Ogre Slumlord


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Gatecrash (GTC) Rare

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Ogre Slumlord

Creature — Ogre Rogue

Whenever another nontoken creature dies, you may put a 1/1 black Rat creature token onto the battlefield.

Rats you control have deathtouch.

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Ogre Slumlord Discussion

Myllyes314 on fet infest

19 hours ago

Ogre Slumlord? He pairs really well with some boardwipe like Damnation. Also, you're looking in need of draw cards such as Phyrexian Arena. And yeah, Dirty Wererat isn't modern legal.

MarloweH on -1/-1 counter combo question

2 weeks ago

Thank you for your answers. Also thanks for pointing out my mistake with Ogre Slumlord and Doubling Season. I must’ve been thinking that Ogre Slumlord triggered with tokens and I guess Parallel Lives would have to replace Doubling Season in this case.

Boza on -1/-1 counter combo question

2 weeks ago

Simply put, yes there are possiblities for infinite combos in there:

Any one of Hapatra, Nest or Defenses + cast Grim Poppet + Blowfly Infestation will result in infinite tokens.

1/ Have, for example, Hapatra, Vizier of Poisons and Blowfly Infestation.
2/ Cast Grim Poppet.
3/ Poppet entering will trigger hapatra, creating 1 snake.
4/ Use one counter from poppet to kill off a token. Blowfly sees this and triggers - put the counter on poppet. Hapatra see all this and make 2 tokens - one from the token that just died and one from Poppet getting a counter via Blowfly. Repeat ad nauseum.

Of the other cards you mentioned, Doubling Season and Ogre Slumlord will not work - ogre triggers off of nontoken creatures, while doubling season will double the counters you put on poppet, killing it before you can go infinite.

Kogarashi on -1/-1 counter combo question

2 weeks ago

Let's see if I understand your idea correctly.

You have Hapatra, Vizier of Poisons, Grim Poppet, and Blowfly Infestation out. First to note is that just casting the Poppet will get you three triggers from Hapatra, as entering with three counters qualifies as those three counters being placed.

Remove a counter from Grim Poppet and place it on an available creature (it can't be the Poppet itself, but if you cast Poppet after Hapatra, it could be one of her snakes instead of Hapatra or an enemy creature). Hapatra, Vizier of Poisons triggers. Assuming you put the counter on one of the snakes, it will die due to state-based actions before Hapatra's trigger can resolve.

The snake's death triggers Blowfly Infestation. This trigger goes on the stack above Hapatra's snake-creating trigger and will thus resolve first. You still have two snakes from casting Grim Poppet, so when the Infestation trigger resolves, you can place a counter on one of your other snakes, triggering Hapatra, Vizier of Poisons again. the second snake will die due to state-based actions while Hapatra's snake-creating triggers are still on the stack, triggering the Infestation again, which will resolve first. You're now down to one snake, and two Hapatra triggers on the stack with the Infestation trigger above them.

So you're going to end up going through creatures until you run out of 1/1's to kill off with the -1/-1 counters, generating Hapatra triggers in a pile that will all resolve once everything else stops pre-empting them. Adding Nest of Scarabs and Flourishing Defenses to the mix will give you more sources for 1/1 tokens, which will pile up with the Hapatra triggers, but not allow you to create an infinite engine.

Alternately, you could use the Blowfly Infestation to put counters back on the Grim Poppet, allowing the token-generating triggers to resolve, before activating the Poppet again to start things over. Not an infinite combo, but an infinitely repeatable one at that point.

As a note for your other cards listed, Ogre Slumlord won't create 1/1 rat tokens if you're killing snake, insect, or elf tokens with this system, since it cares about non-token creatures dying. Also Doubling Season is a good choice, but will kill the Grim Poppet before you can use it due to doubling the number of -1/-1 counters the Poppet will enter the battlefield with (and state-based actions moving it to the graveyard before you have a chance to remove counters from it). However it will trigger Hapatra six times instead of three, and will still work to trigger Blowfly Infestation.

MarloweH on -1/-1 counter combo question

2 weeks ago

these cards are in my Hapatra, Vizier of Poisons -1/-1 and token EDH deck. With a token producer like Hapatra, Vizier of Poisons, Nest of Scarabs, or Flourishing Defenses along with Grim Poppet and Blowfly Infestation out, would there be an infinite supply of tokens? The deck gets kind of confusing because i get many triggered abilities. I believe several various possible win conditions could be through draining life, combat damage (extra tokens) with any of the following cards Zulaport Cutthroat, Obelisk Spider, Poison-Tip Archer, or Falkenrath Noble, Ogre Slumlord, Doubling Season, I think this is how it works. (with the cards from the first part) 1: remove a counter from the poppet 2: place a counter, get a snake, kill a snake 3: place another counter, get another snake, kill another snake 4: repeat Would the process above function and kill and create tokens infinitely?

Orion93 on The Dumbest Combo: Ratswarm

3 weeks ago

Also, if you used Zulaport Cutthroat as a back up Monument it would almost double your chance of pulling off some dumb combo.

I bet you could even throw in something like Arguel's Blood Fast in case you need a card and they've done booped your search out to exile.

There's a neat idea of using Dictate of Erebos to clear the field too.

Now Ogre Slumlord looks tasty but he may just be clunky. I'm not sure.

Really there's a lot of things but it all depends on how you see the deck being played. I would like to see multiple drain effects available so I only have to protect 1 or at worst 2 of my essential cards.

You also need a way to protect your permanents.

Wintermoon on Toshiro's Murder

3 weeks ago

Funny that your deck looks very similar to my intial build with Toshiro. But as I upgraded the deck I started changing what it does. Killing only creatures for then to win with commander damage or Torment of Hailfire/Exsanguinate felt like it wasn't good enough, I felt like I needed to add something more to the deck to make it more interesting, so I decided to make it more focused on reanimation and removed the voltron stuff, keeping only Hatred for a sneaky kill with commander damage, which I recommend for you to add btw. This way having so much removal, due to the flashback Toshiro gives, now has another purpose other than killing creatures, not only I kill them as I can choose the ones I want to reanimate for myself, there are also some reanimator instants that with Toshiro can be used twice. Anyway this is just what I decided to do, doesn't mean you have to do the same. A thing I like about Toshiro is that despite him not being a top tier commander there is actually some diversity on what to build around him, which is good.

And since you are more focused on the spellsling aspect and you want to trigger Toshiro's ability as much as possible I would recommend this combo Illness in the Ranks + Forbidden Orchard. This way anytime you tap Forbidden Orchard for mana the token you give to your opponent will die as soon as it enters the battlefield due to Illness in the Ranks, triggering Toshiro's ability, this way you don't have to spend mana and/or a kill spell for that purpose. Having Illness in the Ranks also has the upside of making many token decks basicly useless, so there's that bonus. The only problem is that having this in your deck would hurt your Ogre Slumlord.

Anyway really happy to see someone else building Toshiro, hope you enjoy playing with him as much as I do and if you need anything don't hesitate to ask me.

Victory or Seppuku, this is my deck if you wanna take a look at it. Cheers :)

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