You may have Mirrormade enter the battlefield as a copy of any artifact or enchantment on the battlefield.

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Mirrormade Discussion

Vessiliana on Zur the Dom

1 month ago

Thank you for the suggestions, DreadKhan! Those look quite interesting. I'm not sure which I have lying around, aside from the Rest in Peace and the Mirrormade , but several of those look like useful additions, enough to get added to my next order!

DreadKhan on Zur the Dom

1 month ago

Dance of Many is a cool card, which can duplicate the best thing out usually, which is nice. The other duplication enchantments, Copy Enchantment and Mirrormade are both useful with All That Glitters , IIRC it's about the fastest Voltron you can generate with Zur. Estrid's Invocation works nicely with Detention Sphere , allowing you to wipe a token type per turn at no cost, handy in some matchups.

Web of Inertia and Rest in Peace is a nice way to be safe from enemy attackers, and to halt anyone else trying to use their graveyard. It has no ongoing cost like Solitary Confinement , and works vs attack triggers (like an enemy Zur or Eldrazi).

I usually prefer Oubliette over Darksteel Mutation (though I run both!) because you can sac the 0/1, and it doesn't deal with auras or equipment like the Oubliette does.

NicodaPico on

2 months ago

ya so youve gotten alot of the good bant enchantments down but theres some that you missed that I think are really good. With Bant enchantments it gives you a way to modify your removal package to be a bit more synergistic. cards like Frogify , Mystic Subdual , Prison Realm , Darksteel Mutation , Kenrith's Transformation and even On Thin Ice if you run snow lands are great synergistic removal spells that can shut down commanders while also drawing you tons of cards or other effects.

Mirrormade is just another copy of your best enchantment

Idyllic Tutor , Lost Auramancers , Heliod's Pilgrim , Open the Armory are all fantastic tutors for cheap

Sterling Grove , Privileged Position to protect your whole board

you've already got your card draw all on enchantments which is great but have you thought about ramp too? You can very easily go all in on enchantments this way with land auras. Cards like Fertile Ground , Wild Growth , Overgrowth , Utopia Sprawl , Omen of the Hunt all make your lands better.

finally Canopy Cover is really cool, and i'd drop eutropia, nessian wanderer, and thirst for meaning. You have better ways to get lands and draw cards

DreadKhan on Necropotence.dec [cEDH]

3 months ago

Do you think you'll bother with Urza's Saga to potentially activate the Helm a turn earlier? Have you considered a Copy Artifact card like Mirrormade to duplicate the Helm on the 2nd turn, getting a 2nd Helm and killing the other two players that turn?

ironmindraph on Alela's Air Force Squadron (flying matters)

4 months ago

Hi TheRheX

  • Court Of Grace: It works well actually. It's never a dead card and I normally have a flying blocker ready to do the job if needed. At worst, the 1/1 spirit will most likely ends up being a 3-2 or 4-3 due to the high amount of power/toughness enhancer in the deck.

  • Umezawa's Jitte is always a dangerous threat. I tend to play this deck a lot when it comes to 1vs1 performance and in this perticular case, Umezawa's is a star.

  • Spellskite: Useful tool I would't trade it for anything.

  • Rankle, on the other end, is on the watchlist. I would prefer another useful goodstuff enchantement or artifact instead. He is at his bests in multiplayer games tho. Maybe I should give a try to Estrid's evocation? Maybe. I didn't liked Mirrormade very much but this seems more powerful a bit.

And finally, I have played Inkshield 3 times now on spelltable but it ended up being a dead card un 1 game and it didn't showed up in the other twos. It's too early to pronounce myself on that one.

Thanks for the constructive comment there and have a good one. Will definitely check Estrid's Invocation out.

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