Beguiler of Wills

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
Custom Legal
Quest Magic Legal

Beguiler of Wills

Creature — Human Wizard

{{T}}: Gain control of target creature with power less than or equal to the number of creatures you control.

Hybrow on Merieke Ri Berit - Flicker/Exile Esper (WUB) EDH

5 months ago

Whenever I see another Merieke Deck, my auto recommendation is Pemmin's Aura with it on Merieke and enough mana, you can wipe an entire board. And that seems like the direction your deck is heading.. destroying controlled creatures.

If you want to simply keep the creatures, i would also recommend Beguiler of Wills, with a good untap engine (like the above aura), you can simply own the entire board.

Hybrow on Merieke Ri Berit tournament

5 months ago

Beguiler of Wills - she is a powerhouse in my Merieke deck. Especially when used with Pemmin's Aura. with enough mana, you can take over an entire board in a turn.

I would recommend both as adds. Pemmin's also works well with Merieke if you just want to board wipe an opponent.

I would also through a couple utility lands in, Detection Tower and Arcane Lighthouse, just in case

legendofa on Adventures in the Forgotten Realms …

1 year ago

I'm going to complain a little more. I apologize.

Why are all the bards in Magic ? Yisan, the Wanderer Bard was kind of the trendsetter, and he's not especiallu D&D bard-ish. I can kind of forgive Elvish Bard and Joraga Bard since they're Elves.

Which of these describe traditional/stereotypical D&D bards?

Instinct driven, nature-centric, strong belief in destiny, physically powerful, focused on predator-prey interactions, minimalist

My answer is none. There is nothing about traditional D&D bards. They tend to fall into two broad categories, inspiring and manipulative. Inspiring would be -- Rally the Peasants , Outlaws' Merriment , Deafening Clarion , and Heartwarming Redemption are cards I would identify as showing this type of bard. Manipulative would be , with Beguiler of Wills , Besmirch , Role Reversal , and Captivating Crew as representative cards. Bards aren't nature characters. They can probably survive in the woods alone, but so can a paladin. Bards are , not .

PwnguinMage on Wizard Tribal EDH

1 year ago

Hi Omniscience_is_life

Thanks so much for the comment. I really appreciate it. And thanks for the advice. I actually just just ordered a foil ancient tomb and force of will for the deck, as well as the fairies secret lair for the two cards in here that show up in my deck. It's a long expensive process, but I am enjoying it. I actually am debating swapping out the islands for the old school versions foiled, because I just love that shooting star xD.

Those are some good advice. I have Arcane Signet in like, almost every single deck of mine and had been considering trying to fit it into this one again. I am loathe to remove the Nyx Lotus though for it, as it has done a lot of work almost every game, but perhaps I can try and find another card to remove for it, as you are totally right about how good the signet is.

I think you may be 100% right on the archivist, I liked it because it was just flat out draw, like Arcanis the Omnipotent just being able to drop earlier. But the cryptologist's looting does only make him cost a total of 3 mana instead of 4, doable by second turn, etc. SO yah I think I may have to order one of those today then, I think that is a good change.

And yah for the last one... I haven't even drawn Beguiler of Wills before drawing into a win con in the last 10+ games I have played, or been able to play her for her mana. So I think that is another good swap idea, I do like the charlatan's ability quite a bit, but worry I don't have the most copyable spells? But I think I am all for swapping out the Beguiler for something for sure.

Thanks a bunch, I really appreciate the comment and the support!

Omniscience_is_life on Wizard Tribal EDH

1 year ago

Love this deck! Beautiful blinging. Actually, apropos of blinging: foil Ancient Tomb is never going to be cheaper, it's only like $10 (US) more than a regular one atm.

Actual card-wise, I might consider cutting Nyx Lotus for an Arcane Signet --the Lotus can be explosive late game but Arcane brings things out early and continues to produce value throughout the game.

Stroke of Genius is very handy for drawing a million cards when you've been holding up mana for other plans that fall through, or for countermagic without relevant targets. Would consider.

Archivist is a very funny card... but I would suggest cutting it for Enclave Cryptologist .

Beguiler of Wills is, um, pretty good but also kinda bad imo. Would you consider adding Meletis Charlatan in it's stead?

Again, love the deck. Keep it up and good luck continuing to foil it ;3

RazortoothMtg on Portals - Avengers Theme Deck

1 year ago

Have you thought about Willbreaker vs. Beguiler of Wills ? Both do similar things so I'd say they both work for your theme, and Willbreaker is really good with Kenrith's second ability.

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