Dragon Egg


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Standard Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Brawl Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Core Set 2019 (M19) Uncommon
Iconic Masters (IMA) Common
Eternal Masters (EMA) Common
Magic 2014 (M14) Uncommon

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Dragon Egg

Creature — Dragon

Defender (This creature can't attack.)

When Dragon Egg is put into the graveyard from the battlefield, create a 2/2 red Dragon creature token with flying. It has " This creature gets +1/+0 until end of turn."

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Dragon Egg Discussion

MJS154 on R\G Dragons!

11 hours ago

First of all, thank you for your imput. I was thinking of adding a few Dragon Egg for defense. I am replacing all 3 Shivans with 1x Destructor Dragon and 2x Lathliss, Dragon Queen. Any specific cards you think I should add or remove? Thanks again for your input,

Yogei on Flight of Dragons

2 days ago

Thanks for the feedback clayperce!

  • I've actually looked into adding one of the Sarkhan planeswalkers to the deck since he's a bit of a dragon manic. But I'm currently looking at Sarkhan, Dragonsoul from the M19 planeswalker decks. It feels better to buy a complete deck with a planeswalker in it than buying a single card for the same price.
  • Taurean Mauler looks amazing and I'm definitely going to replace Dragon Egg with it. Since Taurean Mauler is every creature type should it still trigger Dragon Tempest and benefit from Dragonlord's Servant right?
  • I've looked over these lands in the past but I've refrained from adding them to the deck due to their price tag. I actually have a private "deck/card list" here on Tappedout that contains cards I've looked at in the past and liked, but not added to a deck for one reason or another and the lands you suggested are saved in that list. Although Game Trail wasn't that expensive so I'll consider adding a few of those. Temple of Abandon would probably be better than Timber Gorge if nothing else.
  • I've been meaning to add some kind of legendary dragon to the deck but like you say I'm not sure either what I would take out. Although I think I would prefer Lathliss, Dragon Queen over Verix Bladewing as it would combo nicely with my favourite, Archwing Dragon.

Thanks again for the feedback and suggestions!

The7thBobba on Cool Casual Dragons

2 weeks ago

love the deck! And love the username!I'm Gen2'er, so that's some nostalgia right there.

back to the deck, it looks so cool! You might enjoy the defensive/offensive potential of Dragon Egg. + it'd lower your mana-curve a great deal :D

I know the deck isn't for a format, but unless you play with some very forgiving people, you're quite plausibly gonna get some ill will for the playset of Sol Rings :P just thinking out loud here ;) Rakdos Signet or Fire Diamond might make for passable substitutes :)

Herald's Horn might be to your liking :)

a source of lifegain, like Loxodon Warhammer or Whip of Erebos might be nice :D

and possibly, if you can squeeze it in there, some removal for creatures/artifacts would be swell - good luck, though - I've been playing for over 8 years, and I still opt for more goodstuff and less removal when I build decks xp

stay frosty!

SoulsSlayerKnight on Sarkhan and Bolas's Grixis Dragons (M19)

2 weeks ago

Zarathoustra (I tend to write a bit) Yeah your right about that, dragons are pretty pricey in mana from m19, agreed. Welcome by the way since you mention your new, but yeah with them being pricey in mana its a good idea to have some good defense near the start. I can playtest dragon egg in the deck certainly to find out if it helps for later. Due to it being a body and turns into a 2/2 flyer when defeated. Helps give me another turn to survive without damage, on top of that I have instants to protect further if so needed turn 4. Being a 3 cost is the only concern, usually since at that point you can get Dragon's Hoard (which I may need 4 of possibly) or a Sarkhan, Fireblood and end up playing a 6 mana dragon by turn 4 which is huge in advantage. However I am left open unless pyromancer is there to guard. My thoughts are to add in another earlier creature just to be on the safe side, something to test out like you mention with Dragon Egg or even another 2 cost creature. Glorybringer was a card I never got to play at the time but it looked like a great card for its worth.

