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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Archenemy Legal
Arena Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Gladiator Legal
Highlander Legal
Historic Legal
Historic Brawl Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Pauper Legal
Pauper Duel Commander Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Pioneer Legal
Planechase Legal
Quest Magic Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Vanguard Legal
Vintage Legal



Target creature gets +3/+2 until end of turn.

eliakimras on Wyleth, Boros Voltron

9 months ago

Hello fellow Wyleth, Soul of Card Draw player!

I'm glad you got both Wyleth's and Aesi's precons for a good price. They are reeeeally explosive in gameplay with a few upgrades.

I play a lot of this bad boy, and I want to suggest some swaps below 3 USD for you to take it to a higher ground:

First of all, the ramp. I found out that 2 CMC, untapped ramp is the best for Wyleth. Since he draws so many cards, he can chain rocks and voltron pieces in the same turn, so his next turn is even more explosive than the last one. I almost always have more mana than the Green decks in my pod.

You should run boardwipes that hits your stuff the least:

Also, you can streamline your removal package. All of those are fetchable by Sunforger:

More/better auras and equipment

Cheating equip costs

If you really need to protect yourself against attacks, Ghostly Prison is a way better Palace Guard.

More utility lands

Madcookie on Does having two Arcee triggers …

1 year ago

The way I see it is as is:

You target Arcee, Acrobatic Coupe  Flip with Infuriate, and trigger her ability which if this was Arena the trigger text would look like this "Put +1/+1 on this permanent. Convert this permanent". You respond to this by casting Expedite, which in turn creates essentially the same trigger. That trigger resolves first, you put a +1/+1 on Arcee, Acrobatic Coupe  Flip and convert her to Arcee, Sharpshooter  Flip, Expedite then resolves giving her haste and you draw a card, then the first trigger from Infuriate resolves, you put another +1/+1 counter on now technically Arcee, Sharpshooter  Flip and once again convert her to her vehicle side Arcee, Acrobatic Coupe  Flip and finally Infuriate resolves giving her +3/+2.

tl:dr She converts twice, gets two +1/+1 counters and finishes the interaction on the side she was initially.

Max_Hammer on Does having two Arcee triggers …

1 year ago

Arcee, Acrobatic Coupe  Flip will flip if I target her with a Infuriate, but if I target her with Infuriate and respond at instant speed with Expedite does she convert twice, getting two counters?

I'm pretty sure she can, but I want to double check anyway, so I don't embarrass myself with a misplay.

Can I make Arcee do backflips for extra value?

Alcolitox on Mono Red Elemental

2 years ago

I'd go something amongst the lines of this, on a simpler Mono R version

Creature Base

  1. 4x Brighthearth Banneret
  2. 4x Fire Urchin
  3. 4x Kiln Fiend
  4. 4x Lavakin Brawler
  5. 4x Goblin Smuggler
  6. 4x Pyre Hound

Spells Base

  1. 4x Built to Smash
  2. 4x Brute Force
  3. 4x Titan's Strength
  4. 4x Infuriate

There's a cheeky combo you can throw in if you'd like as well with Brighthearth Banneret + Brighthearth Banneret + Grinning Ignus for infinite mana, and use Fiery Hellhound or Igneous Cur or Inner-Flame Igniter or any of those Pay : gains +x/+x

Holagod on DoubleStalk - $20 Budget Build

2 years ago

Just thought about this, what about the addition of Infuriate?

Sorin_Markov_1947 on Feather - Righteous Strike

2 years ago

With Feather, you need to lean one way or the other, pump or burn. Cards like Firebrand Archer won't do much of anything in a deck that wins by Commander damage, whereas the pump is best replaced in a burn deck. This deck leans more toward pump, so I'll suggest cards for that.

Ajani's Presence is strictly better than some of the protection spells in here. Inquisitor's Flail is a repeatable way to double Feather's damage, it also stacks with both double strike and Unleash Fury. Kediss, Emberclaw Familiar turns a one=person kill into a full win. Blacksmith's Skill is just about the best protection spell you could ever want. Sejiri Shelter  Flip is a relevant MDFC. Intimidation Bolt can save you games. Impact Resonance can help you deal with problems too, and speaking of removal, you need some boardwipes. Austere Command is a very flexible sweeper, Blasphemous Act is a quality cheap one that you can frequently protect your own stuff from, and Slaughter the Strong is also cheap and mostly doesn't affect you. If you're running Sunforger, you really need to run Magnetic Theft to fetch on the first activation. It's a very effective combo. And then Storm-Kiln Artist is just a must in every Feather deck. It turns your engine from good to game-ending in seconds. Show of Confidence is also a game-ender, pairs very well with the storm aspect of the deck and the counters are permanent and it's hard to counter.

Generally higher-quality spells to have that are in my deck include Infuriate, Light of Hope, Stave Off, and Rile (it may be a sorcery, but trample is very relevant).

If you find your stuff is getting countered, or you need to use spells but Feather can't stay out, recursion like Dreadhorde Arcanist, Mavinda, Students' Advocate, and Past in Flames might be worth looking into.

In general, remove two-cost spells if possible, remove burn, and think about what color your mana production is. In my experience, most of the spells you want to cast multiple times are white, so red-mana production is less valuable. And Remote Farm will backfire very quickly without a way to increase its counters or blink it. There are a few other cards in here that just aren't quite good enough if you need advice on more things to take out.

If your playgroup starts to adapt, like mine did, and runs cards that don't care about your protection like Sakashima's Will, Out of Time, Extinction Event, etc., think about Eerie Interlude. It's three mana and one-time protection, but it can get you out of a rough spot that no other card can.

Dual-lands are very important in my experience. Consider Alpine Meadow, Command Tower (a must in every EDH deck), Stone Quarry, Thriving Heath, Thriving Bluff, and Wind-Scarred Crag.

Hardhitta7 on Izzet Tempo

2 years ago

I agree Titan's Strength is better than Infuriate but Mutagenic Growth is better than both. I would also replace the shocks with Lava Dart . Both of those cards will allow you to get out an early Stormwing Entity . If you don’t wanna play the darts I would at least replace shock with Burst Lightning .

I think Embercleave is a bit out of place. You are usually only attacking with 1 or 2 creatures in these decks. If you absolutely want something like that I would suggest Temur Battle Rage .

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