Each player draws X cards.

LandoLRodriguez on [PRIMER] No One Ever Suspects the Hippo...

3 weeks ago

McToters Hey, thanks for all the upvotes! I'm glad you seem to enjoy my decks.

That is not a combo I had considered. I'm only running Suture Priest of the three of them though. That 10 CMC cost on Storm Herd scares me off a bit, although any game that gets Smothering Tithe going generates plenty of mana. That could interact in an interesting way with Angel's Trumpet (another card I've considered but am not running currently) if Suture Priest isn't going to kill everyone immediately. That would require a pretty strong pillow fort situation to feel safe. Probably not going to include the Herd mostly because I would think that if I have the mana to cast it and win with that combo, then there's a pretty good chance I can get there with my Hippo Storm strategy anyway. If I did want to lean even more into pillow fort and include Angel's Trumpet, I'd probably find a slot for the Herd though.

Hive Mind however has my wheels spinning a bit. Probably not for this deck, but I love thinking about the amount of chaos this could introduce to the game. I decided that my philosophy for this deck is that everyone can draw all the cards and have all the lands they could want, but I don't want to share anything else. I wouldn't want to share my tutors or counterspells, or certainly Approach of the Second Sun. I love that Hive Mind doesn't even give you the option, you have to copy it. Imagine everyone drawing their entire deck by casting a large Prosperity... Now my imagination is piqued and I'm gonna start thinking about a deck that does nothing but cause chaos.

So again, thanks for all the upvotes, and indeed now for planting the seeds for my possible next deck!


8 months ago

Necrosis24 love it! But we have to stay janky with the budget so I can throw in Hired Giant (I LOVE HIM), Hypergenesis & Gate to the AEther. Weird Harvest is definitely going in.

Peoyogon Well of Ideas & Horn of Plenty will get slots. I know that Prosperity can go off late game with all the mana available and could be a neat kill spell!

Dads are proud of both of you. ♡

Rhadamanthus on Mind's aglow and x=0?

8 months ago

Yes that's how it will work. The number of cards drawn by each player is based on the total paid by everyone, not how much they paid individually. It's essentially a Prosperity that anyone can get in on to make the effect more powerful.

Epicurus on Screw you pillow forts

9 months ago

I'm not the utmost expert on mill decks, though I've seen plenty of them on this site for easy reference.

First off, there are definite infinite combos for the theme, but I don't know them all because I prefer not to use them. However, one that I do know is Arcanis the Omnipotent + Laboratory Maniac + Mind Over Matter . That's more for a self-mill deck, and generally runs Thassa's Oracle with other infinite combos.

Other than that, here's a short list of things I can think of that are missing from your list:

Sorry for the amazingly long and complicated response, haha. Also, I didn't take the time to check how many of my suggestions were already on your list, so I apologize if I did that.


Pikobyte on Wheely Snakes

11 months ago

Pretty good list for that budget, but there’s 1 card here I can’t support. Throw out Prosperity and put in Minds Aglow , it’s 100% of the Time better. I mean opponents won’t pay any mana, so no upside there. But let’s say you want everyone to draw 10, that’s 11 mana with prosperity. It gets countered and your turn is over. With minds aglow you just pay 1, if it’s countered you only lose 1. Once the spell starts resolving you pay the additional 10 but at this point nobody can counter it anymore. I play Xyris myself and trust me it makes a difference when your turn isn’t over then. My list is just a bit faster and has more consistent turn 4 wins

SirHipHopHippo on Kami of the Crescent Moon

1 year ago


Well the decks goal isn't to mill. It wins with the cards Viseling , Iron Maiden , Ebony Owl Netsuke , and Black Vise . I want my opponents to draw as much as possible so they have a lot of cards in there hand for the damage, so I don't run Narset, Parter of Veils .

My win con is to copy Viseling with Rite of Replication and then cast something like Prosperity to fill my opponents hands and deal mucho damage.

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