Nice to meet new players as well, hope you enjoy the game :). Feel free to mention anything

Zarathoustra on Sarkhan and Bolas's Grixis Dragons (M19)

2 weeks ago

Well I'm new to the game and don't know most of the cards, but I was thinking about some defense like Dragon Egg, most of the m19 dragons look expensive in mana.

Glorybringer will soon rotate, unfortunatly...

multimedia on Dragon Rulers of Sarkhan

3 weeks ago

You don't need to apologize for writing a ton :) Look at some of my comments for reference, I write mini novels.

We really need a Sweltering Suns replacement in Guilds of Ravnica, Suns is rotating. A spell like this can give Dragons a big advantage in aggro matchups. Pretty sure we'll get some kind of damage too all creatures red spell in the set. We better get something because all current red board wipes are rotating. Goblin Chainwhirler is currently until we get a board wipe is one of my sideboard cards for aggro matchups.

Chainwhirler is a big reason that nonred aggro is not really viable in Standard, he's the anti aggro card. The problem with Chainwhirler in a Dragon deck is we already have our three drops (Sarkhan, Hoard, Spit). However, Sarkhan and Hoard are not as good in aggro matchups because they can't interact with opponent turn three. Against aggro the three drops you play are better if they interact with your opponent.

Turn four is the crucial turn for aggro, your opponent is trying to win this turn therefore what you play turn three needs to slow down your opponent's aggression. You slow aggro down turn three by playing a creature, board wipe or creature removal. Chainwhirler is both of these. Chainwhirler is a viable card with primary red Dragon decks like this one. To play turn three you'll want 20-23 sources of red in the manabase which this deck has. Unclaimed Territory is the not the best land with Chainwhirler, but you can still name Goblin if you need too.

Because of Dragon's Hoard a one drop removal spell is very good to have for aggro matchups. If you can turn three play Hoard and then use it on your turn or opponents to make one mana to cast Shock, this is doing what you want turn three. Because of this Shock is my other sideboard card for aggro matchups. Shock also potentially lets you cast two removal spells turn three, Shock and Lightning Strike. Being able to do this to kill two of your opponent's creatures turn three is huge, getting aggro off your back. In aggro matchups I've been taking out Sarkhan for the very reason that Hoard can make mana to cast a removal spell and Sarkhan can't. I've also been taking out all six and seven drop Dragons, too high of mana costs to risky to potentially draw them against aggro.

Another three drop to consider is for aggro matchups is Dragon Egg. I haven't playtested with it yet because I feel Spit Flame is a better three drop against aggro and it's already in the main deck. I'm a big fan of The Eldest Reborn for post rotation especially against mono green because it can potentially make my opponent have to sacrifice Vine Mare or Vivien Reid.

The current decks I'm building for post rotation, the main decks are designed to be able to beat mono green midrange. I feel this deck is going to be the go to deck at the beginning of new Guilds of Ravnica Standard. Spit Flame is a good removal spell against mono green because it can kill Steel Leaf Champion. If aggro however becomes a bigger problem than mono green then I can see removing Spit from the main deck in favor of Shock and instead sideboard Spit.

TypicalTimmy on How many dragons should I ...

4 weeks ago

So, Dragons cost a lot. They are very expensive. They also see a ton of removal if able. Because of this, in my experience, you want enough Dragons to sustain the brutal attacks that will be made against you. However, you also need a means to get them out onto the field.

You want to look for Dragons that act like Sorcery cards. That is to say, a Dragon that benefits you other then just being a 4/4 flyer.

Cards like Glorybringer and the new Demanding Dragon are beautiful examples. They force extra hurt for their cost. This means your resources aren't diminished for nothing. Even if your opponent kills the Dragon, you at least got something out of it for your effort.

Along with these, Scourge of Valkas is an amazing and brutal beast, especially when paired with Dragon Tempest. You need to pay attention to the wording because I've seen people miss this, myself included. EACH of your Dragons will be dealing X damage, where X is the TOTAL number of Dragons your control.

