Howl of the Horde


Format Legality
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Khans of Tarkir (KTK) Rare

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Howl of the Horde


When you cast your next instant or sorcery spell this turn, copy that spell. You may choose new targets for the copy.

Raid — If you attacked with a creature this turn, when you cast your next instant or sorcery spell this turn, copy that spell an additional time. You may choose new targets for the copy.

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Howl of the Horde Discussion

Catalog9000 on Can card:Reverberate target a spell ...

1 day ago

Yes! It absolutely can! And when you Reverberate your Storm Herd, you get to copy your X value too, per rules.

"If the spell Reverberate copies has an X whose value was determined as it was cast (like Earthquake does), the copy has the same value of X."

Reverberate is one of my favorite spells in the whole game. It's so fun pulling off janky garbage combos with it. You ever see a Reverberated See the Unwritten?? It's so stupidly awesome. Or a Reverberated Lightning Helix / Boros Charm / Path to Exile??

Seriously an underused card. Dumbest combo I pulled off was a Howl of the Horde after I attacked with a Savage Ventmaw. The next spell I cast is copied 2 additional times. So I dumped the 6 mana from Ventmaw into a See the Unwritten, allowing me three copies of that crap. Than I tapped two red and cast Reverberate on one of them, copying one of the three.

That gave me four Unwrittens, allowing me to filter through the top 32 cards of my library and pull out the top 8 strongest Dragons in my deck. Ahh, Gruul. You're so stupidly fun to play.

(Timmy player at heart)

Pal00ka on Hey, let's all have a bunch of mana!

1 week ago

Rampaging Baloths for more blockers/attackers

Dictate of the Twin Gods because it'll allow you to need less mana to kill opponents.

Dualcaster Mage, Reverberate, Reiterate, Increasing Vengeance, and Howl of the Horde will let you kill more opponents/threats with a single burn spell. Wort, the Raidmother would be a good addition too.

More draw never hurt anyone; Elemental Bond syncs nicely with your token makers and commander; Reforge the Soul, Winds of Change, Cathartic Reunion, Tormenting Voice, and Wild Guess let you pitch what is not relevant at the time for hopefully something that is. With Ramunap Excavator pitching lands should not be a big deal to get back.

Eternal Witness, Recollect, etc. are great for getting anything back from the yard.

Catalog9000 on Card creation challenge

1 month ago

BTW I know that this is not technically "card advantage". That specifically refers to the ability to regain cards in your hand so you don't end up top decking.

I'm not sure if there is a term for what I was describing where you cast 1 spell from your hand but end up putting more than 1 spell on the stack.

Things like if I attack with a creature, than cast Howl of the Horde followed by a Lightning Bolt. I cast two from my hand, but slung a grand total of 4 spells.

Maybe "stack advantage"?

Idk, but you get what I mean.

pyracanth on Trial by Fire - Budget Neheb EDH

1 month ago

I playtested it too, and you've got a lot of combos such as one with Neheb, the Eternal, Commune with Lava, Insult / Injury, Howl of the Horde, and Earthquake.

When it comes to actual spells... I'm not that versed in red, but maybe Young Pyromancer?

Loreshadow on Jaya's Magical Shotgun (Wizard Control)

1 month ago

I figured it out this time, I swear. :p

Spellweaver Helix with a couple exiled Howl of the Horde from graveyard and one cast will equal a 25 damage Fight with Fire after attacking for 6 mana total.

Two Desperate Ritual for 4 mana will create 6 mana which can be doubled by Reverberate or Twincast to make 12 mana, allowing you to cast Howl of the Horde, and a fully kicked Fight with Fire and two of its copies to deal 30 damage.

Then there's Pyromancer's Goggles casting Howl of the Horde to turn Fight with Fire into 25 damage for just 5 mana land taps total.

Good deals? Did I redeem myself? Lol.

Neotrup on Can Elite Arcanist cast copy ...

1 month ago

will be the sum. For example, if both Wizard's Lightning and Wizard's Retort are exiled, you'll have to pay to use Elite Arcanist's ability. On resolution you'll copy both cards, and be able to cast either or both (or neither) without paying their mana costs.

Overwhelming Denial + Unstable Footing will cost you , with the option to pay another to deal 5 damage. You will not be able to pay the surge cost, so any abilities check whether surge was paid will not work.

