Inspiring Call

Inspiring Call


Draw a card for each creature you control with a +1/+1 counter on it. Those creatures gain indestructible until end of turn. (Damage and effects that say "destroy" don't destroy them.)

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Inspiring Call Discussion

9-lives on Prowess Counters

4 days ago

Stonecoil Serpent is one of my favorite cards! What about adding Nissa, Voice of Zendikar ? And I think you can get better cards than the instants you're using that give +P/+T for a turn. Instead of one of those that only give per turn, maybe use Inspiring Call ? How about Avatar of the Resolute as a creature choice?

9-lives on Abzan Scales

2 weeks ago

Wow! Very solid deck for counters! Love the low mana cost of all of the counter cards, except for Stonecoil Serpent and Hangarback Walker ! What do you plan on doing with these, considering you have no ramp? Inspiring Call is an amazing card for your deck! Do you think you should also add Shalai, Voice of Plenty in your deck, considering it's a great stax card with low CMC, so it could take the place of 1x Stonecoil Serpent or 1x Hangarback Walker ?

aponiato on Zaxara, the Exemplary EDH

1 month ago

Also recommend considering Inspiring Call

NoopyNolife on Modern Conclave Constrictor (+1/+1)

2 months ago

BubonicPlague7, thank you for your elaboration. I started this version of the deck with 4 Luminarch Aspirant s actually, when not dealt with they get out of control quite fast. The problem for me was that they are aren't a great turn 2 play and don't particulary scale well (you don't really want to put the counters on themselves as they're already prone to removal), and felt more like a win-more card. With Walking Ballista and the likes I think its definitely a 4 of though, as it synergizes so nicely with those threats. That being said, as a turn 3 or 4 they are really solid, I'll try putting 2 back in the mainboard because I do agree they make the deck tick.

Thank you for sharing your deck list though! Branchloft Pathway  Flip seems less expensive than I thought it was, I might be able to get a few copies of it for cheap.

wallisface also thank you. I guess I just need to flip a switch in mind that this isnt gonna work as midrange because the creatures present to little value on their own. I'll move the Inspiring Call to the sideboard and keep the Gambit in there untill I decide what other card to run instead. I actually own 2 copies of Rishkar that I've tried out before but didn't really like, but I'll give them another swing.

Seriously thank you both for your thoughts, its been an eye-opener :)

NoopyNolife on Modern Conclave Constrictor (+1/+1)

2 months ago

Hi BubonicPlague7 and wallisface, thank you both for your thoughts, I really do greatly appreciate them. I agree the deck would function as either GB or GW and that it would greatly reduce the strain on the mana base, but for now I would really like to make a build work with the full 8 copies of constrictor and mentor.

BubonicPlague7, Hardened Scales is sadly out of my budget range for now (though I own one copy). I agree Dromoka's Command works wonders for the deck, though I think as a 4 of its too often a dead card (2cmc put 2 counters on a creature is not worth it). I'll scale up to 3 to test it out, I think it might be a meta call.

Hi wallisface, I agree with most of your comments. Inscription of Abundance might indeed be better fit as a sideboard card, I'll move 2 to the board to try it out. I'll replace the charm and Incubation / Incongruity by 2 more Huatli's Raptor though that will be 2 flex creature slots, since I'm sure there's better cards fit there.

Between harsh mulligans and a desire for more protection spells and creatures, I'm looking for a solid source of card draw. Gambit and Inspiring Call are slow and awfully clunky spells, any recommendations on keeping the hand filled without them?

Rancor would be nice! I've also been toying with Felidar Umbra and the likes, any thoughts on that?

I hard disagree with your take on Ajani though, on a budget the card does exactly what the deck wants, and often ends the game when it lands or buys an extra turn with the lifegain. Lurrus seems fun, I just don't think playing the 2 drops without actually getting counters makes it worth it in this deck. With Avatar of the Resolute it would be better, but I don't think the deck affords another prohibitive 2 drop (that works poorly as a 2 drop as none of the one drop creatures enter with a counter).

wallisface on Modern Conclave Constrictor (+1/+1)

2 months ago

Some thoughts. I think you want to build this as an aggro stompy deck - as it’ll want to close the game out early.

From a competitive modern standpoint, i don’t think the following cards you’re running are worth it:

  • Inscription of Abundance is kindof good but maybe better as a sideboard option against decks where you need to fight creatures to death. I think this mostly just doesn’t get enough value.

  • Selesnya Charm doesn’t do enough for you.

  • Inspiring Call gets you good card draw, but doesn’t apply pressure, and will likely give your opponent enough breathing room to stabilise

  • Incubation / Incongruity isnt good imo, you want to be applying pressure every turn in the form of creatures.

  • Tezzeret's Gambit is again, useful, but slow. I don’t think its worth it in this build.

  • Hardened Scales i don’t think fits here, just cause its not a creature that can swing for damage.

  • Ordeal of Nylea ... if it’s not Rancor it ain’t worth running. Auras are generally bad cause they turn your opponents killspells into bombs. Play Rancor instead cause you get it back.

  • Ajani, the Greathearted it waaay too slow to be useful.

I think what you want is more creatures that can threaten the opponent, as well as trample in the form of Rancor , and a quick-finish combat trick in the form of Aspect of the Hydra

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