Altered Ego


Format Legality
Magic Duels Legal
Heirloom Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Shadows over Innistrad (SOI) Rare

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Altered Ego

Creature — Shapeshifter

Altered Ego can't be countered.

You may have Altered Ego enter the battlefield as a copy of any creature on the battlefield, except it enters with X additional +1/+1 counters on it.

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Altered Ego Discussion

Maliande on A different kind of Pir and Toothy

1 week ago

Altered Ego sounds like an interesting clone to include with Toothy as the intended target. And if you really like drawing cards, Teferi's Puzzle Box is very powerful.

Meurth on Tatyova

2 weeks ago

Altered Ego is awesome in any G/U commander deck imo

KongMing on Animar Big Stuff

3 weeks ago

Heya! I like the deck idea overall, Temur is a great color combination, and Animar can be really explosive and fun.

You already have some cards here that have +1/+1 counter synergy - I would say go all out with this prong of your strategy.

Hardened Scales doubles the speed with which Animar builds counters, and helps all the other +1/+1 counter triggers get better.

Longshot Squad, Sapphire Drake, and Tuskguard Captain/Crowned Ceratok give Animar (and anything else with a +1/+1 counter) Reach, Flying, and Trample respectively.

Ridgescale Tusker enables your board by putting a +1/+1 on everything but himself, and accelerates Animar futher.

Shaman of the Great Hunt might be good for some mid-game card draw, and helps spread the +1/+1 counters around.

Creatures with Kickers and X in their CMC are also great choices, because they can really benefit from how big Animar's reduction can get. Some ideas are Grunn, the Lonely King, Altered Ego, Fungal Behemoth, and Verdeloth the Ancient.

Okay, one for the lulz as well. Big time synergy with Animar's Protection from Black coming from Singe. Problematic blocker in your way? NOT ANYMORE! Singe makes them Black until end of turn, so Animar can swing through for the win. YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHhhhhh...

zenozia on Kruphix - WIP *Help Appreciated*

1 month ago

hi your list is very interesting but I feel it's kinda slow to support a 4.15 cmc

acceleration : Exploration, Skyshroud Claim, Somberwald Sage, Oracle of Mul Daya, Explosive Vegetation, Llanowar Elves, Fyndhorn Elves, Elvish Mystic

creature: Coiling Oracle, Rashmi, Eternities Crafter, Altered Ego, Clever Impersonator, Azusa, Lost but Seeking

sorcery: Green Sun's Zenith, Rishkar's Expertise, Genesis Wave

land: Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx

instant: Mystical Tutor, Brainstorm, Chord of Calling, Mana Drain

artifact: Everflowing Chalice play this I swear. Thran Dynamo, Gilded Lotus, Simic Signet

enchantement: Rhystic Study, Burgeoning, Mystic Remora

I will probably cut some of your win condition and some creature if I were you

Meurth on Tatyova competitive

1 month ago

Nature's Lore, Kiora, the Crashing Wave, Arbiter of the Ideal and Altered Ego all might be of interest to you. I love Tatyova and it's awesome to see a commander deck around her(him?). I have a casual blue green deck that uses a similar strategy as the one in your deck except I use tokens and Overwhelming Stampede as a win condition. Some of these cards might be quite useful in your deck, link: Lands and Tokens

Tenfrente on Sidisi Zombie Brood

1 month ago

JoeNathan37 Too right, it's certainly a struggle at times, haha. I definitely empathise :P Oh crap, of course I couldn't mirror my legendary creatures, how stupid of me! I'm not going to lie, I've only used the Altered Ego a couple of times since I made this deck as it often ends up milled and isn't worth reanimating usually. The two times I did play it, the first time I copied my friend's big stompy green creature with a couple extra +1/+1s (much to his annoyance), and the other time I copied a zombie Hornet Queen I had reanimated, before I removed it from the deck. It was these times I was referring to when I said it's put out work, but you're quite right, there probably are better options in this specific build :P It's certainly one of the weaker links at the moment.

