry it took a bit to respond. I was away. I mostly keep Sandwurm Convergence to help with fliers, but I've considered gravity well as a straight replacement. I like Ulamog, he's basically there as a powerhouse to help keep the opponents down and from being aggressive. I may replace him at some point. Thank you for your suggestions.

shagg on Dune

2 weeks ago

Attune with Aether is pretty much as good as a land. You can run 4 of them and then cut your land down to 22 or 21, just be sure to include enough basic lands to tutor for. Aether Hub goes really well with the energy from Attune with Aether. With those 8 cards you can probably sneak by without any dual lands, though I'd still include 4 or so for consistency. If you really want to keep more dual lands, try to keep a good 8 basic lands.

Personally, I like Sphinx of the Final Word a lot. You should have at least 3 between main and side board, But theres nothing wrong with mainboarding them. The hexproof dodges all targeted removal, and it would take 2 board wipes back to back to kill it. I would go less Archfiend of Ifnir. I admit to not playing him, nor playing against him, but I feel his ability is more cool/nifty than effective. Keep 1 in if you want to see how he does, but you also don't have a whole lot of cycling either. If you want to keep him you'll have to build towards him a little and get more cycle cards in, you're probably better off focusing on all the possible spells and creatures you might have to counter or kill, and make sure you have the right counters and removals to deal with them. That balance will have a lot to do with what you play against (friends, local shop tourneys?). A lot of your sorceries could go. Yahenni's Expertise is good, Attune with Aether obviously, and maybe Transgress the Mind. I'd drop the rest and put in more Negate/Grasp of Darkness/Murder/Void Shatter

Generally, Glimmer of Genius is better than Hieroglyphic Illumination unless you're playing off the cycling mechanics, so I guess it depends which way you decide to go with that. Maybe add another Sandwurm Convergence so you stand a better chance of seeing one. Void Shatter would also be a great inclusion since you don't have any exile, and sometimes graveyards just keep regurgitating creatures over and over. Sometimes these creatures are discarded first and you never get a chance to counter them though. I feel a couple Scarab Feast in the sideboard is warranted, at least where I play.

Overall you're a little thin on removal and counters. Make sure you have an answer, at least in sideboard, for things that that cost 5 or more mana (honestly you won't be triggering revolt much anyway so it may as well be 3 or more) and have more than 4 toughness (Murder). You might play against a planeswalker deck where all your removal is worthless and you have no way to kill a planeswalker if you fail to counter it. But if no one plays many planeswalkers, it might not be worth the sideboard space to carry a few Ruinous Path.

Basically, I'm suggesting you go all in on the control element while keeping Sandwurm Convergenceand Sphinx of the Final Word as your win cons. Figure out what you'll be going against and sideboard appropriately.

Zerraphon on Karametra gimme gimme lands

2 weeks ago

If you're open to suggestions, a card I found and actually LOVE is Dust Elemental Idk why NO selesnya decks play this card over Fleetfoot Panther another good card is Regal Behemoth I know you have it in here, but in my play testing it has been overwhelmingly more effective than say Zendikar Resurgent Another great card I've found usefull is called Cream of the Crop Its helps tremendously filtering your deck, another usefull card against any kind of black deck is Reclamation And I cannot stress enough how powerful Rogue's Passage is, in my deck I run Blightsteel Colossus and that land basically wins me the game. I was actually looking at putting Sandwurm Convergence in a slot within the 99, Since karametra gets so much mana so quickly it seems like it would be good.

Firebones675 on UW (to make your friends hate you)

2 weeks ago

I'm gonna start by mentioning only cards from amonket, there are a few others like Glimmer of Genius i think that would be nice but i'll put that aside for now

The biggest problem i see at the moment is the mana curve. If you want a deck to be aggressive, you want to applying pressure as soon as possible. Having no 1 drops makes that a bit awkward. Even if there was a good 1 mana card with embalm (wouldnt surprise me if a 1mana embalm creature shows up in the next set) i still am slightly worreid how well the intersection of an aggro deck and an embalm deck would be.

