You may have Mirrormade enter the battlefield as a copy of any artifact or enchantment on the battlefield.

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Mirrormade Discussion

DreadKhan on Zurtron

1 month ago

I see you have Chains in here (and of course Necropotence), but are not running Teferi's Puzzle Box, which plays very well together. If you have all 3 out, everyone else loses their hand, you ignore the Box and can use Necropotence to win at will. It's nice because as long as you have the Puzzle Box in hand, you can Zur out everything else. This is actually a pretty old-school combo, but not a fun one to play against, so be warned. I use Spirit of the Labyrinth to save a bunch, but Chains is pretty amazing.

Do you find you have enough interaction that deals with Opposition Agent? I am still trying to fit in even more, even running some pretty weird options like Reality Shift and Vanishing Verse just to 'always have an answer' to Agent (and Magistrate if we're honest). If they come out, I tend to lose in a very ugly manner, I gather you haven't run into too much trouble from it?

I second Lanzo493 on All That Glitters, and wonder if have you thought about running Mirrormade and Estrid's Invocation to copy it? Even if you don't have a big board yet, 2 or 3 copies of All That Glitters can end players in 1 hit. . AFAIK, All That Glitters Zur is among the fastest of traditional Voltron builds, and I enjoy having it to always have something dangerous to fetch out in my own Zur build.

Gidgetimer on Mirrormade and Liquidmetal Coating Interaction

2 months ago

Yes, you can copy any permanent that is an artifact or enchantment as Mirrormade enters the battlefield. If you copy a Planeswalker this way it will enter with loyalty counters equal to its starting loyalty.

Interestingly, even though applying a type changing effect (like Liquimetal Coating) allows you to copy something that isn't normally an artifact, the copy will not ever be an artifact.

PurePwnage on Mirrormade and Liquidmetal Coating Interaction

2 months ago


I have question pertaining to the interaction between Mirrormade and Liquimetal Coating / Liquimetal Torque.

Let's says there's a Liquimetal Coating / Liquimetal Torque under my control and my opponent has a Chandra, Torch of Defiance (arbitrary permanent) on the battlefield. I tap my coating/torque targeting the opponents plainswalker until end of turn, during my main phase I cast Mirrormade naming my opponents Chandra. Is this legal and would I get a copied Chandra (Mirrormade) with reset/default loyalty counters under my control?

I assume temporarily modifying any legal permanent's type/subtype and then declaring it with Mirrormade is legal, but I am not sure. Thanks again!

Sammycy1 on Equip/Aura Galea

3 months ago

Hey nice deck! The way i see it you can focus more one one direction of this deck and use the other for support: either auras or equipment. Aura Focus: Add: Archon of Sun's Grace Ashiok's Erasure Boon Satyr Copy Enchantment Curiosity Darksteel Mutation Dissipation Field Hydra's Growth Gift of Paradise Hypnotic Siren Ichthyomorphosis Idyllic Tutor Kenrith's Transformation Plea for Guidance Psychic Impetus Unflinching Courage

Remove: Masterwork of Ingenuity Puresteel Paladin Explorer's Scope Indomitable Archangel Catti-brie of Mithral Hall Resolute Archangel Valiant Endeavor Serum Visions Brainstorm Angelic Gift Unsettled Mariner Cold-Eyed Selkie Military Intelligence

Equipment Focus: Add: Balan, Wandering Knight Behemoth Sledge Belt of Giant Strength Golem-Skin Gauntlets Kemba, Kha Regent Mask of Memory Mirrormade Paradise Mantle Prying Blade Quest for the Holy Relic Whispersilk Cloak

Remove: Resolute Archangel Ajani's Chosen Valiant Endeavor Gryff's Boon Angelic Gift Unsettled Mariner Military Intelligence Cold-Eyed Selkie Serum Visions Brainstorm Explorer's Scope Indomitable Archangel

And if you dont want to focus on one this would be a more Varied apporach incorporating a little from both Both Focus: Add: Fleecemane Lion Geist of Saint Traft Kiora's Follower Mirrormade Spirit Mantle Staggering Insight Utopia Sprawl Curiosity Beast Within Archon of Sun's Grace Curiosity Darksteel Mutation Dissipation Field Idyllic Tutor Unflinching Courage Behemoth Sledge Kemba, Kha Regent Mirrormade Quest for the Holy Relic Whispersilk Cloak Kenrith's Transformation

Remove: Resolute Archangel Ajani's Chosen Valiant Endeavor Gryff's Boon Angelic Gift Unsettled Mariner Military Intelligence Cold-Eyed Selkie Serum Visions Brainstorm Explorer's Scope Indomitable Archangel Abundant Growth Goldvein Pick Cream of the Crop Three Dreams

Coco910 on Lynde's Cursed Evening

3 months ago

Deck is looking pretty good, suggest Mirrormade for the twice cursed category as another copy enchantment.

freezerboy on Lynde Curses and Politics

3 months ago

Could get more value with another clone: Mirrormade. Not sure if you want to go the mill route, but Sage of Mysteries could be useful. Crystal Chimes or Skull of Orm gives you a bit of recursion.

lagotripha on All the Powerstone Shards

3 months ago

This was a deck in standard where you got 7 mana powerstones for Cogwork Assembler right?

There are some interesting alternatives in modern - untap effects, Saheeli Rai and Saheeli, Sublime Artificer. Clock of Omens shenanigans, Voltaic Construct or Aura of Dominion shenanigans with Singing Bell Strike as a combined removal/combo piece, trying to stick a Dramatic Reversal on a turn with temporary clones. Voltaic Key/Manifold Key can do a lot too.

In terms of powerstone alternatives, Gilded Lotus and Nyx Lotus is popular, while Liquimetal Torque opens up creature combos. Chromatic Orrery is pretty much built for this kind of combo.

Cloning effects - Mirage Mirror, Mirrormade, Mizzium Transreliquat, Prototype Portal are notable.

There is a lot to work with in terms of artifact support, even for cloning, so best of luck.

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