First shot at a Kwain deck.

The idea of it is a mix between a group hug and some tax pieces to try and keep things under control since, our opponents are also drawing cards thanks to us and our varied assortment of artifacts and enchantments. The pillowfort package is included to try and keep us safe while the pieces are gathered, with the help of some removal and counter spells.

Keep politics in mind, be it mantaining card draw or helping with the removal of threats at the table. The nice thing is if played nicely (and also group dependant) it can fly under the radar to snatch up the victory.

Im trying to keep it on a semi-budget, and the maybe board got some nice switch ins you might want to consider.

The wincons are:

Are Approach of the Second Sun which is one on itself.

Jace, Wielder of Myseteries, Laboratory Maniac and Thassa's Oracle are win cons paired with our ability deck ourselves out by drawing cards.

For more stability Idyllic Tutor and Mind Over Matter have been added. I know these last two additions are more cash intensive, specially if you want to be able to fetch them out more easilly by adding tutors, but this strat can be easily switched over to the "everybody draws" idea paired with Smothering Tithe and/or Hullbreacher paired with card draw from Minds Aglow , Skyscribing , Fascination , Prosperity , and our main deck Folio of Fancies .

The maybe board is composed of cards you might want to switch in according to your own playstyle, be it: life gain matters, everybody draws, more tax pieces, and slightly more expensive switches or just simply a less "win centric" deck.

Any advice or suggestions are welcomed and encouraged!


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