Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Magic 2014 Common

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Creature — Fungus

Whenever a land enters the battlefield under your control, put a 1/1 green Saproling creature token onto the battlefield.

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Sporemound Discussion

Oloro_Magic on Where are the Johnny Players...need ...

5 days ago

Maybe play this in a zoo style deck, An-Havva Constable can sync well with Burning-Tree Emissary. Folk of An-Havva just seems like an efficient trade off creature in the one drop slot, but there could be ways to make it work. Beastmaster Ascension if you can turn it on would work well for example, the other route being voltron and you build up the Folk of An-Havva.

You could also do green-white tokens style deck, stuff like Beast Within then becomes relevant. Saprolings come to mind, you can abuse a card like Life and Limb to create this type of effect. And follow this with support like Utopia Mycon and use Saproling Symbiosis as a finisher effectively doubling your already absurd amount of saprolings. Also note that if you have Life and Limb and then play Sporemound you get infinite saprolings but that this interaction can't be stopped unless you can disrupt the combo. This would make your An-Havva Constable extremely big and gain you a crap ton of life. To stop the combo consider Naturalize or Krosan Grip to get rid of the Life and Limb.

GuardGamer on one for all and all for mycloth

2 weeks ago

Because this feels like a token deck, I would suggest Thallids. There's more fluidity in their mechanic than throwing a bunch of evolve in your deck, plus they spawn the 1/1s for you.

Tukatongue Thallid, Vitaspore Thallid, Thallid Germinator, Sporemound, etc. are all perfect for your commanders ability. Not to mention the various ways you could speed up the counter process on your mushrooms of death.

DrFishyNo on Can't Touch This! - Oloro's Gulag

3 weeks ago

brokenglytch I'll have to ask about it next time I go to my LGS, we have a guy that's Judged GPs and Pro Tours before, so I'm sure he'd be able to clarify the interaction. I'm not sure if 104.4b is referring to game states that have no end in sight, like if a land ETBs with Sporemound and Life and Limb in play and continues infinitely without any end, or if it just refers to unfair infinite plays that eventually produce an end result.

With the Sporemound + Life and Limb combo, I definitely know that one ends in a draw (I think I saw someone play it on stream once or something just to troll people), but that's because you just keep generating creatures and don't have a way to "end" the game. With Bond + Blood, at least it reduces the opponent's life total to 0, which makes some sense since most Magic games end when someone's life total becomes 0.

It's definitely important I get this solved, because that's one of the main ways the deck wins haha.

WrathofCod on Mina and Denn Landfall Shenanigans

1 month ago

@ chaosumbreon87and Triton Thank you both so much for the incredible feedback and help you have provided! Due to work and other commitments, I haven't gotten a chance to order cards or really tweak the deck significantly since my last response. However, I recently obtained a Sporemound and Akoum Hellkite which I will try to add in soon. I love the suggestions of Vexing Shusher, Signal the Clans and Amulet of Vigor! They are all relatively cheap and seem like they would be a perfect fit for this deck (helping me deal with counter magic, ramp and tutor)!

rhystictutor on Inch by Inch, Row by Row

2 months ago

Life and Limb for the win! It would make this deck even more funny. Concordant Crossroads to give em all haste!

Or just play Sporemound along side Life and Limb and break the game.

There's also Living Lands, Living Plane, or Nature's Revolt

Wood Elemental would also be very lulzy.


Waiting in the Weeds

The7thBobba on Life and Limb Refined

2 months ago

You're very welcome.

I hear ya. I try to steer clear as much as possible, but every now and again it's fun to indulge ;)

For infinity: life and limb couples with Sporemound. Do note, that the loop is unbreakable unless you destroy either part of the combo at instant speed(naturalize does the trick), or outright end your turn when you feel like you have enough infinity.

For a reficulous amount if tokens: Sprout Swarm is insane, couple it up with Parallel Lives, Primal Vigor, or Doubling Season and we quickly move into unfair territory

The7thBobba on 10,000 Fists

2 months ago

Sure thing mate. Life and Limb states that all my saprolings count as forests, and will thus create an infinite flow of new saprolings/lands with Sporemound :) the loop is unbreakable, unless I destroy the enchantment, that's why we have Naturalize :)

merrowMania on Game Breaker?

2 months ago

The game would end in a draw should no player stop the combo.

These two cards are a perfect example of a draw. The game state creates a loop of triggers that will repeat to infinity (every time a Sporemound trigger resolves, it will create another Sporemound trigger). If no one can (or if no one chooses to) break this trigger loop, the game state is in an un-ending loop. Neither player can proceed, so no one can win. This creates a draw. Note that this only applies to combos where there is no choice in the loop.

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