Relentless Rats

Creature — Rat

Relentless Rats gets +1/+1 for each other creature on the battlefield named Relentless Rats.

A deck can have any number of cards named Relentless Rats.

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Relentless Rats Discussion

SaltySpecula on Need help to remove cards ...

2 days ago

Well, if your ultimate plan is to make it as expensive as possible for your opponents to cast non-creature spells with board wide increasing cost cards that affect you too, your own non-creature spells should probably be the first to review.

Because of their cost and either limited or perhaps somewhat unnecesary functionality like Always Watching , Crusade, Cast Out and maybe Gideon's Intervention, I would suggest considering removing them first as potentially 3-5 mana for +1/+1 is not worth it's weight in your deck. I would only keep Gideon's Intervention if you know there's a particularly dangerous card in your playgroup you know you need it for. I do the same with Slaughter Games against my friend who uses a Relentless Rats deck or his Laboratory Maniac deck. Otherwise, it's not worth keeping it in the deck.

brendan_1206 on Rat Commander Deck

2 weeks ago

Relentless Rats would strengthen the deck a lot.

c0dy821 on A Game of 21

3 weeks ago

Where do I even start?

Your first mistake: You didn't run any Blue. Every Magic Player knows Blue and Black are the superior colors, which means you had a 2 outta 5 chance on picking either of them, but you did even worse, because you chose two colors, and neither of them are Black or Blue. You went from a 40% chance the first pick, to a 50% chance the second pick, and you still messed up. Absolute trash. Now we are working in sweatshop conditions and you chose to take the low road on these jank colors, so let's see if we can fix this subpar deck.

The Commander

Let's see what you got here, Tajic, Blade of the Legion... In a game of magical creatures and dragons... DRAGONS. You chose a human? To lead 99 other cards into victory? How has this made it passed the threshold of your brain? Are there any checks or balances in place? How did this leave the drawing board? And the guy is a 2/2! A 2/2 FOR FOUR MANA?! Absolute Trash. You know how much utility is usually in a Commander deck? 99 cards worth of utility. This guys indestrubability is that of a Steam Roller to an Aluminum Can. And his ability to lead the entire deck is Battalion. Have the ranks gone mad? Who put this guy in charge? That is the weakest Commander Ability I have ever seen. You know what's stronger? Isamaru, Hound of Konda and he is a vanilla 2/2, that costs 1 MANA.

Deck Construction


The problem with Commander is that there is no consistency. I honestly think you should consider making it more consistent. You need to run Relentless Rats or Shadowborn Apostles to drive home the consistency, but we are stuck in these inferior colors, so this is really difficult.

Mana Curve

The Mana Curve is pretty decent, but when I looked at the cards in the low end, I went full tilt. None of these spells put a dent in anything, and the spells aren't impactful. You need something that makes a difference when it hits the table, maybe try Scrambleverse or Worldfire at the high end slots, and at the low end slots you might want to consider Mox Ruby, Mox Pearl, and Black Lotus for some speed. You can also run City of Traitors, Rishadan Port, Karakas, or The Tabernacle at Pendrell Vale in the land slots, that would help with speed and control. That is just a few suggestions for the low end though.


I am seeing a lack of utility in some very specific areas. You have a great weakness in the coin-flip control area. This seriously is a problem because you can't win in situations that require coin flips. For instance if the opponent forces you to discard your hand, then casts Worldfire with the mana floating to cast Show and Tell and puts their Chance Encounter into play, then uses Donate to throw it to you, you aren't gonna be able to do nothing but sit and hope you win the game after that point. Where if you had Krark's Thumb or a Goblin Bookie in your deck you could have Goblin Tutored the Thumb, held the two mana for after the Worldfire then casted the Thumb, and you would have had a significantly better chance at winning that game. I'd really recommend Krark's Thumb or Goblin Bookie. Just some food for thought.

As for more utility, you have no pancake potential. You can't flip anything. Which means all morph creatures are going to take a toll on your brain, because you are sitting there wondering if killing the face-down creature is gonna bust you up after you touch it. Well fear no more, Break Open exists, and it is in your inferior colors. This one is a card you can't pass up, it is always useful.

You also can't play any of the opponents cards, which is a huge disadvantage in your case, as the opponent has a high chance of playing Blue and Black if they actually joined the game to win. Just in case I'd put in Shaman's Trance so you can play the opponent's flashback spells(on the off chance they have any) as they are significantly better than your entire deck. Also in the same playing field as Shaman's Trance, you should be running Tempest Efreet just so you can get better cards. We are literally scraping for whatever we can get at this point. Grinning Totem is also highly desirable.

Which Direction The Deck Should Go

I honestly think you should consider playing North Star if you are gonna continue running these colors, that way you can at least pretend you are casting better spells in the superior colors of Magic.


Alright so in summary, after taking into consideration all of my suggestions, you really should just scrap this trash and make something in Black or Blue. I'd also recommend trying to play a real format, as this is basically just rolling dice and counting the higher numbers as winners.

BloodFetch on Ezuri, Claw of Progress

3 weeks ago

I have a better solution for you, unless you don't like winning. Unsleeve that garbage and throw in 80 Relentless Rats and 19 Swamp. Make sure your commander is Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger so you don't lose.

KsP_FtW on If I have Thrumming Stone ...

1 month ago

So I built this casual rats deck revolving around Relentless Rats, and threw in some other cool rats, now running a playset of Thrumming Stone, I often come across the issue of having multiple, and it being legendary. There was a situation where it was the only thing I could play, while I had one out, as well as some creatures, and casted it, at the time, I didn't get the ripple effect, should that have happened?

Shinsan on Why Don't I Have a Hand?

1 month ago

Unless this is different for your playing field, commander is generally a one card for each title. Meaning you have to remove all duplicates, and add more cards to take the the place of the duplicates. Relentless Rats is still cool though.

BornToDie on Lots of Relentless Rats

1 month ago


Bloodbond March works on so many levels in this. As long as You have a Relentless Rats or two in your hand, you're golden. Have a few on the battlefield with a Marrow-Gnawer and a Pack Rat, you up the rat count. Pack Rat gets scary quick.. Relentless as a discard outlet for Pack Rat. Relentless as a sac outlet for Marrow.. Then you've got Swarmyard as a regen.. You can board in Thrumming Stone for some extra fun! This deck is still in no way finished.. I've got some sideboard work.. And maybe some changing of the Main as well.. But it's fun to play, that's for sure!

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