Telling Time


Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Modern Masters 2015 Edition Common
Tenth Edition Uncommon
Ravnica: City of Guilds Uncommon

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Telling Time


Look at the top three cards of your library. Put one of those cards into your hand, one on top of your library, and one on the bottom of your library.

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Telling Time Discussion

Snickles@EDH_only on Izzet Even Funny Any More?

11 hours ago

I'd swap out Blaze for Fanning the Flames. It lets you recur the burn, and build it bigger & brighter. Spell Burst, Reiterate, Forbid, and Capsize are all solid choices for recurring spells, as are Arc Blade and Reality Strobe, getting more bang for your buck, as it were. not sure if I'd run all (or even that many of) them, but figured I'd point them out.

you seem to be excessively interested in the opponent's hands, with all the Peek cards you have. I'd probably swap them for better drawing options - Sleight of Hand, Telling Time, Opt, Peer Through Depths, Serum Visions and Think Twice all seem like better fitting options here.

For enchantments, wondering why not run Jace's Sanctum or Cast Through Time. hell, Arcane Melee works for opponents also, but you will probably be getting better mileage out of it.

for creatures, I figured I should mention Thing in the Ice  Flip, Guttersnipe, Mischievous Quanar, Curious Homunculus, Gelectrode, Augur of Bolas, Djinn Illuminatus, and Galvanoth.

lastly, Recoup for an earlier version of Past in Flames that's single target, Mizzix's Mastery because holy overload batman, and Increasing Vengeance because if its worth casting, its worth casting more than once.

sorry to dump a wall of links on you, been looking at making a similar deck for a while, so had most of these on my mind. best of luck!

izzetkid987 on MoBlu Spellspam

4 days ago

Adds I would recommend: More lands 35 is pretty risky and generally you would prefer mana flood to mana screw. I would aim for 38 myself. Utility lands Yeah, this list runs Back to Basics but you will not always draw it and a couple dead lands with it out still is not so bad. You exclude a lot of useful effects like Reliquary Tower, Myriad Landscape, Riptide Laboratory (for protecting talrand), Faerie Conclave/Dread Statuary (for emergency blocks) etc. by not running nonbasics and mono-colour decks with no duals have the most space for those. More mana acceleration Most edh decks need ramp and this deck is no exception. With more mana, you can counter more spells per turn cycle. Sol Ring and other mana rocks are staples. I would aim for ten total. More card draw Same deal as ramp. Most of your counters trade 1 for 1 with your opponent's spells so you will need hand refills or you will run out of cards trying to trade 1 for 1 with 1 with 3 or 4 opponents. Pretty basic multiplayer card advantage. This deck prefers instants so it can keep mana up for counters. Blue Sun's Zenith, Stroke of Genius, and Pull from Tomorrow have a big impact. Perilous Research costs little and you can just sacrifice the drake it makes. Board wipes Some games you will fall behind your opponents so you need more reset buttons. Evacuation, Inundate, Crush of Tentacles, and Engulf the Shore all get you out of sticky situations and simulate a blue Wrath of God. Oblivion Stone permanently destroys. Other Curse of the Swine, Pongify, and Rapid Hybridization are all instant or sorcery spot removal. Rise from the Tides gets you a LOT of tokens. Dismiss replaces itself. Propaganda protects you. Brainstorm, Telling Time, Think Twice, Opt and other cantrips do not really give you net card draw since you use up a spell to cast them, but give you card quality instead.Cuts I would recommend: Kraken's Eye is probably bad because cards that only gain you life typically are. Elixir of Immortality is the same unless you are regularly near decking yourself. Backfire, Creature Bond, Feedback, Power Taint, Psychic Venom and other cards that only damage players are typically too low impact in edh. Disperse and Flash Counter are strictly worse than Into the Roil and Dispel. Cancel is strictly worse than s many other options; here is an entire article detailing them: Disappearing Act seems worse than Cancel unless you particularly want to replay your permanents.

2austin5 on What do you consider Budget?

2 weeks ago

For modern, I would try to call below 250 budget. Its cheaper than most decks and it adds a bit of consistency to the fun decks. Playing with access to blue can give you some cheap consistency with things like Telling Time or red with Faithless Looting. These types of draw spells are almost needed for the advantage/consistency part in my opinion at least

BlueScope on Rebound-a-rific (Taigam, Ojutai Master)

3 weeks ago

And as one last comment, for the same reason as above, Part the Waterveil is also a one-of extra turn.

