Unholy Heat

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Arena Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Gladiator Legal
Highlander Legal
Historic Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Pauper Legal
Pauper Duel Commander Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Vintage Legal

Unholy Heat


lhetrick13 on Obosh Spiders Control

2 days ago

Kazierts - You definitely went full jank! As the deck is, in Modern I feel like this is a struggle bus...no offense...With a average CMC of >4.0 and not many cards to disrupt your opponent or even interact with their board, I feel like your spiders are going to get squashed more often than not.

Despite my initial bleak forecast, I feel like Nyx Weaver might have some merit in this deck. It feels like you are trying to get some cards in your graveyard fast to power up things like Unholy Heat. Nyx Weaver aids with that and keeps the spider "tribe" feel. Chainweb Aracnir is a suggestion for lowering the manna curve. Its ability to be recast from the grave is a bonus if you get into a dogfight. Rotwidow Pack again hits on the theme of getting cards into the graveyard and has a nice "tribal" feel to it. Arasta of the Endless Web might be nice to run a few copies of just to aid in getting some bodies out on the field if your opponent loves to play spells.

In terms of support, Swarmyard could be helpful to keep some of those heavy hitting spiders on the board if you could swing it. Running tri-colors is tough though with utility lands added in. Spider Spawning is not good but it is an option as well.

Good luck and happy brewing!

plakjekaas on Doubling Cube instead of Mulligans

4 days ago

And half the top 10 played lands in Modern, according to mtgGoldfish, shuffle someone's deck. Endurance is the 4th played creature of the format and shuffles a deck. Stoneforge Mystic, Primeval Titan, Indomitable Creativity, Urza's Saga, fetches are not the only way to shuffle your deck. Also, Lightning Bolt is still the most commonly played spell and the top card of the format overall. Spell Pierce is third. Unholy Heat typically doesnt need setup if it answers a turn 1 play. Turn 1 interaction is not that improbable. One deck doesn't make a format.

You said you "literally never" heard anyone complain about shuffling a commander deck. When called out, it's suddenly restricted to an established player actively complaining. So I assume you understand hyperbole as a figure of speech. Seeing how I didn't even use the word literally, I'd imagine you understand that my objectively false statement can still be used to paint a picture to strengthen the point that a lot of shuffling does slow the game down, even if you do it on an opponent's turn. If I'm fetching in response to a Lava Spike versus Burn, the time it takes to resolve the spell and pass the turn is a lot less than the time it takes a typical player to shuffle their deck.

The only redeeming quality of the format is that games usually end before turn 5 nowadays, so that even in the less probable case of actually shuffling your deck every turn, you still have time to finish all needed games.

Daveslab2022 on Doubling Cube instead of Mulligans

1 week ago

Also, 99% of the time the game doesn’t pause, and most people don’t want to draw a game.

If I have a fetch on turn 1, I’m going to pass turn and while you’re making your first move I’ll crack my fetch and shuffle up. The only time this is different is when I have interaction on turn 1, which is becoming less and less likely.

Lightning Bolt and Path to Exile used to be the premium removal spells in modern. Now it’s Unholy Heat and Prismatic Ending, the former requiring an amount of setup so not usually cast on turn 1 unless it’s a Ragavan on the opposing side, and the latter is a sorcery speed spell.

lagotripha on Budget Death's Shadow Help!

1 week ago

I'll echo other commenters - focus in on lands and staples. A deck with bad spells and good lands usually outperforms a deck with bad lands and good spells.

Arguel's Blood Fast  Flip, Eye of Vecna Dreadhorde Invasion, are all worth playtesting to see if you can support a slower gameplan, cause getting life low without fetch into shock is hard.

I'd go mine death's shadow sideboards for cheap tech for whatever matchups you feel weakest against then run it mainboard. Unholy Heat & Terminate are worth looking at for spots if you can support the mana pips.

Dead_Blue_ on Izzet Aggro (Token Spam, Burn)

3 weeks ago

Protects youre threats, pumps them, and makes them unblockable

Imagine the opponent is playing Murktide. You have a flipped Delver and they have a Dragon's Rage Channeler with Delirium. It’s combat, they declare DRC as an attacker, you declare Delver as Blocker. They Unholy Heat targeting Delver, you use Apostle's Blessing on Delver in response. It survives the heat and kills DRC and lives to attack next turn.

Dead_Blue_ on Beyond the Grave (Mardu)

1 month ago

I think Olivia should be Olivia Voldaren instead and that your removal suite should be completely overhauled. I get it that you want discard enablers but there are many situations where you will not want to drain your own resources to cast spells. I’d probably run Lightning Bolt, Unholy Heat & Terminate over Bone Shards, Lightning Axe & Nameless Inversion

I’d also think 4x Hollow One needs to be a must

TapatioDorito on Budget Burn

2 months ago

Temur Battle Rage or Assault Strobe could be especially dangerous here. TBR enables Trample onto both Bedlam Reveler and Vexing Devil even if they are alone on your side of the field. You can also use Flame Rift as a risky but higher source of player damage, and Unholy Heat to deal with creatures, since you will likely want to go after Delirium anyway.

Finally, if you're going for a Shock type of card, try Wild Slash, Play with Fire, or even Tarfire, as Tribal is a card type that Delirium checks for.

SeekerofSecrets on Izzet Aggro 2?

2 months ago

So let’s go through prowesses ideal game

T1 soul-scar pass

T2 swifty, any 1 drop spell hit for 4

T3 manamorphose, bolt, dart, flash back dart

That’s 19 damage on t3, which would be lethal if your opponent fetched and didn’t have a blocker.

You want to maximize your chance of having multiple prowess creatures online as soon as possible which is why soul scar is so great. It also pairs well with Crash Through, if you hit a 5/5 with bolt, it shrinks down to a 2/2 which you can then trample over with for more damage. I would also play Unholy Heat in the side board to shrink a murktied.

I personally love delver, it’s a pet card of mine but without brainstorm it’s incredibly inconsistent. It’s damage output is also significantly lower than a prowess creature. In the best case scenario it does 6 damage on t3. For a soul-scar mage to match this you need to cast 4 spells over 2 turns, which this deck can do much more consistently

Think of lava dart in the context of the number of prowess creatures you have. With 1, it represents 4 damage, the same as a bolt. With 2 creatures, 6 damage. With 3 creatures, 8 damage. It scales. It also gives you something to do with extra lands, your deck only really needs 3 to function, and you’ll have have more than that allot of the time due to the amount of card draw that you have.

Darcy aka dragons rage Channeler is sneakily the glue that holds all of this together. The deck wants to chain as many spells as it can. Darcy fixes your draws to draw more spells, bins lava dart for value and can hit for 3. You right though, without fetchlands you may also want to include 2 Seal of Fire. Notably Tarfire is a “tribal instant” so it counts as 2 card types for delirium. If you include seal of fire you now have 6 types for delirium; instant, sorcery, land, creature, tribal, enchantment. Mishra's Bauble is the first upgrade for the deck to replace tarfire/seal of fire.

Spells that target your creatures open you up to 2 for 1s. So let’s say you cast dragons mantle targeting a creature, in response you opponent kills your creatures, your down 2 cards with no upside while your opponent only spent 1. If you cast crash through, it doesn’t target so it still resolves and you get your card. you and your opponent are on parity.

Good luck! I love prowess, I have 1000s of games with it and always recommend it as an entry point to modern.

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