Vampire Cutthroat


Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Frontier Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Eldritch Moon (EMN) Uncommon

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Vampire Cutthroat

Creature — Vampire Rogue

Skulk (This creature can't be blocked by creatures with greater power.)

Lifelink (Damage dealt by this creature also causes you to gain that much life.)

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Vampire Cutthroat Discussion

Xica on Oh No! My Deck is Ruin(ator)ed!

6 days ago

Hello, from your post i just realized that i am not the only person who is tinkering with a deck built around Skaab Ruinator
So here is what ideas i came up with till now:

1# Build an all in deck with the best cheap mill spells, Hedron Crab, Minister of Inquiries, Shriekhorn (a few - as its sadly an artifact), Dream Twist, Contingency Plan - ad 3 playsets of "real" creatures Narcomoeba, Skaab Ruinator, Eternal Scourge - and a flex slot, that at the moment i fill with Stitchwing Skaab, but it could be Magus of the Bazaar.
The problem is that this version has obvious problems with stuff like Path to Exile, (and grave hate) despite being really fast.

2# Build a deck that abuses Gifts Ungiven with Skaab Ruinator as win condition (since this creature doesn't need slots devoted to Unburial Rites.
In such a shell Mulldrifter, Shriekmaw, Plaxmanta + Pit Keeper as a worse Snapcaster Mage would do well.
For turn one stuff like Siren Stormtamer/Martyr of Frost or stuff like Vampire Cutthroat would be ideal.

P.s.:Laboratory Maniac is a trap - for this deck.
There are alternatives that are a lot better - like Psychic Spiral + Mystic Retrieval which can work out of the graveyard, and mill the opponent out of nowhere.

toastySmorc on Vampire EDH

1 week ago

Hi there! I worked on a very similar build before the Commander 2017 Series, and I have a few tips.

this Olivia is stronger as a Timmy Aggro general, so you want to have some brutally efficient early game, rather than cards like Dark Impostor, which are high value but very slow. Also, it would be much better for you to add vampires and vampire synergy, rather than Madness cards, as they are less efficient. Here are my recommendations

CUT: Archfiend of Ifnir, Dark Impostor, Insatiable Gorgers, Drana, Kalastria Bloodchief, Stromkirk Occultist. Vampire Cutthroat, Voldaren Pariah  Flip, Faith of the Devoted, Gibbering Descent, Fiery Temper, Alms of the Vein, Gisa's Bidding, From Under the Floorboards, Blood Tribute, Cultivator's Caravan, Hedron Archive

ADD: Vampire Nocturnus, Bloodline Keeper  Flip, Captivating Vampire, Olivia Voldaren, Purphoros, God of the Forge, Smuggler's Copter, Lightning Bolt, Mogis, God of Slaughter, Living Death, Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet, Coat of Arms, Phyrexian Arena, Outpost Siege, Living Death.

1027459 on Don't Question Death...

1 week ago

Thank you so much for your advise ScSabella It really helps the mana flow and I think Vampire Cutthroat played very smoothly with my deck. :-)

ScSabella on Don't Question Death...

1 week ago

this deck has some really great cards - I particularly like Bloodline Keeper  Flip and Vampire Nocturnus. but its mana base is a little off. I ran the playtest a few times. sometimes it's great, sometimes it doesn't have the mana to play its cards.

I'd recommend a mana base of 22 lands. I'd add more red/black lands like Temple of Malice, Foreboding Ruins, and Dragonskull Summit. to do this, I'd remove Rakdos Charm and Aspect of Gorgon. Rakdos charm is better as a sideboard card since it's situational, and Aspect of Gorgon just isn't that good. three mana is way to expensive for +1/+1 and deathtouch :P

also, a card to consider, not because it's super good but just because I like it: Vampire Cutthroat is a solid and fun 1 drop.

cool deck on the whole! good job

Xica on Hold the Garlic, Please

2 weeks ago

Yes i think Guul Draz Vampire is that bad.
You would need some really good hasty beaters, or some kind of burn or life drain spell to make the card useful by putting the enemy below 10 life.
In this deck its a vanilla 1/1.

I would recommend using Vampire Cutthroat in its place, as it seems that you like the deck to be aggressive, and this creature doesn't screws with your established mana curve.
It also has near perfect evasion, since modern decks play very few 1 power creatures, as it is you can expect this creature to hit many times, or at worst force the opponent to waste removal on it.
Without playing red for Stromkirk Captain, i think Vampire Cutthroat is better, than Gifted Aetherborn since you will be unlikely to be able to attack with aetherborn multiple times.

