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Ramses, First of the al-Ḥaššāšīn

Commander / EDH Assassin Control Counterspell UB (Dimir) Voltron



“Why butcher an army when you can slash a single throat for the same result?”

You want to play this deck if:

  • You want to challenge yourself as a player in piloting a difficult deck
  • You don't want to play infinite combos
  • You don't want to win a game with thassa oracle + Demonic Consultation
  • You like tempo and control decks
  • The deck has three finishers, each gravitating around Ramses, First of the al-Ḥaššāšīn's trigger. Each is detailed in the next section.
  • Expect a lot of hate. Any card stating 'win' or 'lose' the game immediately gets players' attention. You don't want to have Ramses out if you can't defend it, of you if you don't have the winning pieces yet.
  • You can attempt to finish the game quickly via keeping a mana-strong opening hand that also allows you to tutor for Hatred. Chances are high that players will be able to disrupt this right away. The best way to go about this deck is, therefore, to control the pace of the game and be careful about the timing. Let the players wear each other out before initiating your win conditions.
  • The deck runs multiple counterspells to help you protect key pieces and your commander.
  • An excellent way to earn game-winning advantage is by exploiting the synergy between Notion Thief and Windfall. This will essentially remove your opponents' hands while filling yours with a substantial amount of cards.
    • Have Ramses, Assassin Lord on the battlefield without summoning sickness and Hatred in your hand. You need 5 mana (minium 2 black) available for this finisher.
    • Proceed to combat; attack a player who can't block or is likely not going to block.
    • After no blockers are declared, cast Hatred by paying X life, where X is the amount of damage required to kill an opponent via commander damage (generally 17 life points + 4 from Ramses base strength).
    • Even if the player shows unsportsmanlike conduct and concedes before damage (or even before blockers are declared), Ramses, Assassin Lord's trigger still goes on the stack since he attacked. As of rule 104.3a, "A player can concede the game at any time. A player who concedes leaves the game immediately. That player loses the game." As the player loses the game, and ability resolves, you win the game.


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