Disclaimer: This deck used to be Momo: Faster than time, Momo, hitting it Double Time, and Momo and the ten Dwarves. After Momo had a little identity crisis, he finally found back to the general shell with one spefic goal: Hit many times with maximum power.

Sometimes, players just are chosen to play a deck. When I opened my first Moraug, Fury of Akoum , I felt obliged to build a deck around him. I figured I had most of the important pieces, so here we are. When I pulled another two Moraug from two consecutive ZNR packs, I knew I was correct to build him. And as he chose me to play him, I gave him the nickname Momo. The list you see here is the most current version, as the deck got an overhaul with some sweet new cards from Kaldheim.

You might think that playing landfall in mono-Red is hard. Thing is, Momo only needs one additional landdrop to one-shot players with commander damage. So while it is definitely pretty impressive to gain 4+ combat phases, you only need three and an evasive Momo to kill someone. Thus, the most important cards are those than allow him to go unblocked for at least a turn:

As I already mentioned, we need at most three combat phases (i.e. two additional ones, meaning only one additional land-drop) to kill one opponent. There are various cheap fetchlands we can abuse with Momo: Warped Landscape , Evolving Wilds , Field of Ruin , Grixis Panorama , Myriad Landscape and Terramorphic Expanse all help us to get that additional second land-drop.

We also have some permanents and spells to accomplish that: Solemn Simulacrum , Alpine Guide , Ghirapur Orrery , Nahiri's Lithoforming , Geomancer's Gambit and Cleansing Wildfire are great cards with Momo. The last three combine nicely with Drownyard Temple .

'But Seshiro', you might ask, 'when we need all these lands to trigger our commander, what do we do to ramp us to 6+ mana?' I'm glad you asked, interested reader. Artifact ramp in general is nothing special for commander, so Sol Ring etc. aren't exciting, but pretty powerful with Momo. Irencrag feet is great to get out an early Haymaker.

The protection for Momo are Swiftfoot Boots and Hammer of Nazahn .

Our card draw package consists of various spells, but the most synergistic to this deck are propably Valakut Exploration and Karn, Scion of Urza . The former thrives on the fact that we have 37 lands. The latter has a +1 that puts a weird choice in our opponent's hands: Give us a spell that helps developing our boardstate, or give us a land we might need to finish the game. The removal is pretty obvious, so I won't go in dephth regarding that.

What is more interesting are the finishers:

Torbran, Thane of Red Fell , Angrath's Marauders and Dictate of the Twin Gods increase our damage output. Blackblade Reforged makes Momo go totally Voltron. Inferno Titan and Drakuseth, Maw of Flames really want to attack multiple times, and Heartless Hidetsugu can sometimes allow us to one-shot the whole table if we can activate him multiple times in one turn (remember, Momo untaps our creatures). And what is better than one terrible Minotaur? One more for each combat phase: Helm of the Host is insane with our big Cow-Boy. Oh, and never underestimate Fanatic of Mogis in a mono-coloured deck. And while we're at it, how about multiple Inspired triggers from Felhide Spiritbinder ?

Warstorm Surge and Terror of the Peaks are powerful cards. We have some pretty big creatures and even more damage doublers. Seems fun.

We also can kill the whole table with one of the damage doublers plus Heartless Hidetsugu . The only condition for that is that everyone except for us has to be at an even life total. And for us to be at an odd total, we have Treasonous Ogre .

That's the deck. Feel free to leave upvotes, comments, card suggestions and your critique. Thanks in advance, and never forget: If your commander is a cow with a landfall trigger, play your lands on main phase 2.


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