This is a Surrak beatdown and voltron deck.

It's sort of voltron, at least. It's equally likely I'll just beat up everything normally with creatures, but there's certainly the opportunity to win via commander damage, or focus on creating one huge creature to destroy everyone with (e.g. Hamletback Goliath who's one of the major heroes of the deck).

This deck was sorta inspired by making an aggressive (red) Abzan, or a more Simic-y Saskia. It wound up being something like both at once, and I got to use some fun cards I've wanted to use in a Temur deck for a while. It's the first Temur deck I've actually been happy with, and I get to do it with Surrak Dragonclaw at the helm! Hooray!

I'm not sure how to measure its power -- it's got a lot of Rares and a number of Mythic Rares, and maybe that indicates I went overboard or something.

Price goal: below $150, use mostly or entirely cards I already have, avoid $5+ cards unless they're critically valuable to the deck's game plan and don't have good substitutes, strongly avoid $10+ cards.

Power goal: 50-75%? I don't expect it to outclass the C16 precons by much. I hope it's not too powerful for it to be fun to play against.

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This deck's being updated to have more interaction (notably removal & protection from board wipes) and more mana ramping.



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