Silent-Blade Oni


Format Legality
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
Planechase 2012 Edition Rare

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Silent-Blade Oni

Creature — Demon Ninja

Ninjutsu 4UB (4UB, Return an unblocked attacker you control to hand: Put this card onto the battlefield from your hand tapped and attacking.)

Whenever Silent-Blade Oni deals combat damage to a player, look at that player's hand. You may cast a nonland card in it without paying that card's mana cost.

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Silent-Blade Oni Discussion

cmsrDPM on Sigg, Host of the Nightmare

2 months ago

This looks like a job for ninja!

Ninja of the Deep Hours, Ink-Eyes, Servant of Oni, and Silent-Blade Oni are all stars, however any Ninja is good with your unblockable creatures.

Icbrgr on oh no u thought wrong

3 months ago

ALRIGHT! Rockin' the NINJA theme :p I made a Ninja Primer if you are interested in some pointers! (I won't shamelessly advertise in your comments unless your interested :p )

The "from-the-hip" suggestions I have are to drop your land count to a MAX of 24 lands.... Id also drop Dire Undercurrents... its too slow and more so wishful thinking (From my personal experience)... Glen Elendra Liege is kinda the same situation.... the +1/+1 buff SEEMS nice but your never going to out-muscle anyone efficiently or timely with Ninjas... If Faeries are your thing Consider Faerie Miscreant and Spellstutter Sprite for both Ninja enablers and cheap ETB perks...and Ornithopter is almost an auto-include run 4 of... and Signal Pest is an honorable mention for Ninja enabling. I would also consider Aqueous Form to slap on your ninjas ;)... Distortion Strike is also a money maker :D

Sakashima's Student & Silent-Blade Oni & Umezawa's Jitte are not modern legal.. I wish they were cuz there are neat but they gotta go unless you change to casual...

Overall the guts of the deck seems to be in order +1 from me GO-NINJA-GO-NINJA-GO!

canterlotguardian on Melek, That Roommate Who Always Takes Your Ramen

4 months ago

For anyone coming here via my posts, here is a list of the cards (minus the mana base) that I'd be adding if I switched from Izzet to Grixis:

Ashiok, Nightmare Weaver
Mindleech Mass
Fiend of the Shadows
Praetor's Grasp
Memory Plunder
Wrexial, the Risen Deep
Silent-Blade Oni

If I figure out more, I'll add them in a later comment.

lazarusdraigon on Ninjas/Rogues

4 months ago

I was saying you should put in 2 Silent-Blade Oni

lazarusdraigon on Ninjas/Rogues

4 months ago

Silent-Blade Oni has a definite place in here as a 2 of

Shaffle on Basically I want to play your cards.

5 months ago

Im building a similar deck in modern format, it's far from finished, but this are some interesting cards you might like:

Grave Betrayal: opponent's dying creatures becomes yours.

Dimir Doppelganger: graveyard hate, multiple use, copy.

Silent-Blade Oni: nice card in the battlefield, graveyard or hand.

Panoptic Mirror: lots of synergy whith this kind of decks... multiple bribery, praetors grasp ... etc.

luck with the deck :)

Angamir on Dimir Commander Conundrum

5 months ago

I've been playing my Wrexial, the Risen Deep for about three or four years now (I'd link the deck, but I'm making so many changes right now it seems pointless). However, as my meta has become more and more competitive, Wrex has struggled to keep up because he is inconsistent.

I've done quite a bit of research on other Wrex decks for ideas, and have been thinking I should go heavier control instead of mill. This then led me to think of switching to Dralnu, Lich Lord, but then I lose a lot of the "play the other person's deck" theme. It does, however, make it more competitive.

Then I thought I want to keep playing out of their yards, so I thought about switching to Szadek, Lord of Secrets. He mills to give me things to play with out of yards and will mill the other 3 or 4 people out quickly enough with some double strike. He may be consistent enough, but I'm not sure he can keep up with the group.

I still want to play big dimir hitters like Silent-Blade Oni and Mindleech Mass at end game, but I need to start playing more competitively with this deck. I'm just looking for general thoughts on the three generals I'm considering. Any input is helpful as I try to make my decision. What have been other players' experiences with them? Against them?

TL;DR: I'm trying to decide between Wrex (fun), Dralnu (competitive), and Szadek (consistent).

SirFowler on sirbar

7 months ago

I'd be willing to trade

Ancestral Vision anthologies version
Total: $48.47

For your:
Past in Flames $9.76
Angel of Glory's Rise $1.41
Ink-Eyes, Servant of Oni $4.07
Mystical Tutor $7.01
Regal Force $5.86
Avenger of Zendikar $4.06
Malicious Affliction $1.20
Duplicant $5.03
Quietus Spike $3.81
Silent-Blade Oni $7.23
Total: $49.44

I'd be willing to throw in more cards since you might need to pay more for shipping to make up for the difference. Also, I do have more trade stuff, but a lot of them are bulk rares and they haven't really seen any interest the last time I posted them on here.

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