Door of Destinies can be very, very good if you draw it early like you mention, but you're also correct in that it isn't great lategame... It can literally swamp my opponents with huge zombie token armies in some games and for that I do love it, but it is quite an expensive drop to not have an effect on the turn it does drop, and there's always the chance you're not going to be able to play any zombies for a couple turns too :P conversely, it does pair extremely well with Rooftop Storm at times. Which brings me to my next point... Out of Door of Destinies and Herald's Horn. I'd probably be more inclined to swap out the horn just because it becomes fairly useless once Rooftop Storm is out... Also Undead Warchief does have the same effect with reducing zombie cast costs early game, but removing the horn would mean I'd lose the start of turn ability, which is the best part about it honestly and can put out a lot of work. I'll have to consider about these two carefully and make an informed decision. :) Ah, yes. Wildest Dreams was my initial thought to replace for Muldothra, and now you mention it aswell I've taken the liberty to switch the two on the mainboard ^^ I was thinking about it earlier like 'oh crap, but what if my Muldothra gets milled?', but then I remembered I have numerous ways to reanimate a creature, or to bring them back to my hand. So it is certainly a better option, thanks :)

Torrent Elemental has been in this deck since I started building it and is somewhat of a nostalgia pick for me xD I know it isn't the best in terms of pure synergy, but it's one of those unexpected flavour picks that can catch people by surprise when they think they're playing pure zombie tribal. It has won me a good number of games, I won't lie. If I have Mikaeus, the Unhallowed on the field, it's not uncommon that I would tutor for Torrent Elemental with Sidisi, Undead Vizier or Diabolic Revelation just to apply that extra pressure on the opponent's defenses. It is also extremely nice to exile with delve like you mentioned, but since I removed Temporal Trespass due to not being able to sufficiently hit the triple island around the time the spell would be useful I don't have any delve mechanic cards other than Empty the Pits. Also, the deck did use to have an extreme weakness to fliers, hence the Hornet Queen and Torrent Elemental, but now that I've added Wonder to the build pairing with Entomb, I don't see that being much of a problem anymore and it's certainly an idea to switch out the elemental for something more tribal orientated, to stick with the theme of the deck :P It would likely assist in the final streamline.

Excellent point about Kodama's Reach, I don't own that card but then again I don't own a fair few cards on the mainboard yet, I'm just attempting to organize the final build. I suppose Nissa's Pilgrimage would suffice for the time being, altho Kodama's will be better ^^

Once again, many thanks for the suggestions, I feel like I'm finally getting somewhere on this deck that has eluded my final touches for quite some time now :P will be nice to see it finished, for sure. Cheers for the help dude

JoeNathan37 on Sidisi Zombie Brood

1 month ago

Cutting stuff is always the hardest part of deckbuilding for me, I never want to take anything out because I like it all! Here’s a few suggestions on stuff to drop; in the end it’s your decision of course but here are some of the things I thought might be worth replacing with Muldrotha, the Gravetide.

Something to keep in mind about Altered Ego is you can’t actually copy your own Mikaeus, the Unhallowed or The Scarab God without losing one of them since the legendary rule would force you to sacrifice either the original or the copy. There is almost always other good stuff to copy out there but it wouldn’t work on your own legendary creatures without killing them.

Another suggestion I have to switch is Door of Destinies. I know from experience how much work that card can put in (I had one in my Edgar Markov deck for a long time) but also from my experience with that deck I know how often it can do absolutely nothing. If you get it out early in the game it’s great, but if you draw it late game it’s essentially useless. It doesn’t do anything for you immediately upon hitting the board and it takes a very long time to get the full benefits from it.

Another potential option is Wildest Dreams. I feel that this one is an option because in practice it does a very similar thing to Muldrotha, the Gravetide except it’s only one use and the double X casting cost means it would get really expensive really fast to bring back multiple cards, and even after they get brought back you then have to recast them for even more mana.

Torrent Elemental is another card that could be swapped out. It has a high CMC, like Muldrotha (it’s lower but it’s close), it’s not a zombie, and while it’s tap ability is great in my opinion Muldrotha’s ability is better for this deck. The bring him back from exile ability lets you bring him back after delving him away from your graveyard, yes, but it costs a lot of mana to do that and usually it would just be better to recast something else from your graveyard with Muldrotha.

On a different note, you also may want to consider switching Gift of Paradise out for Kodama's Reach. They have the same CMC but Kodama's Reach does more for you, as it gives you an additional land on the current turn and one for next turn if you didn’t have a land drop. The 3 life from Gift of Paradise would usually be insignificant, especially since this is EDH and you start with 40 life. Also, Kodama's Reach is a sorcery so it can’t be destroyed, so unless it gets countered (unlikely) you are guaranteed to always get the benefit from it.

JoeNathan37 on Sidisi Zombie Brood

1 month ago

Maybe Altered Ego, since it doesn’t specifically synergize with the zombie/resurrection theme of your deck and if you recur it from the graveyard you won’t get the counters.

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