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Transformer Pingers Theme Deck

I had open a pair of foil and non-foil Huntmaster of the Fells   from a single pack in my first DKA booster box back in 2012. And Taiwan won the 2012 World Magic Cup, BTW. Because of my nostalgia, I tried to build a deck with him as the commander, even though that's not tournament legal. But we are talking about the commander, a lawless chaotic time and space.

House Rule 101: Pick a DFCs (Double Face Cards) that becomes a Legendary in addition to its other supertypes.

Pingers are not just making damage, when combined with Keen Sense, Snake Umbra they become a card draw engine, and capable finish the game through that.

In addition to the above methods, another feasible solution is to make the Pingers cause lethal damage through unlimited ETB triggers.

“If you don’t speak wolf, allow me to translate: ‘One step closer and I’ll rip out your throat.’” —Arlinn Kord

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