Vicious Conquistador


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Arena [BETA] Legal
Brawl Legal
Frontier Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Ixalan (XLN) Uncommon

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Vicious Conquistador

Creature — Vampire Soldier

Whenever Vicious Conquistador attacks, each opponent loses 1 life.

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Vicious Conquistador Discussion

StopShot on Alesha, Who Smiles at Extra Combat

5 days ago

Hmmm, I could think of a few ways to up-tune this deck if you'd like your combat phase to be a little spicier.

Akroan Hoplite I would swap for Eidolon of Countless Battles as it's power and toughness are equal to the number of creatures you have, not just the attacking creatures.

Archetype of Aggression has three power so it can not be recurred with your commander. Since most of your creatures have 2 power giving them trample is not the greatest keyword ability you could give them. Instead I think Goblin War Drums could give your creatures more of an edge and damage output instead.

Armored Transport is alright, but Everdawn Champion would be a good upgrade as you can also use the champion to block without it dying, and it doesn't die to artifact removal.

A better card for Ashmouth Hound would be Benalish Cavalry as it has one more toughness and it decreases the blocking creature's power as well. This makes the Cavalry better as it is much more likely to survive in combat unlike the Hound.

Attended Knight is alright, but a stronger inclusion would be Blade Splicer as it puts more power on the board for the same mana, and if the Splicer dies, recurring it multiple times produces bigger tokens than the Knight.

Battle-Mad Ronin can be a 3/3 for 2 mana, but when it's not blacked it doesn't do a lot of damage to your opponent, and sometimes you are forced to attack with it when it would not be preferable to do so. War-Name Aspirant would be more preferable, as you get a 3/2 with an added ability that makes it harder for your opponent to block it. It also doesn't have to attack each turn so you can use it to block if needed.

Capashen Knight is alright, but if you're short on mana to pump into him he can be rather ineffective. A reasonable replacement would be Knight of Grace which should easily be a 3/2 first strike if you or another player have a black card or creature on the battlefield. Having a constant 3-power first strike creature would be the equivalent of paying 4 mana into the Capashen Knight every turn. Plus the Knight of Grace has one more toughness and hexproof from black so it's much harder to remove as well.

Devoted Retainer's Bushido can make it a 2/2, but Isamaru, Hound of Konda would be a strong inclusion as it's always a 2/2 which means it would deal more damage to your opponent when not blocked.

Dragon's Eye Sentry can be a sizeable 1 mana defender, but I think this deck would enjoy Snubhorn Sentry more as most of the time it will be a 3/3 for one mana that can also attack.

Kiln Walker is a standard 3 mana 3/3, but a better card to run would be Nighthowler as having just 3 creatures in any graveyard makes it just as big all the time rather than when only attacking. In commander graveyards tend to fill up fast so the Howler will always be larger and larger as the game drags on.

Paragon of Fierce Defiance, Paragon of New Dawns, and Paragon of Open Graves do provide anthem effects, but since their anthems are limited by color of creatures you won't always get the paragon you need to buff up your whole team. Instead I would recommend running Angel of Invention, Ravos, Soultender, and Drana, Liberator of Malakir as they all can pump up your creatures regardless of color restrictions.

Pulse Tracker has a unique effect however you may want to switch it out for Vicious Conquistador as it is the same exact card, but with 1 more toughness, which will help it last longer in combat.

Rogue's Gloves does provide card draw, however; you may enjoy Mask of Memory more as the equip cost is cheaper, and drawing two cards then discarding one card can be more advantageous than drawing just one card.

Legion's Initiative only really buffs the attack of half your creatures which can be not as helpful if you don't have any red creatures out besides your commander. Leonin Sun Standard may prove better as it can pump all your creatures multiple times if needed.

Orcish Oriflamme can provide increased attack power for your creatures, but it's nowhere near as good as Glory of Warfare which provides more attack power, and it also provides more toughness when you need blockers.

You might also want to touch up on your mana-base a bit. Path of Ancestry works exactly like Nomad Outpost as it produces the same colors, but you can also scry with your commander off it. Command Tower and Ash Barrens also provide excellent mana fixing that you might want to look into. Other lands you may want to consider obtaining would be Wind-Scarred Crag, Tainted Peak, Isolated Chapel, Clifftop Retreat, Graven Cairns, Fetid Heath, and Rugged Prairie.

I hope you find these card suggestions useful to you.

hydrothermia on Basic Trash

2 weeks ago

Modern is a great format, but being a new player it isn't ideal to start playing it. Casual/Kitchen Table will be what you should stick to for now, until you feel like you're ready to start playing FNM in the Standard format.

So you like (/)Orzhov. It is a good color mix despite them being enemy colors. Expect to see some Orzhov cards in the next magic set, Ravnica Allegiance. What kind of tokens do you like? Creature or utility tokens like Treasure?

Vampires from Ixalan and Rivals of Ixalan are predominately . So I'd look into those first. Bloodcrazed Paladin, Vicious Conquistador, Vona, Butcher of Magan, Legion's Landing  Flip, Profane Procession  Flip and Elenda, the Dusk Rose to name a few.

SynergyBuild on To B/W Vamps or Not to B/W Vamps? (post-rotation)

2 weeks ago

I'd toss in more lands, or lower your curve, 21-22 will smoothen out your draws and mulligans.

3x Forsaken Sanctuary 4x Isolated Chapel 6x Plains 5x Swamp 1x Unclaimed Territory 3x Field of Ruin

Would be the best landbase for this deck, requiring two drops, my picks would be a copy of Vanquisher's Banner and Duress. In fact I would drop the other Duress for a Radiant Destiny or Vicious Conquistador, maybe some spiciness with Bloodcrazed Paladin, who knows.

