Wildest Dreams


Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Frontier Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Kaladesh (KLD) Rare

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Wildest Dreams


Return X target cards from your graveyard to your hand. Exile Wildest Dreams.

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Wildest Dreams Discussion

Snacrifice on Under $5 EDH deck

1 day ago

Always love a good budget deck!

You might enjoy Wildest Dreams as another budget return card.Bramblecrush would give you a good way to deal with any annoying artifacts/enchantments that pop up.

Racecourse Fury is good for cheap haste since you're pretty creature-light. Unstable Footing is always good to ensure damage, and I'm surprised you don't have a Fling to make someone removing borby hurt:P

Comicalflop on [[Primer]] Seton, Druid Goodness AER Update!

1 month ago

This is a pretty solid list, but can be optimized even further!

Avoid Fate should be Vines of Vastwood since it can also counter sorceries, and most importantly it counters beneficial cards that target your opponents' creatures.

Since your plan is to win so early, you'll probably get more mileage out of Burgeoning than Exploration. Turn 1 Burgeoning is 6 chances to slap a land into play by turn 3.

Awakener Druid, Greenweaver Druid, Kaysa, Ley Druid, Mul Daya Channelers, Oracle of Mul Daya, and Paragon of Eternal Wilds are all too expensive for what they do (the mana dorks cost too much to cast and don't generate alot of mana, the pumpers all pump by miniscule amounts compared to Craterhoof and Beastmaster Ascension). I would cut them all for 1 mana druids (even if they have useless abilities.) Every 1 mana Druid is a haste Llanowar Elves, you should be running every single one possible since you want to win so fast. If you reduce the CMC further, you can run Collected Company.

The rule of thumb should be: #1: Run every 1 single mana druid. Thisin creases the variance on the number of "haste Llanowar Elves" you have and helps smooth out combo turns. #2: Run some 2 mana druids if they are amazing or generate more mana than a 1 mana druid would (like Hidden Herbalists, Devoted Druid, or Priest of Titania). #3: Only run 3 mana druids if they are insanely good (Elvish Archdruid, Elvish Harbinger).

You have 9 cards that benefit from recasting elves, so Wirewood Symbiote is a must. Symbiote + Reclamation Sage makes people cry.

You should be running Cloudstone Curio since there are almost as many if not more combos than Paradox Engine involving Curio loops. Glimpse of Nature plus two 1-mana druids = draw your entire deck. Throw in Hidden Herbalists as one of the druids in the Curio loop for infinite mana.

Elvish Spirit Guide should be another super fast mana accelerant.

Skullclamp and Birthing Pod are also musts.

Winter Orb, Tangle Wire and Root Maze are nice Stax options since you can play very nicely around them. You break parity by relying on creatures for mana, so you can afford to run land-lock cards.

You have 7 ways to tutor for Craterhoof Behemoth and lots of ways to draw large amounts of cards, so I would cut Overrun, Overwhelming Stampede and Triumph of the Hordes to make room for more slots since you're almost guaranteed to play Craterhoof every game. Reducing some instants/sorceries would start to put you in the range of running Primal Surge.

Final suggestions: Benefactor's Draught, Summoner's Pact, Survival of the Fittest, Creeping Renaissance, Seasons Past, Mana Reflection, Harvest Season, Collective Unconscious, Harmonize, Lead the Stampede, Wildest Dreams, Praetor's Counsel, Duskwatch Recruiter  Flip

Kyln on Omnath, the protector

1 month ago

with so much mana Wildest Dreams would be really good. You could get back hexproof instants and creatures.

The_Dark_Adonis on Amonkhet's Turbo Fog Primer - V2.3

1 month ago

I would have to recommend not putting in Perpetual Timepiece. The only cards you have that interact with your graveyard are Wildest Dreams and Descend upon the Sinful, which is sideboard. Yes it could be useful in games that go 20+ turns but other than that it's likely just dead.

MrGameAndScotch on

2 months ago

Variux Since we have creatures with deathtouch, Nature's Way will force an opponent's creature to get damaged and therefore killed. Because of deathtouch, Nature's Way is superior to Fatal Push, since Nature's Way can get rid of any creature which isn't indestructible. Cartouche of Ambition is a nice card, but it's support for our win-condition is very limited. Wander in Death and Wildest Dreams both sound nice and Wander in Death might be good for your sideboard, but in general you'll want something in your deck that primarily supports your win-condition and secondarily saves your butt. Like Hapatra's Mark does in this deck.

Obelisk Spider was a very huge topic for me, comparable to the problem I had with Majestic Myriarch. Obelisk Spider is a win-condition in itself, which has to be supported to have an impact. I didn't feel like I could guarantee that with this deck. I might update the topic regarding Majestic Myriarch, since I made another -1/-1 counter-deck utilising Obelisk Spider. If you're interested check it out: BG Cycling

Variux on

2 months ago

MrGameAndScotch how has Nature's Way been functioning as removal? Would you consider Fatal Push at all over this? Also what are you opinions on Cartouche of Ambition for the counter and the life link on a creature, Wander in Death to get Hapatra back if necessary, Wildest Dreams to get all of our things back if our board is wiped, and finally Obelisk Spider in HOU. I feel like Obelisk Spider needs a spot in here.

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