I've seen players think that since one Dragon entered, and they had three already out, then 4 total damage is being dealt. This is because ONE Dragon entered, and it deals damage equal to the number of Dragons you control. This is correct. But if you have two Dragons enter together, BOTH of those are going to be dealing X damage.

The Dragon that entered is the one dealing the damage, not Scourge and not Dragon Tempest. Be careful of that. It could win you a game without you realizing it.

Aside from those massive cannons, a really good Dragon is Utvara Hellkite, but it's a bit of a trap card. Only run 1 in a deck because it costs 8 to play and you won't benefit unless you have enough Dragons to make it worth while. Combo'd with Scourge / Tempest and you run a serious powerhouse.

As for protection, Destructor Dragon is great. As a 4/4 Flyer, in my experience, if an opponent does not have removal it acts as a deterrent similarly to Phyrexian Obliterator. That is to say, if they attack and they kill it, you punish them. Note that it does say noncreature, which a lot of people look at and think it sucks. But the real hidden power here is that by saying nonCREATURE, LANDS can be targeted instead.

Ryusei, the Falling Star also acts as a powerful deterrent. If they kill it, they can potentially wipe themselves out.

Another beautiful Dragon that'll piss off anyone is Dragon Broodmother. I'll get more into her in a moment.

Honorable mentions are also Flameblast Dragon and Steel Hellkite.

But all of this means nothing if you can't get any of them into play. That's where the beauty of the Gruul Dragon decks comes in.

Gruul Dragons wants to, ultimately, do three things. Ramp, burn, and swing. But you only have so many cards to do it with? So how do you balance these?

Here's how: Dragons that act like Sorceries.

You're going to want a playset of the following:

Birds will give you access to either color immediately. GS will give you and if spent on a creature, that creature gains Haste. and DLS reduces costs by .

Now, here's the REALLY fun part! Generator Servant's mana can be spent on TWO different creatures! You can do and , and BOTH of them gain Haste! :D

If you have a GS out on the field and two in your hand with in mana you can use, you could literally sac GS, gain , tap , and pay out as and and sac those two immediately for .

Let me explain to you just how insanely fast this design can ramp. I do it all the time. Gruul Dragons is my favorite deck of all.

  • T1: Forest, Birds
  • T2: Mountain, GS
  • T3: Land, tap all 3 lands, tap Birds, sac GS, play Savage Ventmaw, swing for 4, add , play Xenagos, the Reveler for , +1, add for Birds & Ventmaw, float the additional left over from Ventmaw's cost, cast something else like, say oh I don't know, Dragon Egg, target with Infernal Plunge, kill Egg, get a 2/2 Token, add , play something else.

Gruul Dragon's is an insanely complex combo ramp & burn deck that catches everyone off guard. But you need to balance what cards do with how they interact.

Glorybringer and Demanding Dragon are cards you'll only want 2x of each, with 1x of each in your sideboard so you can flex as needed. This'll protect you against things like Meddling Mage and, God forbid, Surgical Extraction.

Then you'll want one of your two punishments. Ryusei, the Falling Star for weenie decks, Destructor Dragon + Blood Moon for more of a control-ly aspect. Sideboard whatever you're not playing.

Stay away from Dragonlord Atarka. 7 CMC for 5 damage is a terrible payout. Stick to Atarka, World Render as she gives all Dragons you control Double Strike. That's a hell of a lot more than 5 damage.

Hellkite Charger nets you additional combat phases, which is sweet. A single Birds of Paradise + Savage Ventmaw = extra combat phase. There's other combos for INFINITE COMBAT PHASES, such as 2x Savage Ventmaws or even a Savage Ventmaw + Grand Warlord Radha. Don't use Radha, Heir to Keld as she must attack to get the mana and if she is blocked and killed, your combo ends.

Bleh. This is a lot. Wow.

SO MOVING ON... Dragon Broodmother, she combos with Xenagos, the Reveler and Utvara Hellkite. I'll let you figure out why ;)

So all of this mana and what can you spend it on??

