Howl of the Horde


Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Modern Legal
Frontier Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Khans of Tarkir Rare

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Howl of the Horde


When you cast your next instant or sorcery spell this turn, copy that spell. You may choose new targets for the copy.

Raid — If you attacked with a creature this turn, when you cast your next instant or sorcery spell this turn, copy that spell an additional time. You may choose new targets for the copy.

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Howl of the Horde Discussion

mean_green_machine on Laughing As The Kingdom Burns | Neheb, the Eternal

4 days ago

Hey like the deck, burn in edh ftw. I looked at my wort ramp/burn deck for ideas that worked for me to help yours. Dictate of the Twin Gods is another furnace of wrath, insult/injury (new split card) also works as a one turn dmg doubler for three. Devil's Play is a great fireball cuz it has flashback, Fall of the Titans is two fireballs for the price of one if you surge it. Someone mentioned it earlier but comet storm is great you should put that in.

Increasing Vengeance, Howl of the Horde, Dualcaster Mage and Fork I Highly recommend, copy spells are great for getting that "go off" turn faster, they can copy rituals or fireballs for super cheap, Reiterate is my favorite of the copy spells because it can make infinite mana, if you can cast it with buyback on a spell that makes enough mana to profit from continually playing it with buyback you can make infinite red mana and kill everyone with fireballs easy, seething song won't do it but Inner Fire and Mana Geyser can go off with reiterate.

As for cuts I think you should consider cutting down on some smaller creatures that die to earthquake/blastacts.

This commander interests me I think I'll make a deck for him when he comes out. Best of luck

CaptSillva on Goblinpalooza

1 week ago

Zada, Hedron Grinder, Raging Goblin, Monastery Swiftspear, Goblin Spelunkers, Goblin Charbelcher, Sword of the Paruns, Howl of the Horde, Hamletback Goliath, Burst Lightning, Collateral Damage, Shock, Searing Blood, and Spark Jolt.

These are the weakest cards in the deck. Zada lacks any synergy in this deck making him a 3/3 goblin for four mana which is a very poor card. Raging Goblin and Swiftspear don't really do enough for commander. Goblin Spelunkers is just a low quality card. Charbelcher, Paruns, Howl, and Hamletback are all decent cards but are a bit too mana intensive for this deck. The rest are single target burn spells and these are very weak for a few reasons. In commander you will have more than one opponent and each will start with 40 health so you wouldn't be able kill them with burn spells alone. Also creatures tend to be bigger in size, so 2-3 damage isn't always enough to kill anything important.

Khirgan on Wort: the Ramp Mother of Burn

3 weeks ago

So you put in Mana Geyser but don't have Reiterate? If there are 7 lands tapped that's infinite mana to play around with (copy of Mana Geyser will resolve first and keep copying the original one indefinitely with Reiterate for a net of +1 each time). Battle Hymn could do the same thing for you at instant speed. Another copule of cards you might wanna look at are Doubling Cube Lotus Cobra and Howl of the Horde. They are all stupid good in this kind of deck and should be considered. Some options for you maybe.

SpaghettiToastBook on Ashling the burn deck

1 month ago

Chain Reaction is a really good board wipe: it's inexpensive, has a low CMC, and almost always kills everything.Staff of Nin is recurring card draw and it's cheap. Mind's Eye is more expensive but probably better at drawing cards. Magus of the Wheel and Dragon Mage are more wheel effects you could try. You might also want to try Mana Flare, Treasonous Ogre, or Caged Sun for even more mana to sink into Ashling.

You might want to try damage doublers: Furnace of Rath, Insult / Injury, Quest for Pure Flame, Dictate of the Twin Gods, Curse of Bloodletting, Gratuitous Violence, or Overblaze. All of these are pretty inexpensive.

Copying spells is a neat way to increase the value of your burns. You could try any of these: Reverberate, Wild Ricochet, Fork, Chandra, the Firebrand, Dual Casting, Dualcaster Mage, Increasing Vengeance, Howl of the Horde. You can also use most of these to copy pesky counterspells or copy draw or ramp spells. Price of Glory is great since you're mostly playing at sorcery speed. Pyroblast, Red Elemental Blast, Ricochet Trap, and Burnout are good for hating on blue players. Overmaster, Reroute, or Shunt might be okay too.

Me_Drewsta on Vial Smasher

1 month ago

I've been testing a Vial Smasher TL too, I would recommend Howl of the Horde, Seething Song, Reverberate, Impact Resonance, and Chaos Warp. Insult/Injury is really good too, but I heard it could be counted as 6CMC because of some abuse of the "Fuse" ability here recently but idk.

ccevik on Narset, Enlightened Master EDH

2 months ago

I recommend Howl of the Horde It gives you double copies after you attacked with Narset. And Time Stretch, because nothing is better than getting six extra turns in one whoop.

square711 on Pattern Recognition #17 - ACC

4 months ago

My favorite combo is Living Lore + Cruel Ultimatum (with something like Heartless Summoning or Mass Hysteria so you're ready to swing every turn). Is there a worse fate for a MtG player than being on the receiving end of a Cruel Ultimatum every turn? I don't think so. (Well, maybe watching a Soul Sisters mirror match, but never mind)

That said, I have this little combo deck I call "bye bye land", which uses Devastating Summons + Howl of the Horde to generate six huge tokens (which is usually more than most decks can deal with) after swinging with Sakura-Tribe Elder or Coiling Oracle and it's probably the most fun combo to pull off, because most people don't understand why I'm swinging with a 1/1 weenie against their untapped 4/5 beatstick, until they see me play Howl and go "oh shit WHAT DO YOU MEAN THIS ISN'T SCAPESHIFT". (one guy even tried to Slaughter Games the Scapeshifts out of my deck, only to realize there were none hahahaha)

ODDIOBLENDER on Shaken Not Stirred

4 months ago

what, no Goblin Grenade? May also consider Howl of the Horde as it works great in aggro decks and can multiply some of those spells like Krenko's Command. Also consider Quest for the Goblin Lord... it would be magical in this deck.

But great deck. plus one sir!

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