Visions of Beyond

Visions of Beyond


Draw a card. If a graveyard has twenty or more cards in it, draw three cards instead.

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Visions of Beyond Discussion

zapyourtumor on Esper Mill Control

3 days ago

Why the maindeck leyline? If your meta isn't 80% burn and belcher I'd cut it.

Similarly, you're trying to do too much with the vampire stuff. It just doesn't fit, so I'd cut both vampires, and the Elixir which doesn't really do anything here and also is a nonbo with Snapcaster Mage.

Another major problem is 16 lands. Even burn runs more than 16, thats just insane. You will be manascrewed every game. I assume budget isn't a problem if you're running Snappy, so I'd go look at some esper mill manabases online and draw inspiration from those. Notably, you should be running a lot more fetches and shocks and no Arcane Sanctum, Sejiri Refuge, Orzhov Guildgate etc.

The 8 crabs Hedron Crab + Ruin Crab are some of the best mill cards in the game, since they only cost 1 mana, can block creatures, and usually mill 12 or more cards each with fetchlands. Add in 1 Oboro, Palace in the Clouds and you'll be triggering landfall every turn ez.

Drown in the Loch should be 4 of maindeck, no questions asked. Basically counterspell but it can also remove creatures.

Prismatic Ending is one of the main reasons to splash white in mill, I'd run 4 over Path to Exile which isn't as good right now.

Mill typically doesn't run targeted discard, which you may think is odd because its "controlly" but it really wants to mill the opponent out as fast as possible while removing and countering potential threats. I'd cut the Thoughtseizes and Serum Visions. To replace Visions I suggest 4x Visions of Beyond, which is basically Ancestral Recall (the best card in magic).

The last mill spell I suggest is Tasha's Hideous Laughter which mills around 25 cards versus hammer and other low cmc decks.

Crypt Incursion is a good one of against aggressive decks. I've lost to this card multiple times.

abbatromebone on Help with my landfall deck

1 month ago

1) fetchlands dont have to grab basics they can grab shock lands like Breeding Pool 2) you have a way to get artifacts from the graveyard to the battlefield so I would recommend crucible of worlds. 3) have you considered Ghost Quarter + Archive Trap as part of your deck? Its pretty good. or Field of Ruin 4) generally good cards in this deck to think about Visions of Beyond Fractured Sanity Tasha's Hideous Laughter Into the Story Oboro, Palace in the Clouds Shelldock Isle

wallisface on Mill help!

1 month ago

zapyourtumor yeah all the current mill decks are running Tasha's Hideous Laughter, and it’s defo an anomaly that i’m going with Maddening Cacophony. I’m by no means thinking my approach is better, though my reasoning for my choice is thus:

  • I personally value the ability to run Ensnaring Bridge over Lurrus, and Bridge requires i can ditch my hand quickly, so being able to play Caco turn 2 feels relevant.

  • Caco increases the power of Crypt Incursion, Visions of Beyond, Surgical Extraction etc (because Caco puts the cards into the grave, whereas Tasha exiles them which isn’t always helpful).

  • Generally speaking, most of the games i’ve lost, milling an extra ~8 cards from having played Tashas instead of Caco, wouldn’t have mattered (this obv isn’t always the case, but it feels rare).

zapyourtumor on Dimir Control/Mill

1 month ago

Your counterspells and removal aren't that good. I'd replace didn't say please and Psychic Strike with 4x Counterspell, and 4x Drown in the Loch which serves as both counters and removal. Having some mill for 3 mana is not worth it.

To supplement drown for removal I'd add Fatal Push. Even without overpriced fetchlands its a very strong card.

Ruin Crab is cheap, definitely an auto 4 of. I'd take out Wall of Lost Thoughts for it.

Against aggro or midrange decks, 1 or 2 Crypt Incursion is really good. I've lost to this card so many times.

Visions of Beyond is a bit expensive, but if you're willing to shell out 30 bucks for a playset the card is really strong.

Fractured Sanity very strong mill card, pretty cheap, recommend 4x. Tasha's Hideous Laughter also very strong but a little expensive.