A sideboard would also be nice, maybe some Bloodcrazed Paladins for the control matchup, where they want to sweep your field, and you get a big 8/8 in the trade, or some removal like Invoke the Divines, maybe some Seal Aways or Cast Downs.

Elenda, the Dusk Rose is a must in the board, really it is normally gonna do what Bloodcrazed Paladin does but in a different way. Profane Procession  Flip is also a good card against midrange for the list.

My sideboard would look like this:

1x Cast Down 1x Murder 1x Seal Away 3x Invoke the Divine 2x Profane Procession  Flip 1x Elenda, the Dusk Rose 3x Duress 1x Bloodcrazed Paladin 1x Divest 1x Settle the Wreckage

jzt0 on Drain Em'

1 month ago

Hey there!

I'm going to preface my comment with what I always do: This is all positive criticism, and I don't want you to take anything the wrong way, I'm just giving you the comments I would take myself.

I love the idea, and having ways to gain life, alone, makes it difficult for aggro/burn decks to quickly take care of you. That being said, your deck is 1) too slow. 12 of your creatures die to a 2/2 with no keywords. If they bring out a 5/5 with trample, you lose. Period. You need creatures that work for you in a vacuum. A Vampire deck is a great idea for Drainin' Em :), you can run your deck around Mavren Fein, Dusk Apostle + Sanctum Seeker. Legion Lieutenant can help boost your army, and Lingering Souls are an extremely efficient and low costing way to keep you alive early game to aggro/burn decks. Vicious Conquistador is a really good 1 drop. 2 defense and having them lose one life upon attacking is so strong, especially when boosted by the aforementioned creatures. With the new creatures, I'd remove Drana's Emissary + Cliffhaven Vampire in a heartbeat. Slow, inefficient, and do nothing for you. Speed up the tempo here is key, so you give yourself a chance to win.

2) The deck needs removal. Again, if they have a 5/5 with trample, the game's over. If you had something like Doom Blade, or Mortify, or Oblivion Ring, or Unmake, you'd be in much better shape. All are great choices.

3) There are a few cards I am not a huge fan of. Campaign of Vengeance costs you 5 mana and does you pretty much nothing. What if you're not in a position to attack? What if you only have 3 creatures out? It's just not great until many more turns in, and at that point, you've either lost, or won. I'd prefer you put in a big creature, or add removal. Trespasser's Curse doesn't do you too much either. If they're running aggro, you're toast anyway. 1 life per creature makes 0 difference. If they're running control, it won't do you anything all game long. Children of Korlis is poor at all points in the game other than turn one. Late game, it's a dead draw, and they'll wipe you to 0 before his ability gains you life, and outside of turn 1, he's a chump blocker to anything more than a 1/1. Alternatives include -> Duskborne Skymarcher has flying, Indulgent Aristocrat has lifelink and can boost other Vampires, Vicious Conquistador has big defense and a nice ability to boot.

I know I ripped your deck apart, but I really like the idea, and lifelink is a really great mechanic you can work with to make a quality deck. Best of Luck!

Waylayer on Vampiric Life-Drain

1 month ago

Cool deck! I have thought about someday trying a W/B vampire deck.

This is just my opinion, so take it for what you think it's worth, but I think your deck could improve by lowering your average cmc (converted mana cost). I'd switch out Vicious Conquistador for Vampire Cutthroat or Indulgent Aristocrat, because I think that incidental life gain (via lifelink) would be worth more than the extra couple damage you get with Vicious Conquistador. Plus, those two suggestions would synergize with Sanguine Bond. I might also switch out some of your higher manacost creatures for the two I mention below:

I realize you're running White/Black, so the 1BB manacost of Vampire Nighthawk might be a concern, but in my opinion, it's one of THE best vampires, and I'd run 4 of them instead of 2, if I were you.

Last but not least, I highly recommend Drana's Emissary. All she has to do is sit there, and your deck is doing what you want it to.

idleactions on Life Drain

1 month ago

Nermnt and FlabbyGabby I had considered going a splash of white, But I wasn't sure if I should just make the second deck Splashy from the beginning and play them both. For this deck, I based it all on Epicure of Blood magnifying the rest of the draining. with that in mind, I actually came across Exquisite Blood, which I have picked up two of for this deck. It is remarkably good in this deck as just a default addition, But If Epicure of Blood + Exquisite Blood work as I think they do, then practically my entire deck becomes a trigger for an infinite loop that would drain all the life from all opponents. Any direct combat damage, life Link Child of Night or Rush of Vitality Would set it off. Triggered abilities From; Vampire Sovereign, Vampire Neonate, Night Market Lookout, Blight Keeper, Bloodhunter Bat, Skymarch Bloodletter, Tattered Mummy, Vicious Conquistador, and Liliana, the Necromancer too. Lastly, any of my draining spells like Sovereign's Bite, Essence Extraction, and Lich's Caress ALL start an infinite drain.

That-old-noob on B/W Vampires- The Quick Constructed MVP

1 month ago

I Like where you're going with this. I'm refining a standard vamp tribal deck as well Orzhov vamps FTW. Mine is focusing a little more on indirect damage through Sanctum Seeker and Vicious Conquistador(quickly becoming one of my favorite 1 drop vamps ever!). Forerunner of the Legion would be a major suggestion from me as it doubles the odds of getting your lord on the table, or another of your closers depending on the situation. Also, Sheltering Light is proving to be invaluable against lord removal.

hydrothermia on Give and Take

2 months ago

Okay, let's see what we can do to smooth out the mana curve and balanced mana sources. You have ZERO cards with a converted mana cost of three. You don't have to go by this. This is just my interpretation of what your goal for this deck is.

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