JakeHarlow on Hold the Garlic, Please

2 weeks ago

@ Xica: That's a fair point, I didn't initially consider things that way. It pretty much is an aggressive midrange strategy. I think it's probably the one of the better ways to build Vampires on a budget, though.

I read your comment on the other deck you think Guul Draz Vampire is that bad? Should I replace it with, say, Vampire Cutthroat or Gifted Aetherborn?

Xica on Vampire's stay midrange

2 weeks ago

What the guy said...
You need some way to fight decks that can run you over, Stromkirk Captain is a prime tool for that (First strike chump blockers are a nightmare, not to mention first strike + deathtouch)
Playing more cards every turn with the 8 bobs (in the person of 4x Asylum Visitor + 2-4x Blood Scrivener) also does the trick.

Vampires have Cavern of Souls over other midrange builds. They can have Lord of Lineage  Flip over other midrange decks - if that card flips it runs away with the game right there (i have yet to see midrange decks in the format that can deal with a constant stream of 4/4 flyers - hell legacy miracles uses/used such things as win condition via Entreat the Angels.
I would like to add here that Vampire Nocturnus is a finisher for aggro, and Bloodline Keeper  Flip is a win con (sadly its only 4 mana, if it would cost 1 more it would be a lot stronger)

Vampire Hexmage + Phyrexian Etchings are pretty nice too - i would like to see which other tribe has such thing!

I see vampire aggro as weak because the tribe lack quality 1 and 2 cmc creatures, so lets make a list:
Shadow Alley Denizen (Best!)
Vampire Cutthroat (its okay, perfect in some matchups, and help to drag out against other aggro decks)
Stromkirk Noble (its either terrible, or ridiclously overpowered)
And then the rest....
Guul Draz Vampire - its a vanilla 1/1 when it would matter. The tribe completely lack ways to shoot face (specially in mono black)
Vampire Lacerator - a Goblin Guide that comes down a turn later, and makes you lose life each turn (abysmal) - Goblin Guide is a waeker Monastery Swiftspear...
Pulse Tracker - how will this thing swing more than once? (Its Geistflame - that is hwy it doesn't see play)
Lets take a look at 2 cmc!
Gifted Aetherborn - great, but its not particularly aggressive
Gatekeeper of Malakir - !that is 3 mana for all intents and purposes!
Ruthless Cullblade - wait what? i am outta here...

How does an aggro deck win that is slower than others, lacks evasion, and its creatures are actively worse (when the opponent is above 10) always, since they can't get in as the enemy just plays bigger ones?

I would suggest to not use narrow hate cards that are really strong against only 1 deck (like damping matrix - which is also very slow). Using stuff that is weaker but that hates on multiple archetypes is way better, because the overlaps you will have more hate for any archetype. And drawing a slightly weaker hate cards is a lot better than not drawing the 1-2 of "game over" hate card.

Add some secondary color, it would allow you to play stuff like Engineered Explosives, Painful Truths - if you go black/red it gives Kolaghan's Command which is good against everything, and Stromkirk Captain - which solves the "they will run ya over with their bigger creatures!" problem.
And splashing a second color can easily be done on budget, you need only 1 red mana on the 3rd turn, instead having all of your mana source being dual colored.

Xica on To be aggro or not ...

3 weeks ago

The problem with Captivating Vampire is that its strong on a winning board position, while it doesn't even com close to Stromkirk Captain when it comes to recovering, and climbing from behind - thus it mainly helps in winning more, but is not much use if you are behind, be it because you face a faster deck, or because you had unlucky draws, had to mulligan too much etc.
First strike allows chump blockers to gang up on monstrosities like Tasigur, the Golden Fang, and kill it without sacrificing themselves for the goal.
And with 4x Gifted Aetherborn, 4x Vampire Nighthawk you would have plenty of chance to get the first strike + deattouch combo.
Which should read "if this card block or becomes blocked destroy the creature blocking it or that it blocks".

Being able to use Collected Company with Captivating Vampire to steal a creature, is no real benefit, when you can block and kill the same creature if you have Stromkirk Captain, often even without additional creatures from coco.
And lifegain from the unblocked first strike + deattouch creatures is something that completely alters the way games go.

And playing B/R gives Kolaghan's Command to compliment Stromkirk Captain, and the instant at worst is a discard + shock built in one, and at best it can recur a crippling creature that the opponent just removed.

In my humble opinion the two strongest one drop of the tribe are Vampire Cutthroat & Shadow Alley Denizen
Evasion and lifegain (with a ~unblockable body) are lot better than trading a point of life every turn for +1/+1, or having creatures that don't become relevant unless the opponent is below 10 life - especially when the deck has zero ways to directly reduce life totals in the 1st place

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