As a consolation, here's some more cards that I think to be particularily strong in this deck:

  • Research the Deep is cool because you're both likely to have high-costed spells in your deck, as well as get two chances to return it to your hand. This is as close as you get for a guaranteed random chance to be drawing cards until the end of time, plus get the upside of messing with your opponent's Telling Time.
  • Call to Mind and Pull from the Deep are pristine cards, as you can return everything to your hand that can be exiled with Rebound (which will end up in your graveyard afterwards).
  • Divine Reckoning is a mass-removal spell that will spare your Commander. Tragic Arrogance works in a similar way, but is (at least for my build) more likely to destroy your own mass of artifacts than causing disproportional trouble for the opponent.
  • Insidious Will is another utility counterspell, as it will let you copy (or even counter) something, then - if there's another spell you exiled to rebound later - is able to copy it again. It feels like cheating because it almost is!
  • Return to Dust goes without explanation and is one of the best white utility cards, even when not able to cast it twice.
  • Ugin's Insight is one of the better card draw spells when cast a second time for free, and doesn't even hurt if you can't make use of the second Scry effect because of a board wipe.
  • Knowledge Exploitation is strong as it is, even though you'll have to pay the normal costs. However, keep in mind that both Knowledge Exploitation and the spell you get will have rebound, meaning you get to cast four spells for the cost of one.
  • Last but not least, Aqueous Form provides permanent evasion while fixing your draws. Even as an Aura, I'd say you can't skip this.

Hope that helps :)

Jojonathan on Made in Heaven - Modern Miracle

1 month ago

Hello xyr0s! And thank you for checking my decklist

I'm adding a playset of Serum Visions in my acquireboard right away. I choose Telling Time for a Budget perspective, but Serum Visions isn't very expensive at the moment.

Miracle on opponent turn is glorious but extremely tricky to play in my opinion. I played this deck a lot with my buddies and manage to do it once --> Electrolyze to face into Terminus on his Battle Phase and send all his attackers on the bottom of the library. Felt good.

I'll grab a playset of Think Twice tho, this card feel good over See Beyond thank you !

As for Remand, I'll add it to my acquirelist or try to trade them in my LGS.

Bouncelands are a buddget choice, for I don't have any buddy lands or check lands. But you're absolutely right, they are kind of garbage. I was thinking about replacing them with Amonkhet Cycle Land.

Thank you for you time, your help is much appreciate ! :)

xyr0s on Made in Heaven - Modern Miracle

1 month ago

Wny Telling Time over Serum Visions? The latter is cheaper and slightly better at setting up later draws. But neither of them triggers miracle, as the first "puts" card rather than "draw" them, and the other is a sorcery, and only lets you draw on your own turn, where you already draw a card.

One, maybe two, Think Twice could also help on getting to draw in your opponents turn. As far as I understand this deck, that will be crucial - every turn you draw a card, you potentially get to miracle it. So you shouldn't miss drawing a card in any turn. Consider the same for Remand.

Don't play bouncelands, unless you play amulet. It is way too vulnerable, leaving you behind a mana on the turn you play it (you catch up in terms of mana 2 turns later), and if it's destroyed, you are suddenly very far behind. If you had some kind of plan to untap a bounceland multiple times in a turn, it would maybe also be workable. But as it is, just avoid them.

RingweMakil on Elspeth, UW Champion

1 month ago

rjphilla comparing Think Twice to Anticipate is comparing apples to oranges. They are not both card draw spells. Think Twice is a card draw spell. Anticipate is a card selection spell. Anticipate, Telling Time, Serum Visions are all better in decks that want specific cards, where Think Twice is best in a deck that doesn't care about which cards in particular it has, as long as it just has MORE cards. Think Twice will give one card advantage, because of the flashback (i.e., you will spend one card from hand, but get back two), whereas Anticipate will never put you up a card, but it will dig you deeper to find something specific. Both are good cards, and have a home; you need to see what the deck wants to do in order to decide between the two. Generally speaking, control decks care about card advantage more than selection, since any number of different cards can provide answers to a particular situation so you don't need to go through your library for one specific piece, whereas decks with Delver of Secrets  Flip and combo decks care more about specific cards to set up a win.

A further point of note about Think Twice: it is very good against Liliana of the Veil. Against her plus, the opponent will discard an actual card, while you discard Think Twice, meaning you haven't lost a card since the flashback will draw you one anyway, allowing you to gain advantage over the opponent. No card selection spell has the same property, because this is an interaction specific to Liliana and flashback cards.

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