Wildest Dreams


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Kaladesh (KLD) Rare

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Wildest Dreams


Return X target cards from your graveyard to your hand. Exile Wildest Dreams.

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Wildest Dreams Discussion

PsychicRidley on Marvelous Aether: Kaladesh Inspired Riku

4 weeks ago

lornek First off, thanks for taking a look and commenting! I'm hoping to tweak this deck a little and need to play it a bit more to try and figure out what to take out. I was hoping to cut the deck down a bit to add in two more lands. Thran Dynamo Ghirapur Orrery Mechanized Production Wildest Dreams Hedron Archive Voltaic Key Fabricate and Treasure Mage are all cards I want to add in. I had Paradox Engine in there at first but pulled it since it felt stupidly strong. I thought Doubling Cube was still stupid expensive but I think it might be within my price range; also it fits the deck's theme perfectly! If you have any advice on cuts, I'd appreciate the input; I'd like to keep my energy generators and users mostly intact. Honestly Nissa, Vital Force needs to go, I just really like Nissa (and its the Kaladesh Nissa, so I felt the need to add it for flavor).

Natalbee on Arguel's Turbo Smog

1 month ago

gnelson56: I've wanted to use Wildest Dreams in a deck since it was spoiled! I have a playset of the prerelease ones just sitting in my binder. I think that it could work in this deck, probably only as a 1-of for those quick "I need this/these Fog(s) NOW" times, but I think most of the time I'd rather shuffle my graveyard with Survive, and hope to draw into the cards I need. Dreams can just be too much of a mana investment sometimes.

gnelson56 on Arguel's Turbo Smog

1 month ago

Could Wildest Dreams work to return the Fog effect or boardwipe cards?

Rex_JB24 on Wait, you can actually win an FNM with a 5€ deck?

3 months ago

Darsul He probably just made a mistake. Even so, this deck is kind of a joke, and even in my Wildest Dreams I don't see it beating UB Control.

solrachet on Green means go!

3 months ago

jjp16, Splendid Reclamation is in the list already. Life from the Loam on the other hand seems out of character for this deck. I see fun interactions with the Eldrazi present in the list but I'd hate to toss something like Restock or Wildest Dreams while dredging. I'll mull on it more.

Jimmy_Chinchila, lots of GREAT suggestions, but I've vetted my existing land base down from your list and it was a hard thing to do. Running as many fetches as I do currently, I need the basic lands. I'd hate to pay one life to fail to find. When I originally built this list, I purposefully discounted Wasteland from the list, but after picking up the two $25+ fetches, I have reconsidered the position and will be risking dropping one more basic to run it, only because it's really great in this list. Courser of Kruphix was a card I missed and easily dropped Squirrel Wrangler for him. The other nonland suggestions are great, but again, are cards I sifted out of the list after doing some major vetting. Great suggestions, though! You gave my deck a nice power up in the two suggestions I did miss.

xcver on I copy this. And this.. And this...

4 months ago

Unless of course you have Leyline of Anticipation out :) You could even double up with Vedalken Orrery

On regards to Regrowth. I understand that it is more cheaper, but in terms of flexibility Wildest Dreams is wildly superior. Since 5+ mana is an issue I will not fervently suggest cards like Restock, Creeping Renaissance, Praetor's Counsel or best of all Seasons Past

But back to serious, what about Solemn Simulacrum or Coalition Relic?

Snacrifice on Under $5 EDH deck

4 months ago

Always love a good budget deck!

You might enjoy Wildest Dreams as another budget return card.Bramblecrush would give you a good way to deal with any annoying artifacts/enchantments that pop up.

Racecourse Fury is good for cheap haste since you're pretty creature-light. Unstable Footing is always good to ensure damage, and I'm surprised you don't have a Fling to make someone removing borby hurt:P

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