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McToters: thanks, I appreciate the input

My biggest thing to say to your suggestions is I always play with the idea of recursion. Shit is going to get destroyed and countered and so forth. Enchantments are good, but if the creature dies, you lose multiple ways. Instants are worse: You could pump your card to defeat another player but if it gets countered you’re out of mana or completely open

Sixth sense also has a counterpart: Keen Sense

Armorcraft: it’s a one time draw and we usually only have 1-3 creatures on the board(maybe with counters) tons of better draw options in golgari

Ridgescale: added only one counter to a creature or two isn’t great

Skaarg: waaay too expensive. I build my decks with the idea of multiplayer, but even in 1v1 this is too much

Dauthri: unblockable is cool. Rogue's Passage and trample cards do most of that work

Epic, gigant: too expensive

Execute, trailbl: fear is okay, I prefer trample because lots of artifact and black sees play. I play a wide group of decks so sometimes only basics or mana rocks exist

Hot soup: funny card, might consider

Prowlers: great card, sorta expensive

Enlarge, berserk, hatred: one time use. Too easily b

June 24, 2019 12:15 a.m.

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-buried alive: what’re you planning on putting in the grave

-disentomb: phyrexian Rec beats this

-open the armory: don’t feel like enough cards to search for

Beacon of Unrest

Cleansing Nova

Dusk / Dawn



Hour of Revelation

Merciless Eviction

Revival / Revenge


Wrath of God

June 12, 2019 4:28 a.m.

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-alter: one time use with little pay off

-dazzling: one time use, only good if you plan on a combo

-gods: one time use, your creatures are gonna die so w/e

-holy day: one time use, you’ll die next turn if this was your safety play

-malicious: 2 for 2 aight bad, but that’s not a drop in the bucket in a long term game

-withering: lol wtf?! Never seen that. Prolly not useful in MP as a one time use

Path to Exile : can be used on your own shit


Beacon of Immortality

June 12, 2019 3:56 a.m.

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-esper: weak, better if you’re running expensive shock lands

-2 mana confluence? You mean one?

-nephalia: unless mill/discard is popular in our group

-guildgate: I don’t like slowlands in two color decks. I’d legit just replace these with basic lands

Bojuka Bog : graveyard hate

Caves of Koilos :

Command Tower

Concealed Courtyard

Isolated Chapel

Mistveil Plains : super good recursion

Orzhov Basilica : cool cuz you can use the land you’re gonna return, then play this

Temple of Silence

Vault of the Archangel : great long game and surprise

Westvale Abbey  Flip: totes could see this pulling off

Windbrisk Heights

June 12, 2019 1:13 a.m.

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-darksteel plate: better for tron decks imo

-elixir: never gonna get mulled in MP

-Hedron: add mana rocks in your color

-mask: switch for swift foot boots

-staff of non: unless you plan on the 1 damage thing “combo”ing

+ Orzhov Signet : color specific

+ Pristine Talisman : I guess since you need life

+ Oketra's Monument : get them tokens

+ Ashnod's Altar : all that mana worth it. Especially long games

+ Bontu's Monument : more pings

+ Aetherflux Reservoir : with all that life gain

June 11, 2019 11:08 p.m.




Skullbriar, Fixed

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