Magnetic Theft


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Fifth Dawn (5DN) Uncommon

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Magnetic Theft


Attach target Equipment to target creature. (Control of the Equipment doesn't change.)

Magnetic Theft Discussion

Suns_Champion on Boros: T3 =20. GG

4 days ago

I'm a simple person. I see Boros, I click upvote.

Fun deck for real though. I really wish you could mess with Magnetic Theft in this deck. With the hammer and Kor duelist you could have gotten some nifty turn 2 wins! Oh well.

Control_Train on Feather Redeems Boros in EDH [Primer]

2 weeks ago

Styms - I’m glad you like the deck and I hope you have as much fun with it as I do! Thanks for the typo tip also, I’ll fix that.

proterran98 - Thanks for the compliment! I think you’d have to rebuild the deck in one of two ways for Sunbird’s, but I love the idea. You could either make the deck entirely (or a huge majority) one cmc, so that every spell is bound to hit something unless it’s a land revealed, or build your deck with a Birthing Pod type of curve with more lean into the lower cmc spells. You could definitely make it work I think, and it’d be fun as hell if nothing else.

Matticusrex - Sunforger has a place, but it is highly mana intensive and you need to build around it heavily. One card you would require for a Sunforger package is Magnetic Theft . Some other possible additions are Auriok Windwalker , Brass Squire , and maybe even Puresteel Paladin to cheat the equip cost. You also need tutors for Sunforger, of which there are four or five reasonable ones. Other cards that I think make Sunforger better are Mistveil Plains , Canal Dredger , Epitaph Golem , Junktroller , and Reito Lantern so you can reuse spells you get that would go to the graveyard. Another notable inclusion is Settle the Wreckage as a tutorable one sided board wipe.

I originally had it in the deck, and considered adding it back in recently, but the slot efficiency is poor for the value you gain. Why it’s in such a high percentage of those decks is likely because the top decks on here have or had Sunforger for a long time, and it feels like a natural conclusion, even though it isn’t upon inspection.

If the package itself weren’t so expensive (tutors alone likely costing $30-$70 for maximum efficiency) I would say try it and see for yourself. A problem I often ran into with Sunforger was that it took way more resources to get and hold up Sunforger that could have been spent progressing my board or doing something worthwhile. It is a powerful card, but not one that I think truly fits here, even in a storm build.

For example: if you can manage to get all 3 instant speed equip cards, 3 graveyard to bottom of library cards, and hold up the mana to do all this, you could theoretically Settle the Wreckage on each players turn in a pod, rendering you unattackable. However, Intimidation Bolt has a roughly similar effect for about a dozen less card slots and costing around the same mana to hold up for three turns in a row.

TLDR; wouldn’t advise Sunforger, but if you want to include it certainly can be played well If built around properly

As an aside, if you’re just using it as a tutor, and not trying to build around abusing it, it might be reasonable there just to find Teferi’s Protection, Boros Charm, or Angel’s Grace in a pinch. Even then, you’re investing 8 mana to cast one spell from your deck, and a further 5 for each other spell you get with it. Hope this answer is in-depth enough to help with your decision making.

Navon on Zurgo Voltron

1 month ago

You are not building on Zurgo's ability to grow when he kills other creatures. What you could be doing is forcing the opponents to block or give Zurgo Menace so they are incentivized to block with multiple creatures. This is a form of removal.

Also, you don't need all this equipment. It only makes Zurgo a more desirable target and you lose all that mana. And it is useless when you don't have anything to equip it to. Rather than lowering the cost to equip, make it free with Brass Squire , Magnetic Theft or Sigarda's Aid .

You need more interaction with your opponents and less buffs and combat tricks. Especially permanents removal. What will you do against Meekstone , Dictate of Erebos or troublesome Planeswalkers that cripple your entire plan?

WotanubisReturned on Feather, the Martyr

2 months ago

ChibiNature tell me what you think about this: I could tune it to chase the Arcbond + Martyrdom combo and add in more indestructible instants, but I know Feather is not the Legendary to expect more out of than getting lucky and steamrolling one player in a cEDH pod even at its best. I'm not looking to spend a whole bunch of cash to win dollars--I just like playing to be social without being a complete casual. Pinging keeps the pressure on everyone if I can protect the creatures but there aren't enough of those to rely on. Prophetic Flamespeaker 's pseudo card draw is what makes it stay in; Swiftblade Vindicator is on the way out so I'm looking at also removing Uncanny Speed and Invigorated Rampage because they lack a card advantage or defense function. Akroan Conscriptor is great for it's ability to steal things at instant speed but it is one of my highest CMC cards and is not always relevant; there is a far stronger argument for keeping Magnetic Theft around despite it being a dead card sometimes. I'm not even sure how attached I should be to Charmbreaker Devils because it is at the top of my curve and the effect is random. Myth Realized and Scroll of the Masters are slow but definitely require answers before they get out of hand; Chandra, Fire Artisan isn't going to win the game on the turn it hits, either, but that ultimate digs deep and does damage at the same time. Settle Beyond Reality feels like a super great effect but I think it isn't good enough at sorcery speed and I would likely be defenseless after using that much mana; Sentinel Tower is also being cut because of only working on my turn. Primal Amulet  Flip seems like a sure buy once it cycles, as does a Clifftop Retreat ; Settle the Wreckage can be cast with Sunforger so it feels like something to consider strongly as well. I could use Fateful Showdown to target my own creature like I plan to to do with Orim's Thunder and recycle it with Feather's ability but it would require indestructible backup.

pskinn01 on Replacement for Faithless Looting in ...

2 months ago

Stoneforge Mystic and Magnetic Theft like posted above is a good fit. Mystic tutors for your hammer, and can put it into play at instant speed. Then theft can put it on one of your creatures at instant speed. But mystic is a high value, but gift can at least do the searching part.

heckproof on Replacement for Faithless Looting in ...

2 months ago

First off, how much of a budget are you working with? The original SaffronOlive list was pretty ultra-budget, but you’ll have a much better deck if you’re able to spend more.

Faithless Looting was in no way integral to the deck. Mr. Seth “Proooobably better known as SaffronOlive” used a playset because the card was cheap money wise and was fine enough for the deck. Magnetic Theft would work fine, and Steelshaper's Gift would be pretty ideal as well. But, in all honesty, I’d say that there are more creative ways to boost the deck, or wildly different shells thereof. Think about it. Stoneforge Mystic just got unbanned. The possibilities are endless. Here’s a mono-white brew I made that focuses slightly on tribal that also incorporates part of the HammerTime combo: Stone-Kor-ge. Point being, experiment a little. See what you like!

Lightningtow on Replacement for Faithless Looting in ...

2 months ago

I found a Hammer Time deck that I liked, but the only problem was that it used Faithless Looting , which is now banned in modern. I'm not sure which card to replace it with. Any help?

I was thinking of using either Tormenting Voice or Cathartic Reunion for card draw, or just putting in Steelshaper's Gift to tutor for equipment or adding a Magnetic Theft or two.

This is the article I based it off of and the deck I'm currently planning on making:

Decklist and link Show

lagotripha on Hammer Combo

3 months ago

Not running Stoneforge Mystic as a backup plan? or red for Magnetic Theft ?

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