Lupine Prototype


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Standard Legal
Frontier Legal

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Set Rarity
Eldritch Moon Rare

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Lupine Prototype

Artifact Creature — Wolf Construct

Lupine Prototype can't attack or block unless a player has no cards in hand.

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Lupine Prototype Discussion

capnpwnzr on Dimir Prototype Production

1 week ago

No worries! I'd much rather these things were pointed out while in the concept phase, rather than when I'm at an FNM or some such. I'm going to look into shifting this to a discard control with Lupine Prototype + Mechanized Production as a win-con.

Happymaster19 on U/B Inspired Vehicles

1 week ago

I also don't know how much I like Consulate Dreadnought here. Without something like Lupine Prototype or some form of cheap animation like Peacewalker Colossus, it just doesn't add much. None of your creatures can crew it on their own and why tap two to three guys to turn one vehicle on when they can all crew their own vehicles? You want cheap crew costs so you can turn all your little creatures into big creatures rather than turning multiple creatures into one creature. Maybe Cultivator's Caravan.

Sgt.Pickles on DeDe will have his day v1.7

2 weeks ago


Lupine Prototype

This guy is like myr superion but slightly worse. He is made better if you add another avaricious dragon for discard, and maybe Delirium Skeins

Heretical_Majestic on Refined Madness in Standard

3 weeks ago

Have you considered Lupine Prototype? I know it's not a vampire, but if you're looking to play with an empty hand it's cheap power that a Aggro vampire deck could benefit from. Other notable maybes could be Alchemist's Greeting, Avacyn's Judgment, and Furyblade Vampire (especially on turn 3 to trigger Stensia Masquerade for a 4/2 first strike with a possible +1 counter.)

Sheldonesbe_23 on Mono White Boats & Tools (Ghost Ship)

1 month ago

Lupine Prototype attacks and catches people off guard, if I can flash in a equipment and(or) Built to Last (last cards in hand). It's a fun deck and I would recommend playing it before it becomes "a thing". Thanks for the comment!

Shwang on Mono White Boats & Tools (Ghost Ship)

1 month ago

Can you get rid of your hand fast enough for Lupine Prototype, or is he mainly there to crew the boat?

Maaagic on Hand... What Hand?

1 month ago

I recommend Lupine Prototype as an alternate win condition, or just as a blocker (if you have room). I also think that Duress might do well in a deck like this as well (but maybe only 2 main and 2 in the board).

Decks like this are hilarious, as it's complete torture for your opponent! Be ruthless! Destroy every hope they have that they will have a card in their hand! :D

Argeaux on Craig Wescoe's Dogs in Boats

1 month ago

I would think that Consulate Dreadnought is the heart of this deck and I can't see that you won't Crew it on Turn 3, most of the time.

A 7/11. On Turn 3.

Unfortunately this is where one of the weaknesses of this deck sets in as you can one shot it with Fatal Push, which most people are playing.

There is a bit of a backup plan with Lupine Prototype and a lot of smaller Creatures hitting the field. Which you can make Unblockable or give Flying to.

There are a lot of options for protecting your stuff.

Unfortunately the deck doesn't have any real ways to disrupt its Opponent's plans, so it might not work if they are trying to out aggro it.

Counter spells and board wipes are going to severely nerf it, as well.

I would think that Control would be its worst matchup. That gets played quite a bit in my local meta, but I would hazard to guess that doesn't hold true across the board.

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