Vampire Cutthroat


Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Frontier Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Eldritch Moon Uncommon

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Vampire Cutthroat

Creature — Vampire Rogue

Skulk (This creature can't be blocked by creatures with greater power.)

Lifelink (Damage dealt by this creature also causes you to gain that much life.)

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Vampire Cutthroat Discussion

Menesvadda on RBw Vampires

3 weeks ago

Hey IRNMN! Thank you for your response. Yes, I've tested the Vampire Lacerator. He is a good one-drop but the lifeloss is hard to compensate when you fetch a couple of times.

The Vampire Cutthroat is evasive, sneaks in a couple of damage points which generates a little lifegain.

I'm looming forward to Ixalan, which might provide one or two good BW Vampires. I'm desperatly looking for a good 2nd Lord to come in the new Set because the Captivating Vampire is not good at all

IRNMN on RBw Vampires

3 weeks ago

Love it, upvoted! Have you tested running Vampire Lacerator in place of Vampire Cutthroat? Having a slightly bigger 1 drop gives you better tempo and clock, and Lacerator is significantly better with the first strike given by Stromkirk Captain. Just a thought

GoodLuckGuy on Vamp it up! Budget modern Deck

1 month ago
FacepalmDon't run it, I goofed. Put in some Dismembers instead, sorry about that.

When it comes to the amounts for cards in your mainboard, here are some adjustments I'd suggest:

Chandrian on

1 month ago

Commander is usually a slower format, where it's not too difficult to get a lot of mana. For this reason I wouldn't focus so much on very small creatures that won't do anything. You have to remember that players have 40 life and if early game the only thing you will do is chump-block with something like Vampire Cutthroat you won't get very far...

To play with Razaketh, the Foulblooded I would play stuff that doubles your mana, stuff that takes advantage of dieing and then either go tokens or go reanimator style. A must have I think is Crypt Ghast, because with some artifact ramp you can get him out turn 3 and your commander turn 4 (also he has extort so he can gain you life). Another card to heavily increase your mana is Cabal Coffers, I'm certain there are a few others.

For artifact ramp there is obviously Sol Ring, but also Charcoal Diamond, Mind Stone (and many more).

As you can see there is quite some ramp available. For this reason I would only choose the very best cards among the ones you listed. Bloodsoaked Champion goes very well with your strategy, the same counts for Blood Artist, Supernatural Stamina is a nice little combo with your commander.

As for lifegaincards, I would suggest Pontiff of Blight (giving everything extort) and Sangromancer.

As you want to take advantage of stuff dieing I would not go all out on your commander, but also have other sac outlets, like Yahenni, Undying Partisan (which is on your list), High Market, maybe even Nantuko Husk or something similar.

How about you make a complete list so that we can help you in finding synergies with the rest of the cards (I'd love to see your enchantments, artifacts, etc).

PaulH__51 on Vamp

1 month ago

-4Aether Vial, +4Sanguine Bond-2Cliffhaven Vampire, +2Falkenrath Noble The Cliffhaven were just not have a good impact. However, the Blood Artist seemed to annoy a lot of folks. Hence the swap to the Noble.

Exquisite Blood will not be added.

Thinking of -1Tithe Drinker and +1Bloodbond Vampire. She seems to get the most attention from the opponent.

Vampire Cutthroat is a sneaky little bugger. Performed well so far.

zaxadillo on Mono black burn

2 months ago

Have you considered Underworld Dreams, Vampire Cutthroat, and Thrull Parasite?

DubiousDanish on First 11 days in M.T.G.! Help me defeat my gf!

2 months ago

Aaaawwwww yyeeeaaahh! This post and subsequent thread is so good! You're raking in the experience now whisenhuntn! Great catch on the Act of Treason/Nightmare interaction Tyrant-Thanatos, I completely missed that earlier. Solid advice on composition and your explanation of the legendary rule was crystal clear Argeaux.

As far as the most popular format for sanctioned play (as in monitored by judges and run at an lgs) is the standard format. This format is comprised of the last four expansion blocks that have been released. Currently Battle for Zendikar, Oath of the Gatewatch, Shadows Over Innistrad, Eldritch Moon, Kaladesh, Aether Revolt, and Amonkhet are all standard legal. To keep up on all things magic -- -- is straight from WOTC (Wizards of the Coast) themselves. My favorite YouTube channel is -- SBMTG -- and for browsing I use -- --.

Thinking out loud may be harmful to your strategy by giving your opponent too much info, but announcing the five phases is actually a good thing that I think more players should be willing to do. Just keep in mind that in competitive play you're on the clock... literally. Each round is 50 minutes/best of three, at 50 minutes you are notified that you have five turns (current turn is 0) to finish. At the end step of turn five if there is not a winner the round ends in a draw.

Until you feel comfortable running a kill deck, in this case aggro, I wouldn't recommend building a control or focus deck. How can you stop something that you don't fully understand? My first deck was Izzet (Blue & Red) and I didn't know what to counter or what to kill, so inevitably I lost. A lot! Use aggro as a training ground and as you learn it's strengths and weaknesses other decks/strategies will make much more sense.

To bolster your aggro deck:

Drana, Liberator of Malakir

Fatal Push

Gifted Aetherborn

Glint-Sleeve Siphoner

Grasp of Darkness



Ruinous Path

Scrapheap Scrounger

Snare Thopter


Vampire Cutthroat.

All of these cards could work in an aggro shell, they are of varying price points and casting costs. If you decide on a specific creature type or mechanic that you want to build around then the list will change of course. For instance if you decided "I like vampires" then creatures like Markov Crusader or Metallic Mimic gain value in a vampire based (tribal) deck. As for non-creature spells a card like Cartouche of Ambition is alright, but if you are also running Trial of Ambition the cartouche becomes much better. Without using both of the above cards, utilizing a pure removal spell like murder or never//return that I listed above will clear a path for your creatures to strike.

landofMordor on Attack me NOW!!!

2 months ago

So, for starters, I'd definitely take out Akroma's Memorial and either sell that bad boy or put it in literally any creature-focued EDH deck that you have, because all the keywords in the world will still only make your Stuffy Doll a 1/1. I'd also take out Assault Formation, since it only affects 4 of your creatures (and even then, it's negligible gain). Also, I'd nix Crawlspace since it defeats the purpose of Nightly Hunting. Gravity Well is redundant if you draw more than 1, so I'd just keep 2 copies.

To put in: Lust for War, Contaminated Bond, Contaminated Ground, Nettling Curse, Sinister Possession, Visions of Brutality, Goblin Diplomats. I'd put in Jaddi Offshoot or any Black creature with lifelink (Gifted Aetherborn? Vampire Cutthroat?) if you're concerned about Burn. I know your deck doesn't include B, but having those Auras will help you accelerate victory (honestly, you almost could take out all of the G cards in this deck).

Hope this helps! Mention me if I can clarify or otherwise be helpful.

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