Destroy all creatures.

Foretell [[symbol:1] (During your turn, you may pay and exile this card from your hand face down. Cast it on a later turn for its foretell cost.)

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Doomskar Discussion

FatFreddiesCat on Timing issues

3 weeks ago

Doomskar is played. In response I want to play Displace. Are the target creatures returned to the battlefield immediately (before the Doomskar resolves) and thus destroyed anyway? Or are they returned to the battlefield after Doomskar resolves?

RoosterCP on Mono White Spirit Lifegain - OP

1 month ago

TheRoaringRegisaur good points, Fateful Absence is a good one and I do run it in my side board, as for the Vanquish the Horde/ Doomskar thing, its really a toss up for me, both serves the same purpose but Vanquish the Horde can be a cheaper mana investment if used smartly, but can also cost more if you need to use it in a pinch without a lot on the board. As for Katilda, Dawnhart Martyr  Flip I often bounce between 3 to 4 copies, sometimes I find running 3 ill never pull it most of the games and if I'm running 4 and say have 2 in my hand, ill willingly sacrifice one of the Katilda for a block so it becomes an enchantment to throw on Voice of the Blessed. I should definitely consider Field of Ruin, seems like would be a good interaction to have thanks for the tip! Lunarch Veteran  Flip is definitely a good card, but I like to be a purist with my tribal decks so a half spirit personally doesn't fit the theme 100%. I have several Azorius decks on here that feature Patrician Geist definitely a great card. In my experience Azorius spirits doesn't perform as well for Voice of the Blessed focused decks, Selesnya works much better if I want to dabble into another color. Ill be uploading my Selesnya Spirits deck eventually that I've been working on that I've been having fun with utilizing Willow Geist on top of Voice of the Blessed taking advantage of disturb and flashback spells. I think in total I have about 10 different standard spirit decks I've constructed and been experimenting with to find the strongest combinations (I love the spirits in this rotation LOL), the benefit to mono-white is the consistency of land pulls you wont get blocked out of casting spells due to one missing mana type you need for several cards in your hand.

TheRoaringRegisaur on Mono White Spirit Lifegain - OP

1 month ago

Looks good, but I'd switch Vanquish the Horde with Doomskar. Also, having four copies of Katilda, Dawnhart Martyr  Flip might become an issue (because you can't have multiple copies on the battlefield at the same time.) I'd also include at least two, maybe four copies of Field of Ruin to combat all the man-lands out there like Hall of Storm Giants.

Niko9 on Will Vanquish the Horde Become …

1 month ago

It could definitely be a staple as efficient as it is. Boardwipes are always going to be better or worse depending on your playgroup though, and having to commit to white might actually make it see less play than Blasphemous Act Many strategies in white revolve around your creatures, so a boardwipe can hurt you more than they can in red where you can build a more spells matter strategy. I think part of what makes act so popular is that it's in red. That's not to say that Vanquish the Horde won't see a ton of play in BW control, because in that kind of deck, it is awesome.

Blasphemous Act is also amazing with Vial Smasher the Fierce who is a popular commander.

So, time will tell I guess :) Vanquish is an awesome card and maybe it will see equal play to blasphemous act. It could also be that vanquish will see similar play to Doomskar which, even though they do different things, they may fit into the same decks. Doomskar being an early game value sweeper and vanquish being a late game saving sweeper. I'd bet that the decks running doomskar would be the decks that want to run vanquish.

I think that maybe the best part of vanquish is that with Guardian of Faith it can be a 5 mana one sided boardwipe if you have just a ton of white mana.

Simerix on ContrOloro

2 months ago

The deck is more of a life gain deck than it is a control deck. You have a lot of removal, but that's all that makes it controlling.

Highest recommended card: Vile Consumption. This card is brutal in this deck if you don't have too many creatures.

Hallowed Burial is a highly underrated board wipe.

