Stoic Rebuttal


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Modern Masters 2015 Edition Common
Scars of Mirrodin Common

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Stoic Rebuttal


Metalcraft Stoic Rebuttal costs 1 less to cast if you control three or more artifacts.

Counter target spell.

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Stoic Rebuttal Discussion

SteelSentry on Where's the Razer in all this chocolate?

6 days ago

I would cut Nullify or Stoic Rebuttal for Counterspell, since they are strictly worse. Master of the Feast is another great creature for Nekusar, a 5/5 flying body for 3 can be a great deterrent. I would also run a few more basics, especially since you only have 2 swamps and almost a third of your deck is black

RitchieRich757 on UBTron

1 week ago

I considered Remand but Stoic Rebuttal is way better here with Fatal Push being better than Dismember because its cheaper and will hit most creatures in the format. I might sideboard dismember though so thanks for the upvote and the suggestions!

Entrei on City of Steel

3 weeks ago

Hmm... a few things:

You are running both Hardened Scales and Walking Ballista, so you might as well add Rite of Passage to combo off.Metallic Rebuke is nice and all... But Stoic Rebuttal is generally a better counter in artifact heavy decks. Animation Module is a great card if used in the right deck... But without an infinite mana combo is kind of lackluster.

Your sideboard could use some work, as you have nothing against titanshift, only one card against dredge, nothing against affinity aside from Pithing Needle, and most importantly in this meta, no consistent and effective ways of dealing with infect. May I recommend Tormod's Crypt, Hurkyl's Recall something along the line of Shadow of Doubt and Melira, Sylvok Outcast?

On a side note, you did beat me to creating the idea, I found yours under the 'similar decks' tab

ArchFline on City of Steel

1 month ago

Have you considered a 1-2 inclusion of Stoic Rebuttal over a straight 4 inclusion of Metallic Rebuke? I feel that your deck runs slow enough that such an inclusion would hold value into your mid game.

_Kane_ on Talrand, the Blue Meanie

1 month ago

Hey! The ultimate permission deck..... sigh, here we go!

Just a few suggestions:

Baral, Chief of Compliance for Diluvian Primordial

Rewind for Unsummon

Dissolve for Opt

Swan Song for Nullify

Reality Shift for Think Twice Great single target remove similar to red's Chaos Warp

Thought Vessel for Island

Rise from the Tides for Switcheroo Adding a win condition and trading out a janking card. Think about how Switcheroo would actually playout.

Void Shatter for Disperse

Jace, Unraveler of Secrets for Void Snare

Polymorphist's Jest for Temporal Trespass

Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx for Island

Memory Lapse for Unsubstantiate

Consecrated Sphinx for Tidespout Tyrant

Mystic Remora for Windreader Sphinx

Stroke of Genius for Scourge of Fleets

Elixir of Immortality for Select for Inspection

Gravitational Shift for Disdainful Stroke Win con for a conditional counter spell.

Twincast for Disappearing Act

High Tide for Syncopate

Trail of Evidence for Stoic Rebuttal

Halimar Depths for Island

Muddle the Mixture for Polymorphous Rush

Impulse for Anticipate

Ponder for AEtherize you will have plenty of blockers.

Merchant Scroll for Temporal Mastery I think a tutor will benefit you more than any extra turn could.

foxboy93 on Breya Commander 2016 Budget Upgrade

3 months ago

Budget to me is like, under 5$, so if something is over that point my bad

Panharmonicon, since you have alot of ETB effects from both artifacts and creatures.

Pain Lands I would also consider, helping to really get the deck's tempo up to speed, as well as more mana accelerants, like Burnished Hart. Having lands that enter untapped means that you will have faster playing.

Leonin Abunas is also another Padeem, Consul of Innovation, just without the draw effect stapled to him.

Grafted Exoskeleton could be a way to kill people as well, using Breya, Etherium Shaper to bolt people till they die of infect damage

pila-pala and Grand Architect is a good budget way to make infinite mana. Nim Deathmantle should also find a spot, providing another inexpensive way to combo with Ashnod's Altar and Breya.

Since creatures is the main focus, another fun card to consider is Reparations. I personally havent played it, but when your creatures or yourself are being targeted, you get to draw a card. Maybe you end up getting a Cyclonic Rift you can cast too, who knows.

Something else I noticed is not a very big removal package, even a few cards, like Counterspell or Stoic Rebuttal are great counters! Since its an artifact deck, you can also include cards with Affinity for Artifacts, or Metalcraft, such as Dispatch, Broodstar, Thoughtcast ect.

There could also be budget tutor cards, like Diabolic Tutor, and cheap card draw like Phyrexian Arena, Thirst for Knowledge and what have you.

Another focus you could go is more of the ETB effects, so Flicker effects might also be really cool. Otherworldly Journey, Mistmeadow Witch, Turn to Mist, Conjurer's Closet, Ghostly Flicker, Brago, King Eternal ect can give you additional ETB triggers and even more things, not to mention a small way to protect your cards.

Another thing to note is there isn't alot of recusion. So if you are in a board wipe heavy meta, that means it'll be hard to keep cards on the table. Cheap recursion cards like Beacon of Unrest, Victimize, and what have you.

Other "buff" effects, like Tempered Steel and Intangible Virtue(since the deck is mostly about the thopters) can help to really get those small flying dudes a hell of alot bigger, really quick.

Some cheap "beat sticks", something to include to help you close out a game could be Darksteel Juggernaut, Sphinx of the Steel Wind, Sphinx Sovereign, Thopter Assembly, Steel Hellkite all provide a nice big guy to start hammering down on the opponent. There have been too many times where I will see a token strategy get shut down, and they don't have anything to help them to begin rebuilding.

franjimen421 on Myr Token

3 months ago

Oh, and cut the Stoic Rebuttal for Counterspell. You ought to have metalcraft almost every time, but if you've been mass-removaled so it's usless to pay (1) more.

Also, I personally don't like your veldlaken, but let them stay if you want. (As I said, I'd build pure myr).

multimedia on Goddess of Etherium (Budget)

3 months ago

Changes made yesterday all have to do with using a less expensive version of Demonic Tutor. The Revised version is actually the one I have and it's nearly $10 less than other versions of the card. All I needed to do was add the [3ED] in the card editor after it. It turns out that a lot of cards are also like this; using other versions are $1-2+ less.

I added back in the blue producing Signets: Azorius Signet using the Dissension[DIS] version and Dimir Signet using the Ravnica[RAV] version. I cut the Talismans for them. I added Ethersworn Canonist, thanks Flagellum for the suggestion. This was between Canonist or Phyrexian Metamorph and I chose Canonist because she has the ability to actually shut down or at least stall some decks, helping me to assemble a combo with Breya.

Magister Sphinx replaces Sphinx of the Steel Wind, thanks Omut for the suggestion. Counterspell replaces Stoic Rebuttal.

Two Island were cut for Underground River and Careful Study. Study gives me more blue draw as well as more ways to put artifacts into the graveyard.

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