Bad Moon


Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2014 Rare
Duel Decks: Garruk vs. Liliana Rare
Time Spiral "Timeshifted" Rare
Fifth Edition Rare
Fourth Edition Rare
Revised Edition Rare
Unlimited Edition Rare
Collector's Edition Rare
International Collector's Edition Rare
Limited Edition Beta Rare
Limited Edition Alpha Rare

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Bad Moon


Black creatures get +1/+1.

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Bad Moon Discussion

PeeBee on Mono Black Aggro

5 days ago

Thanks for the reply,

I completely agree that you shouldnt leave up mana turn 2, as you need to be developing your board and flooding out with creatures on your side of the field. However a 1/2 of will make your opponent play differently against you when they see the spell. They cant always play a card when you have up mana up, if they cant/wont take the 5 damage, so may wait a turn to find a better time to use it, thus giving you an advantage of delaying your opponent a turn, which in your deck could quite easily win you the game.

I personally would go for 1/2 Dash Hopes as a trial but i'm unsure what to take out.

Final thought: Scrapheap Scrounger, plays well with what your deck wants to do, granted it doesnt benefit from Bad Moon or coming in tapped for Throne of the God-Pharaoh, but does provide an aggro high power threat which has the ability to easily recur at the end of the turn. Also holding up your 2 mana for Dash Hopes could also mean either you recur the scrapheap if theres nothing good to counter.

golgariizzet on Slithering to Victory! (PLEASE HELP)

2 weeks ago

Lightning Greaves should be in there. i would personally take out veridian longbow for it. i feel like you need some more ways to possibly pull creatures out from your grave maybe throw Meren of Clan Nel Toth tutor it and slap a greaves or swiftfoot boots on her or Palace Siege and Necromantic Summons. a really good card draw one is Deathreap Ritual. you also could really use mana ramp you can use Cultivate, Nature's Lore, Rampant Growth, Peregrination, Kodama's Reach are some. a few others that are good Tempt with Discovery and Collective Voyage. Pox is a fun one in decks like this.Liliana Vess is good for hand disruption and tutoring.Bad Moon, Gaea's Anthem, Hall of Triumph for counters , Seal of the Guildpactcheaper cost, Bow of Nylea, Caged Sun would be good also. just some things to think about. like the deck looks fun.

dallo on Heartless Retriever! (turn 2 win possible)

1 month ago

@thatcardartist7 We can fix it with a Bad Moon or

R.C. on The Black Generals

1 month ago

Tempted to remove Bad Moon just for another land. With such a high average CMC, I need those land drops. Might drop Butcher of Malakir since he almost never see's play (I'm sure that can happen with a 99 card deck haha). But I could throw in a cheaper creature on the off chance I need it. Like Pawn of Ulamog since he can be both cheap and create tokens, as well as those tokens help trigger Morbid and give me mana. Unfortunately, he doesn't care for tokens being sacrificed, unlike Butcher.

If I trade out an equal cost card, I'd prefer Overseer of the Damned, but Blood Speaker might take the spot for now.

Karzalar on Gisa

1 month ago

Coat of Arms for massive, massive zombies.

Bad Moon for a small boost.

Magus of the Coffers for another Crypt Ghast/Cabal Coffer Variant.

Vesuva and Thespian's Stage to copy Cabal Coffers.

Expedition Map to get that Cabal Coffers.

Lightning Greaves for a better Swiftfoot Boots.

Maybe some more removal?

R.C. on The Black Generals

1 month ago

Actually, I did take out Promise of Power but looks like I forgot to edit that when I was posting the recent Ahmonket update haha. And I kinda agree on Bad Moon. It's been useful, but only helps in that one way. I tried running Paragon of Open Graves, but he wouldn't last on the field as long. I'm looking into maybe Caged Sun as it would help with mana and boosting my guys.

Nukulargear on The Black Generals

1 month ago

R.C., maybe take out Promise of Power or Bad Moon? I honestly haven't played with either, but I feel like Promise is just adding on to your already really heavy card draw and Bad Moon wouldn't do enough.

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