Card suggestions: Sphere of Safety, Approach of the Second Sun, Aura of Silence, Austere Command, Cleansing Nova, Damn, Darksteel Mutation, Doomskar, Epicure of Blood, Erebos's Intervention, Ghostly Prison, Infernal Grasp, Liesa, Shroud of Dusk, Narset, Parter of Veils, Propaganda, Rest in Peace, Righteous Cause, Rule of Law, Telepathy, Time Wipe, Trespasser's Curse, Utter End, Venser's Journal, Witch of the Moors

Mean/weird cards that I would probably play: AEther Barrier, Archmage Ascension, Death Match, Lightmine Field, Meishin, the Mind Cage, Overburden, Porphyry Nodes, Spreading Plague, Tainted AEther, Portcullis, Magus of the Moat, Magus of the Tabernacle, Silent Arbiter, Serene Master

*Obviously play what you want

Ammonzy on Modern Dragons

2 months ago


Cool. My first advice is finding a card or two that's a strong 1-drop. Ragavan, Nimble Pilferer I believe is the best choice for your deck as it gives card advantage + some ramp. You can also go with the hard ramp route by using Arbor Elf+Utopia Sprawl

For dragons to capitalize on, I would recommend guys like Goldspan Dragon or Terror of the Peaks or Obsidian Charmaw or Demanding Dragon. Dragonlord Kolaghan could be a fun 1-of card in the deck that serves as a game-closer. Smoldering Egg  Flip seems like a really good 2-drop in this deck. Manamorphose would compliment Smoldering Egg  Flip very well & give you card draw + mana fixing

Dragon Hatchling, Enduring Scalelord, and Orb of Dragonkind are terrible for modern & should be removed. Doomskar isnt that good for this deck and Earthquake is only good when we have lots of mana & dragons which we're probably in a winning position anyways.

I'd put Blood Moon in the mainboard as it gives you free wins against a lot of the meta. Replace Path to Exile with Prismatic Ending since you have the colors to exile a vast majority of stuff.

This deck may actually be better in & use a similar shell to the delver decks that use Murktide Regent but you obviously splash in more dragons to get your desired flavor.

sergiodelrio on Mono White Landfall

3 months ago

Thanks for the compliment :D

Actually looks pretty good right now and should be functional as in it's probably going to do what you intend it to do with reasonable consistency.

Now would be the time to playtest it against decks you're usually up against to find out if it actually does what it should and see if some of the numbers need tweaking. Should you find that 25 lands get you mana flooded more often than not, start shaving Ghost Quarters first, one at a time. But since the deck looks more late game heavy and you have 5- and 6-drops it might be just fine.

At the same time you may find yourself light on early game action and interaction. Your only proactive T1 play for example is Steppe Lynx. Sunspring expedition doesn't change the board state when it enters, Portable Hole is reactive and Path should really never be played on T1 since it ramps the opponent.

Sadly after a quick search I didn't find good budget suggestions for your first turn that fit into your strategy. So, after playtesting some yourself, if you find you're falling behind due to lack of early plays and/or can't keep the board in check until you can stabilize, you should start looking into wrath effects to make up for a slow start. (If it actually comes to that, I find Doomskar to be a good candidate - forecast it T2, ignite it T3, and creature heavy decks will be very sad - maybe putting 2-3 copies of that in the sideboard will be all you need)

Anyhow, bottom line is this deck looks solid at this point and needs playtesting before its actual power level can be revealed. Keep me updated on the progress if you like, Cheers!

Boogsbay on Orzhov Gravecrawler/ Zombie Sacrifice

3 months ago

The deck looks good but seems somewhat slow. Some suggestions IMO would be:

Some considerations:

  • Corpse Knight over Wayward Servant to include Zulaport Cutthroat for ETB triggers.

  • Unearth over Blasting Station if you already swapped out some land for Geralf's Messenger. These two, at the very least, makes the opponent lose 8 life; more with Cutthroat and Knight on the field. Reanimating other creatures is also another viable strategy to get out of a tight situation.

  • Ghoulish Procession over Jadar since it's a nonlegendary permanent that can potentially make more zombies to fuel an aristocrats strategy and trigger ETB and death triggers.

For sideboard:

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