Telling Time


Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Modern Masters 2015 Edition Common
Tenth Edition Uncommon
Ravnica: City of Guilds Uncommon

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Telling Time


Look at the top three cards of your library. Put one of those cards into your hand, one on top of your library, and one on the bottom of your library.

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Telling Time Discussion

Jojonathan on Made in Heaven ( DID SOMEONE SAY MIRACLE ?! )

2 weeks ago

Hello xyr0s! And thank you for checking my decklist

I'm adding a playset of Serum Visions in my acquireboard right away. I choose Telling Time for a Budget perspective, but Serum Visions isn't very expensive at the moment.

Miracle on opponent turn is glorious but extremely tricky to play in my opinion. I played this deck a lot with my buddies and manage to do it once --> Electrolyze to face into Terminus on his Battle Phase and send all his attackers on the bottom of the library. Felt good.

I'll grab a playset of Think Twice tho, this card feel good over See Beyond thank you !

As for Remand, I'll add it to my acquirelist or try to trade them in my LGS.

Bouncelands are a buddget choice, for I don't have any buddy lands or check lands. But you're absolutely right, they are kind of garbage. I was thinking about replacing them with Amonkhet Cycle Land.

Thank you for you time, your help is much appreciate ! :)

xyr0s on Made in Heaven ( DID SOMEONE SAY MIRACLE ?! )

2 weeks ago

Wny Telling Time over Serum Visions? The latter is cheaper and slightly better at setting up later draws. But neither of them triggers miracle, as the first "puts" card rather than "draw" them, and the other is a sorcery, and only lets you draw on your own turn, where you already draw a card.

One, maybe two, Think Twice could also help on getting to draw in your opponents turn. As far as I understand this deck, that will be crucial - every turn you draw a card, you potentially get to miracle it. So you shouldn't miss drawing a card in any turn. Consider the same for Remand.

Don't play bouncelands, unless you play amulet. It is way too vulnerable, leaving you behind a mana on the turn you play it (you catch up in terms of mana 2 turns later), and if it's destroyed, you are suddenly very far behind. If you had some kind of plan to untap a bounceland multiple times in a turn, it would maybe also be workable. But as it is, just avoid them.

RingweMakil on Gideon Transcendent, Ally of Control

3 weeks ago

rjphilla comparing Think Twice to Anticipate is comparing apples to oranges. They are not both card draw spells. Think Twice is a card draw spell. Anticipate is a card selection spell. Anticipate, Telling Time, Serum Visions are all better in decks that want specific cards, where Think Twice is best in a deck that doesn't care about which cards in particular it has, as long as it just has MORE cards. Think Twice will give one card advantage, because of the flashback (i.e., you will spend one card from hand, but get back two), whereas Anticipate will never put you up a card, but it will dig you deeper to find something specific. Both are good cards, and have a home; you need to see what the deck wants to do in order to decide between the two. Generally speaking, control decks care about card advantage more than selection, since any number of different cards can provide answers to a particular situation so you don't need to go through your library for one specific piece, whereas decks with Delver of Secrets  Flip and combo decks care more about specific cards to set up a win.

A further point of note about Think Twice: it is very good against Liliana of the Veil. Against her plus, the opponent will discard an actual card, while you discard Think Twice, meaning you haven't lost a card since the flashback will draw you one anyway, allowing you to gain advantage over the opponent. No card selection spell has the same property, because this is an interaction specific to Liliana and flashback cards.

2austin5 on Modern Miracles

3 weeks ago

I dont like Telling Time as it doesn't make you draw a card (same issue with Anticipate), they both place it in your hand. While the dig is nice and you can set up the miracle, the mana invested to set it up is only worth it if it is Terminus, thoughts on that point?

AtomicEmpire7 on Modern Miracles

3 weeks ago

Yeah, I was about to suggest Telling Time myself. Also Anticipate. Serum Visions could work, but I'm not optimistic...

xyr0s on A Budget Miracle

3 weeks ago

I would have gone another route with the deck - more like a green-based ramp deck, and not really controlling at all. You would rather try jeskai control, and that's fine.

minor things on this deck as it is: Thing in the Ice  Flip and Devastation Tide is really not friends - and it's even worse with Terminus. First of all, Thing in the Ice  Flip takes some set-up. having 3 counters of it, and then bouncing it to hand is just annoying. but if you have just 1 counter left on it, and cast Terminus, you return all creatures to hand (and I'm assuming your opponent has more creatures than you, as you don't have very many), instead of bottom of library. That's not very funny with a bunch of Snapcaster Mages and Kitchen Finks.

Apart from that, I think you should exchange Telling Time for Think Twice. Telling time doesn't draw cards, it puts them. So it doesn't trigger miracle. A single think twice can be played outside your own turn two times (first draw in opponents turn in regard to miracling cards), and with the scrying you have available, it's pretty easy to set that up for a miracle).

DrLitebur on A Budget Miracle

4 weeks ago

I have a Miracles deck built for Modern, and there is a card you are missing to help set up your deck. You have Serum Visions, which is one of the pieces, but the other set-up piece you need is Telling Time. This helps you filter unwanted cards, can put miracles on top of your library, and get you other things you might need. The card is a 4-of in a deck like this. The only thing I am missing from my deck is the pair of Entreat the Angels. I have 4 Bonfire of the Damneds, 4 Terminus, 3 Temporal Mastery, and in my sideboard I have 2 Devastation Tide and 4 Thunderous Wrath. I also run 2 Anticipate main, and 1 out of the sideboard. I use Ral Zarek and Chandra, the Firebrand as my wincons.

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