Retribution of the Meek


Format Legality
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Visions (VIS) Rare

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Retribution of the Meek


Destroy all creatures with power 4 or greater. They can't be regenerated.

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Retribution of the Meek Discussion

K4m4r0 on Nobody has the intention of building a Wall

4 days ago

Vlasiax I know, but instead of creatures I'd add a Signet or Fellwar Stone becausre they don't suffer from summoning sickness and they get lesser hate than creatures overall. As soon as I get Prairie Stream I'll add Farseek :)

As I mentioned earlier I don't get much use of Slaughter the Strong and Retribution of the Meek because I play against a lot of 1/1 and 2/2 token decks. I have considered Dusk but haven't found it necessary yet but I'll keep it in mind!

Vlasiax on Nobody has the intention of building a Wall

5 days ago

Well my main argument is that this deck needs to cast its commander ASAP, that's why 2 mana ramp is crucial to the strategy so cards like Farseek, Nature's Lore and 2 cmc walls should be included. Because you throw T3 Arcades, you have your draw engine going one turn earlier

Another thing is that instead of having so many counterspells dealing with one thing at the time it's better to wipe estabilished boards with cards like Slaughter the Strong, Retribution of the Meek and Dusk - also there might be the place to make cuts and add that Rift :)

paradigmknight on Arcades' Moving Castle

6 days ago

Although generic wraths are great, you could run alternatives that only hurt your opponents. Nearly all your creatures are immune to cards like Dusk, Fell the Mighty, Slaughter the Strong, Wave of Reckoning, Retribution of the Meek. Instead of using pacifism, you could use Oblation, Oblivion Ring, Detention Sphere. You could also maybe use anthems in the deck such as Sight of the Scalelords, Always Watching , Spidersilk Armor. I think from experience, the commander will typically get hated out, and as such, cards that do the same as the commander; Assault Formation could serve a purpose in the deck.

Hahnzo on Arcades, the Strategist: The Premiere Primer

6 days ago

Not Austere Command, I meant Retribution of the Meek or Slaughter the Strong (Though if you curve down the CMC, Austere could work).

Rabid_Wombat on Fitness Gram Pacer Test

1 week ago

Too many "Utilities" and as for the "Wincons"...good luck with that! Keep the Greaves and the Boots - ditch the rest.

Beating down the opponents with Walls should be the only Wincon you are aiming to achieve for now.

That much "Ramp" is overkill Explosive Vegetation and a Rampant Growth is all you need - Walls are cheap!

More boardwipes that only hit other players are required.

Retribution of the Meek is okay but you really need Slaughter the Strong, Wave of Reckoning, Dusk/Dawn, and Fell the Mighty in order to survive.

That Dragon Throne wins games too so you should ditch crap like the Memorial for it asap.

bagelheart on Nobody has the intention of building a Wall

3 weeks ago

Excellent deck my dude. The only substitutions I'd suggest is Wave of Reckoning with Dusk // Dawn. It's a cheaper but a different kind of boardwipe that can work as a recursion as well (but not as good at wiping little token guys). Even cheaper boardwipe you could consider is Retribution of the Meek or Slaughter the Strong since your ramp is low (which is okay, since your cmc is low). I'm also not sure about Rolling Stones since walls don't really need to attack with Doran-esque effect on board already. I'd just replace with Cyclonic Rift lol

lexavian on Arcades, the Strategist

3 weeks ago

Hello! making an Arcades deck too! My current WIP deck is here: Arcades copy

Card suggestions: Steel Wall has amazing value mana value and Traproot Kami is incredible (especially considering it counts enemy forests too). Wall of Resistance isn't great but it has a lot of potential to get big. Wall of Tears is nice as an even bigger deterrent than all your other defenders are.

The glyphs: Glyph of Delusion,Glyph of Life,Glyph of Reincarnation, have some neat utility here though not amazing. Sprouting Phytohydra has amazing recursion where every-time its token re-enters you draw another card (if arcades is out). This is especially easy if someone has a burn deck where it hits all the creatures on the board. Siren's Call is very good, especially since with all your deterrents you are sure to not take much damage if they target you and will most likely cause two opponents to both suffer. Skeleton Key is great as skulk fits perfectly with this deck theme. The second effect is just an added bonus. Warmonger's Chariot is important as you need as many ways to let creatures attack as possible. Dusk (and also Dawn) are very nice as well as Retribution of the Meek since even though they aren't board wipes, they rid the board of most threats and are sure not to hit 99% of your creatures.

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