Retribution of the Meek


Format Legality
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Visions Rare

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Retribution of the Meek


Destroy all creatures with power 4 or greater. They can't be regenerated.

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Retribution of the Meek Discussion

foxboy93 on Dark Phoenix, Who Frowns At Fun

15 hours ago


I know I will. Pretty much Retribution of the Meek, only with return effect when in the grave.

Flagellum on A Doran toughness build. Your ...

1 week ago

Gives evasion for big butts:

Behind the Scenes

Sidar Kondo of Jamuraa

Locks down high powered creatures:



Noetic Scales

Marble Titan

Mostly one-sided wraths:

Retribution of the Meek

Wave of Reckoning

Solar Tide

Fell the Mighty

General goodness:

Brave the Sands

Aura Shards

Assault Formation

Mass Pump:

Tower Defense


Bar the Door

Ideally, low CMC and high toughness critters reign with Doran. Vigilance is also amazing. Try to avoid plain vanilla creatures as tempting as they may be. Exceptions being Indomitable Ancients and Kami of Old Stone.

Flagellum on Help Me Finalize Doran

2 weeks ago

Thanks! I have both of those in already:p As well as the power based wraths like Retribution of the Meek

Dreyvor on Make Like a Tree and Leaf

1 month ago

-1 Doom Blade +1 Putrefy : Much more flexible single target removal slot.

-1 Grim Contest +1 Mortify : Same idea as Putrefy, much more flexible card that ensures the creature you want to die does so.

-1 Ayli, Eternal Pilgrim +1 Ikra Shidiqi, the Usurper : If the idea is to get as aggressive as possible than Ikra is a much better option for life gain than Ayli. Ayli thins your board to gain life and Ikra just needs to connect with a player to allow you not to have to worry about the crack back from other players.

-1 Wrath of God +1 Retribution of the Meek : This could be a better option for your deck to leave the board state not only more manageable if in a bad position, it costs one less white and misses most of your creatures.

+1 Lignify Would be a cool include for spot removal that stays on theme. The other benefit is that you can lock someones commander out of the game until they find enchantment removal, this can be better than just allowing them to put the card back to the command zone.


-1 Blossoming Sands OR -1 Selesnya Sanctuary +1 Sunpetal Grove : The tempo loss is real with these lands when there is a better alternative.

Also -1 Scoured Barrens for +1 Isolated Chapel : The tempo loss is real with these lands when there is a better alternative.

-1 Jungle Hollow OR -1 Golgari Rot Farm +1 Woodland Cemetery : The tempo loss is real with these lands when there is a better alternative.

I would also consider putting in +1 Windswept Heath for -1 Krosan Verge. The tempo loss from Verge coming in tapped can hurt while the fixing of Windswept can be nice being able to go grab an off color fetch if you are missing a black source.

-1 Reliquary Tower for +1 Arcane Lighthouse You could also consider putting in if you are having problems with Shroud or Hexproof. It can also be used as a political bargaining piece around the table. Functionally you could replace it with

TOOMUCHDOG1 on What is this?

2 months ago

I do have a few things to say, first is that you just need some more just all around card draw, without it being attatched to you doing well. Things such as Phyrexian Arena and other things like it will serve you well. Then I have a list of cards that you may want to consider as well./ Immortal Servitude/ Skullclamp/ Edgewalker/ Remembrance/ Viscera Seer/ Devout Chaplain/ Return to the Ranks/ Aetherworks Marvel/ Dark Prophecy/ Mortal Combat/ Grey Merchant of Asphodel/ Lord of the Void/ Rotlung Reanimator/ Phyrexian Arena/ Smothering Abomination/ Mentor of the Meek/ removal in general/ Retribution of the Meek/ Decree of Pain/ Orzhov Signet/ Underworld Connections

The biggest one on the list that I think you should get is Skullclamp

another thing is you should have more than 3 white sources if you plan on casting rally ever, and if you want to play the evolving wilds you would want at least a plains in the deck otherwise just a swamp is just better.

This is cory btw

Pheardemons on One Man Army

3 months ago


Ghostly Prison is there because if I don't get vigilance I'm open to attack, and because I'm the aggressor that means I'm going to have a target on my head. I figured it would be beneficial to have some defensive cards if my opening hand isn't too great. As for Supreme Verdict the reason similar to have some protection. For whatever reason, if my opponents have more than I can handle I can simply reset the board. Being that I'm mostly artifacts they simply fall off and I can recast Rafiq of the Many if he isn't indestructible. Those were the thoughts anyway.

Retribution of the Meek and Tragic Arrogance aren't great suggestions as they'll hit Rafiq of the Many being that he'll most likely be bigger than 4 power, or I'll have to sacrifice all of my artifacts, but I do get what you mean. Maybe something like Harsh Mercy instead?

I do know about Sylvan Reclamation. Honestly I thought it was a sorcery which is why I went with Return to Dust. I actually like the switch, thanks.

I do agree somewhat with the land suggestion. If it adds in ramp the colors should still be able to be easily gotten, plus a lot of my spells are colorless. I'll definitely take that into consideration.

Did any of these reasonings change your viewpoint on the cards? Do you still think I should take those out? Also thanks again for the detailed feedback.

Emzed on One Man Army

3 months ago

I don't know about your metagame, but just looking at your deck in a vacuum you seem to usually be the aggressor. Ghostly Prison is a purely defensive card, which doesn't fit into that. So if you don't have a specific metagame reason to play it, i think it's a potential cut. For similar reasons, Supreme Verdict could make room for another card, it just doesn't synergize well with the rest of your deck. (Maybe try Retribution of the Meek or Tragic Arrogance instead? They work a little better with Rafiq.)
Other than that, your mana curve is low and if you add more mana acceleration, going down to 33-34 lands seems like a reasonable option.
Oh, btw, i just noticed you are running Return to Dust. In the recent commander set, they printed Sylvan Reclamation, which might be superior. But i have yet to actually play with the card, so that's just speculation.

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