Rebound is an ability that only applies to a spell cast from your hand, as these copies are cast from exile, it does not apply.

Reverberate + Shadow Rift works as you expect, you'll be able to target Shadow Rift with Reverberate as long as you cast Reverberate second while resolving Elite Arcanist's ability.

Howl of the Horde is a sorcery and cannot be exiled with Elite Arcanist. It also only affects a spell cast after it resolves, so it wouldn't be able to copy Twincast.

I have no idea what you're trying to do with Exquisite Firecraft.

Dispel + Wizard's Lightning will require you to pay , but not require you to cast both cards. You can simply cast the Wizard's Lightning.

Lightning Bolt + Scatter to the Winds will let you cast Lightning Bolt and counter it with Scatter to the Winds, but you will not be allowed to pay the awaken cost, so you can't animate a land with it.

With Kaho, Minamo Historian, if the ability is copied, you'll end up exiling 6 cards. They won't be distinct, any time you activate the ability you'll choose one of the cards still exiled and cast it. You won't get to cast two unless you copy the activated ability.

I'll get back to you one Mindswipe, my mind is burning out.

When you copy a spell, you keep the mode and target the same. Most things that copy a spell will let you choose new targets after copying, but nothing to my knowledge lets you change modes.

Loreshadow on Can Elite Arcanist cast copy ...

1 month ago

If Elite Arcanist + Naban, Dean of Iteration , gets to exile and cast two mana stacked cards at once, then can one of these cards, as a copy spell, copy the other card? And does having two cards cast trigger Surge? Would surge have to be cast last every time?

For example. After getting my two creatures out I hand off Wizard's Lightning + Wizard's Retort . Everything seems good so far, a counter spell, followed by 3 damage, a true counter-strike spell for 3 colourless mana.

But when we try Overwhelming Denial + Unstable Footing , Do I get to cast my red spell, and target it if kicked, and then Surge into my counter spell target? Or will I be unable to use them in seperate order? Will my tap cast be too slow to cast two spells and still choose my targets? Can I spend 3 colourless to make sure my counter can't be countered and damage can't be prevented and further inflict 5 burn damage to target player for 3 additional colourless, for a total of 6?

I'm assuming Rebound doesn't work with him unless cast separately by hand due to exile portion of rebound? Copy goes poof?

So on to the third portion. Copying spells cast using the same tap/ability. When we combine Reverberate + Slip Through Space in a single tap, will I get two Slip Through Space? Giving me 2 unblockable targets and draw 2 cards for 3 colourless?

And what happens when Howl of the Horde + Twincast are paired up after an attack? How do they copy each other, should they, and what is the highest number of spell copies they can provide a follow up spell? Is it simply, that Howl of the Horde multiplies Twincast by 2? For 3 copies of target spell? And can that target then be Howl of the Horde for 6 future copies of a target follow up spell for a foundation of 5 colourless mana as a setup?

Can an Exquisite Firecraft then do 28 uncounterable damage? For a total of 8 colourless mana? Or 5 colourless mana with a Living Lore sacrifice? 56 damage with Angrath's Marauders or Insult?

Can I combine Dispel + Wizard's Lightning without canceling my damage out? Can my counter spell be fizzled out to let my burn deal damage or will I not having a dispel target, prevent me from completing the tap?

Can I use a Lightning Bolt + Scatter to the Winds without any counter targets by just targeting my Lightning Bolt so that I can cast my Awaken at the end of a turn for 7 colourless even if my opponent cast no spells? And does Awaken work like Kicker as all colourless, or do I need a very specific mana type as specified on the Awaken cards?

Almost done. :) Does Kaho, Minamo Historian stack her exiled spells together in one mana shot or do they split in three? And if she got doubled by Naban, Dean of Iteration, would she have to cast all 6 at a time, 3 and 3 seperately, or can she cast them all individually?

Now... Mindswipe. So, if I were to copy this with the same target, the first spell would remove the target of the second the cancel out correct? Can I copy it for two mana using my second spell and then choose new targets for double if they try and counter my counter with their own? Or will the copy be too early and be unable to choose anything not by the first? What if there were already two instants out? In what situation would a double Mindswipe be possible?

Lastly, for spells like Cryptic Command, does copying it let you choose new versions of it or is the same choice made?

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