Looking at the embalm ability I see it working better in a more defensive deck. The idea of embalm is that after creatures die, later on in the game when you get more mana you can get an advantage. Control decks not aggro ones are where this would occur. In an aggro deck the game will likely be decided by the time you get the 7 mana needed for Glyph Keeper.

This all being said, despite your description the deck seems to be already leaning more towards control than aggro. I would personally continue down that path. Here are a few general ideas though to go down a more controlling path. If you want to transition to aggro instead, let me know and i can try to help with that too.

1) Monuments: While the monuments are nice, they don't trigger when you activate embalm. They're not bad since about a third of your deck is creatures, it's just something to be mindful of

2) Zombie tribal?: When you embalm a creature it comes back as a zombie. Makes me wonder if it's worth playtesting around with a few zombie tribal cards like Binding Mummy which would trigger when you embalm. Not sure how good it would actually be, I havent played with the card myself but might be good enough. Embalmer's Tools probably deserves a mention under this category too.

3) Interaction: You don't have too many ways to interact with threats out of the opponent. You could use counterspells like Censor or Essence Scatter but i think the deck would benefit most from the inclusion of Cast Out

3) Wraths: If you do have a controlling deck it would be nice to have some ways to clear the board. Dusk is probably your best bet for that within the block. I could see dawn being situationally useful since a lot of the creatures have low power but it's primarily the front half i'm focusing on since embalming removes them from the yard

4) Draw power: Hieroglyphic Illumination is a little worse than glimmer in my opinion but it is playable in amonkhet block constructed. The one thing it does have over glimmer is that it is something to do turn 1.

5) Cutting a few of the weaker creatures Unwavering Initiate and Gust Walker are aggressive but are't as good in a control shell. If you wanted to take a more controlling deck i'd cut them.

I think an embalm/token deck is also viable. If you did i would focus less on embalm in particular and more on tokens in general. You could use Temmet, Vizier of Naktamun combined with cards that make tokens beside embalm. I could see a blue/white/green midrange token deck being decent in the format Trial of Strength or Mouth could work. Vizier of Many Faces is one of the better embalm cards here. Anointed Procession can also provide support. You would need a lot of ramp to pull it off but Sandwurm Convergence is a card.

lords2001 on Temur Control

2 weeks ago

Yo be honest, Nissa, Steward of Elements seems to be a non-bo with a fair chunk of your deck - if it hits a counterspell you don't do well. And your cards like Harnessed Lightning or Magma Spray you want it cast in their turn at your choosing, not necessarily in your main phase.

In fact, the only card you want in your first main phase would be Glorybringer and that isn't worth the green splash.

I would either go 2 colour R/U, or even go Jeskai. Reason being that you are running lots of solid instants - you could drop the Curators for Goblin Dark-Dwellers and add in more counterspells or more removal - Blessed Alliance, Declaration in Stone and Immolating Glare punish creatures while Fumigate is the best board wipe going for a sideboard. Blessed Alliance and Declaration have the benefit of being able to kill the Gods in Amonkhet which all the other colours have real issues working against. You also get access to Cast Out which is amazing for removing plainswalkers or artifacts and solid enough to play mainboard.

I would also consider Wandering Fumarole and if you went Jeskai Needle Spires as they can be plays from nowhere to buy you time or close out a game.

If your heart is set on Nissa, I would suggest perhaps adding a couple of cards - Pulse of Murasa is amazing side vs control matchups as you gain life and get back your creature cards which you can't afford to leave in the graveyard. By Force is almost mandatory against Mardu vehicles. And even as a 1 or two of a big, fat finisher like Chandra, Flamecaller or even Sandwurm Convergence could be a good choice - both are win-cons in their own right, over a couple of turns, and both can stabilise the board the turn they come in.

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