Indulgent Aristocrat


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Heirloom Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Shadows over Innistrad Uncommon

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Indulgent Aristocrat

Creature — Vampire


, sacrifice a creature: Put a +1/+1 counter on each Vampire you control.

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Indulgent Aristocrat Discussion

reeljazz7 on Bunch of Dumb Vampires

2 days ago

Nice deck. I run one pretty similar, (VERY similar. Great minds think alike eh?) I've added Blade of the Bloodchief to mine for ramp abilities. I've got Indulgent Aristocrat for his ramp synergy with Bloodghast. I've got Doom Blade as a cheap, non-black removal. Hero's Downfall is there for Planeswalker removal. I also like the back up on First Strike from Stensia Masquerade if El Capitan doesn't show up soon enough.

For your sideboard, might be pricey (you've already broken the bank on LOTV. Got more cash than I do), I would look at Kolaghan's Command. I've got cheaper removals, but if you can spring for Fatal Push, I'd do that for the mainboard. I'm working on that for mine.

If you want to get some ideas from mine, check it out here. Fangs in the Night.

I've got a soft spot for Vamps myself so I love seeing a new fang slinger. I might playtest yours against mine to see which is more consistant.

reeljazz7 on Black Vampire Clan

1 week ago

I like Hero's Downfall or Never / Return as they can remove Planeswalkers as well. If you want removals with lower cost, Victim of Night and Fatal Push make solid choices. Bad Moon makes a good enchantment as well. Some other vamps I like that might work well, are Asylum Visitor, Indulgent Aristocrat, and Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet. Drana, Liberator of Malakir is good for ramping up what you have.

Schar17 on

2 weeks ago

No olhei o preo, mas:

Wrangle custa 2 de mana e 4 de ataque muito!

Bone Splinters e/ou Carrion Feeder podem reduzir o custo de mana (por menos que eu goste do Carrion Feeder nesse deck)

Fallen Angel pode ser uma opo pro final do jogo.

Indulgent Aristocrat pode ser uma opo boa se manter a maior parte do deck de vampiro. Com isso pode juntar Child of Night ou Ruthless Cullblade por exemplo, que tem baixo custo e o nico problema a vida baixa, o que se resolve por voc roubar e sacrificar os defensores do oponente. Outra coisa que achei nesse sentido que t um pouco redundante ter 16 opes diferentes pra sacrificar as criaturas, sendo que na prtica se sacrificar pra uma as outras continuam na mesma.

lagotripha on Competitive Mono-Black Vampires

4 weeks ago

I much prefer Indulgent Aristocrat or Gifted Aetherborn to Kalastria Highborn for the area buff and ability to stall out games with lifegain, because I find the mana investment difficult to keep up, and rarely impactful enough to run over Blood Artist. Indulgent also has some nice bloodghast synergy.

If you wanna look up sideboard options or other funstuff, Mono black deckbuilder's toolbox is my toolbox for decks like this. Everlasting Torment, Storage Matrix and Ratchet Bomb are my current preferred sideboard choices, but it really is meta-dependant.

C4rnif3X on hardhitta71194

1 month ago

Ya i'll let you know.. They're definitely in good shape 100%, just a little age ya know? Used to play a lot of U/B control back in the day. But ya, i'll get back to you soon about the trade. When I check them out, i'll send you an initiate and ship the next day.

Mynea Frian is definitely sick in my decks plan.. Everytime a non-token vampire attacks, you get a 1/1 vampire with lifelink. My decks plan is to swarm with vamp's. So combined with Indulgent Aristocrat 's you can turn your team into crazy over runners ;)

mrbuech on Steal and Sacrifice

1 month ago

I was going to suggest Vampiric Rites, but I couldn't think of the name and I went with the one I could remember in Indulgent Aristocrat. Lol!

silastheguardian on Steal and Sacrifice

1 month ago

Indulgent Aristocrat is my preferred option, but at the same cost you can have an enchantment in Vampiric Rites.

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