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Hey everyone, if your reading this hopefully you enjoyed one of my many decks I have posted here. I love to build decks but they are pretty unique in the world of EDH.

I build with two philosophies in mind. The first is that I don't want to build a deck that works toward a goal typically. I build with flexibility in mind. Hopefully the way my decks play is that no two games are the same. I'm not looking for my win-con or combo pieces I'm just playing a strong synergistic deck that usually opens a lot of options to me.

The second is that I typically don't like to actually win. Now don't stop reading there as I actually win a majority of my games. I just don't like to actually win the game. I much prefer making all my opponents scoop. For this reason I have earned the nickname "scoop-phase" at my LGS. This can be done in a million ways. Set-up to counter every spell, bounce all my opponents perms every turn, blow up all lands except mine, etc. For this reason a lot of players tend to think I play a lot of combo but I don't really run much combo at all...

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Thats exactly what Im proposing, but I dont see anyone playing that way currently.

May 4, 2018 11:44 a.m.

I meant for non multiple game matches.

Like game one but you only know what commanders youre up against.

May 4, 2018 11:25 a.m.

Soo what are yalls thoughts on adding a new layer to cEDH, as a format, in the form of sideboards?

In most places Ive played cEDH, where it was being run as an official tournament, they were never set up to have a game two.

So with that in mind, how about a sideboard that you can edit from pregame based only on opponents commander choices.

Standard 10 card sideboard.

Thoughts? Does this make hate pieces too strong?

On the positive side it may promote more varied builds among existing commanders to throw people off a bit.

Could also let you change up your win con if you know your against a straight up counter to your deck.

Honestly its a big enough change that it would probably effect the tier list even. Just curious to what yall think.

May 4, 2018 11:16 a.m.






Maelstrom Wanderer, did I win yet?

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Breya, EDH Eggs

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Momir Vig Wizards, please proceed to scoop phase.

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