Tempered Steel

Tempered Steel


Artifact creatures you control get +2/+2.

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Tempered Steel Discussion

Deadpan_Serious on ▷ Budget Modern WHITE AFFINITY ◁ 【NEW from AER!】

6 months ago

while Toolcraft Exemplar is really powerful for one mana, it doesn't feed off of Steel Overseer or Tempered Steel and it doesn't feed Cranial Plating or help Etched Champion or Dispatch achieve their metalcraft. so i would suggest replacing them with Court Homunculus .

also War Report or Tomb of the Spirit Dragon would allow you to gain a massive amount of life.

MagicMarc on Thopter deck

6 months ago

Hello, I have a couple of suggestions for your deck that may help. Your mana base could get some love. You have a lot of lands that enter tapped or bounce lands to stay in play. I think you should replace all copies of Azorius Chancery with more copies of basic lands and/or Glacial Fortress and your game play would smooth out. Bounce lands don't actually ramp your mana and you can't use them the turn you play them so you lose a bit of tempo. Irrigated Farmland or Celestial Colonnade are other good options if entering tapped does not bother you.

I also don't think Growing Ranks helps this deck and is either a dead draw or does not really advance your game state even when it comes online. I also feel the same way about Tempered Steel . This is basically a win more card. It can't win the game without creatures and it does not make them to win with. If you are already producing thopters, you don't need to boost their power and toughness. You just keeping making them until you win. I would cut both of these cards from your deck.

You also don't have much removal or card advantage. I would suggest increasing your copies of Dispatch and your other instants/counters and maybe adding copies of a sweeper to the deck. Either a wrath card or bounce everything card. Stuff like Supreme Verdict or Cyclonic Rift types of cards depending on your card pool or budget. Some other card suggestions would be Archmage's Charm , Whir of Invention , Witching Well . Any of these would serve you better than those enchantments I think you should cut.

MeekTheFierce on Myr Tribal

7 months ago

Hey guys, I have a question...

I'm thinking about making it Jeskai and having Elsha of the Infinite be my commander. I think the support is there, especially since Kaldheim and more overall "tribal" synergies in general.

I'd be missing out on key green cards though which sucks. But I also am aiming to make this a pet deck of mine. Cards like Tempered Steel and Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite that I used to play in a similar "jeskai" deck back in the day.

Lemme know your thoughts to see if I can make this somewhat competitive!

Thank you xD

Sid_the_sloth on Affinity is Dead - So Let's Fix It!

10 months ago

Tempered Steel too slow? Sorry haven’t played modern in 4 years. I ask because well you’re playing a hand full of 4 cmc cards why not a 3 cmc buff??

casual_competitive on Golem Tribal

1 year ago

Tempered Steel its even got a little goblen guy in the art

GoblinElectromancer on BUDGET Tempered Artifacts

1 year ago

No because Cranial Plating is probably the best card in the deck. Usually you'l win from swinging with a huge Ornithopter, Signal Pest or Gingerbrute. And it's super scary when you get plating on Vault Skirge because of how much life you gain. I would cut one Tempered Steel because Steel Overseer will make all of your artifacts bigger and it's one less mana. If you don't want to cut Tempered Steel maybe cut a Galvanic Blast or just play an extra card.

GoblinElectromancer on BUDGET Tempered Artifacts

1 year ago

I think that Gingerbrute is slightly better than Bomat Courier because brute can make itself unblockable to most creatures. If you can't find anything to cut I would take out one Memnite and maybe one Tempered Steel. You'r probably right about All That Glitters. Leaving in one or two Bomat Courier is probably good. It just feels really bad to have it on the battlefield with a lot of cards exiled under it and having no access to red mana.

Clashboy15 on BUDGET Tempered Artifacts

1 year ago

Do you think Bomat Courier is better than Gingerbrute? I'm not sure what to take out for vault skirge, but I will definately be putting 4 of them in. I do agree taking out one or two etched champion and adding one more steel overseer.

I personally don't think all that glitters would be great, since its not an artifact it self, and modern is filled with cards like Fatal Push, so putting all that glitters on any creature I have might result in me getting 2 for oned. Losing two for one would especially be bad since the deck has no card draws Besides, the point of the deck is to go wide with Tempered Steel instead of making one beefy boy.

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