Basically, if you want to keep the deck as budget as possible I'd focus on getting 4x Fractured Sanity, 4x Ruin Crab, 4x Counterspell, 4x Drown in the Loch, 3-4x Fatal Push, 1x Crypt Incursion; these should add up to 20-30 bucks total but are big upgrades to the deck. Then you can get the rest if you're willing to spend more.

zapyourtumor on Dimir Control Mill

3 months ago

4x Drown in the Loch looks like a must here, if you cut the Dauthi.

I don't understand the 1x Into the Story with only 2x Visions of Beyond when the latter is just so much better. I'd cut it and replace it with a third Visions (honestly a fourth Visions is probably worth it, Ancestral Recall is broken even if its conditional.

The Dauthis are a total nonbo with a lot of your cards. Honestly, I don't think its worth keeping them since they prevent you from running Drown, shut down Crypt Incursion, Extirpate/Surgical, Into the Story, Visions of Beyond, etc. It feels more like a sideboard card for grave hate.

Tasha's Hideous Laughter is the main reason mill is even remotely viable nowadays. Not running a single copy seems very dubious.

Oboro, Palace in the Clouds is a nice one of land to help you reliably trigger the crabs.

Field of Ruin is nice to force opponents to search, and with tron making a comeback 3 copies might be worth it over the more common 2 copies. But with all the restrictive manacosts like Counterspell, Archmage's Charm, Fractured Sanity etc. running a playset feels like too much.

Caerwyn on Modern Dimir Mill & Dauthi …

4 months ago

I agree with Grubbernaut’s post on Haunting Echoes - it is a “win more” card that is a dead draw early and leaves you open to being countered later. By the time you generate five mana, you don’t want to be looking at “can I remove all their deck’s remaining threats?” - you want to be looking at “how do I get rid of those last couple cards?”

I will also note that, by the time you are at five mana, they will almost certainly have 20+ cards in their graveyard. That’s when you want to be dropping a Visions of Beyond, drawing three, then blasting them with a burn spell or two. Tapping down one of your five lands for a Visions, then drawing into a Haunting Echoes and not being able to play it is also going to be a dead draw.

StoryArcher on Modern Dimir Mill & Dauthi …

4 months ago

Morning, all :)

I've been playing around with Dimir mill in the Modern format, buoyed in part by the excellent Drown in the Loch. At the moment I'm looking at two approaches; the first is a sort of 'suicide mill' where the focus is less on interaction and more on running them out at all costs. At the moment I just can't seem to get it fast enough, so it's the weaker option.

The second, and the one I'm asking for help with, is a more meta-mill sort of deck, leaning on tempo and control while gradually milling. This deck will have a lot more interaction, including a number of creatures and would be as likely to win through damage as forcing the last draw.

For this deck concept I can't get it out of my head that Dauthi Voidwalker doesn't present a load of interesting opportunities, with cards like Glimpse the Unthinkable and Maddening Cacophony dumping tons of cards into what would be the graveyard. The Voidwalker is actually massively problematic in its synergy (or lack thereof) with many traditional mill cards as it keeps those cards from going into the graveyard and therefor often leaving options like Jace's Phantasm and Visions of Beyond depowered. Still, I can't help but think it has some potential, and there are plenty of match-ups where exiling cards is preferred to sending them into the graveyard.

Has anyone tried to used the Voidwalker in this way? Is it a fool's errand to even try in a competitive deck? Are there any good examples of a more controller-y Dimir mill deck that anyone would like to offer? I'd really like to try to make this competitive and most of my past experience with milling is mono-red land destruction that denies land draws via Grindclock or Codex Shredder + Lantern of Insight.

I did play an earlier version of this deck once in a local tournament and have one of my favorite 'Magic moments' ever - watching my opponent sac a fetch land on the opening play and in response popping an Archive Trap and then a Surgical Extraction, absolutely wrecking his combo deck and watching him scoop before I had even gotten a chance to play my turn. Ever since then I've wanted to make a serious go at this.

Thanks in advance.

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