Flameblast Dragon's ability, Steel Hellkite's ability, or even go big with Ugin, the Spirit Dragon and use HIS -X ability!

Let your Dragon's carry you. Don't add things in like Lightning Bolt or Fog or anything like that. You don't need Atarka's Command, Savage Twister, Rolling Thunder, Gruul Charm.

You're up in the air. Just go over everything and hit for tons of damage, then replenish your resources with the mana you've acquired each turn.

You'll want to play hyper aggressively. Swing, even if you don't want to. Force your opponent to block. Clear their board because you'll always be able to rebuild yours. Explore, Explosive Vegetation, and Khalni Heart Expedition and what your filler cards will be. Things of those natures.

Lastly, a beautiful card for this type of deck is Shaman of the Great Hunt and Elemental Bond. That's your draw engine for this type of deck.

There's other tricks like how to get insane amounts of life, as well. But I think this is enough to set you off on the right path :)

Good luck! Seriously, Gruul Dragons is my #1 favorite deck of all time. <3

multimedia on Dragon Rulers of Sarkhan

4 weeks ago

Hey, looks really good. I really like the deck name :) Good job coming up with a clear Dragon strategy and the numbers on the cards you choose are well thought out.

I agree with you, glad you came to the conclusion that Primevals' Glorious Rebirth is not worth building around. The Eldest Reborn is however a great addition with all the self discard happening here. Like Rebirth it too can reanimate something, but also has other uses, disrupts your opponent. The biggest problem with Rebirth is the restriction of needing a legendary creature or Planeswalker to cast it, Reborn doesn't have this restriction.

I'm on the fence about main deck 3x Dragon Egg. It has good interaction with Dragon's Hoard, but that's it. There's a lot of three drops here and I feel that Egg is the least good of the them. Spit is good with all the self discard as well as being a recurrable removal spell. Egg to me seems like a fine sideboard card, but not main deck. For the time being I suggest playtesting without Egg. In it's place consider Lightning Strike? Currently you don't have a two drop removal spell. Post rotation Strike will be a good one for red. Pyromancer and Voice are good two drops for the strategy here, but they aren't the best when against aggro. I think you can trim one of them down to a 3 of to add a fourth Strike.

Here's an example:

  • 4x Strike
  • 3-4x Voice
  • 3-4x Pyromancer

  • 4x Hoard
  • 4x Spit

You can go either way with Pyromancer or Voice. Pyromancer is the slowest of the self discard, have to wait a whole turn before you can use him to loot once. But he's a body as well as a removal spell later in the game, gives you more options than Voice. Voice however draws you two cards for one loot right away.

If you're choosing to not play Gift of Paradise then I suggest playing more black than green. Black is needed for The Eldest Reborn, can't use Territory to make black mana to cast it. You can however use Territory to make green mana for the Dragons, green is currenly only here for Dragons. Black also gives you some removal options, Cast Down and best of all great sideboard options. Green is still needed here because a lot of the Dragons are green, but black is also needed and I suggest playing more black than green. For the time being you'll want a Swamp in the manabase to help to cast Reborn if you don't have a Hoard in play.

For the manabase later on consider this:

4x Demanding is great, but my last suggestion is cut 1x Palladia-Mors, the Ruiner for a third Verix. Palladia is good, but he's yet another six drop Dragon and will be the hardest Dragon to cast. For these reasons I would play him as a 1 of. Verix is the only mono red four drop Dragon and due to the all the other Dragons being a higher CMC more Verix is better for the mana curve.

Dragons are good now as a budget deck because nice upgrades can be made as you get more cards or funds especially lands. Nicol Bolas, the Ravager  Flip is the biggest Dragon upgrade, but also more Sarkhan, Fireblood and 1x Chromium, the Mutable much later on for the sideboard for control matchups. All these cards can really strengthen a Dragon strategy. My advice however is to focus on improving the manabase before making any other real expensive purchases.

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