Savior of Ollenbock

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Alchemy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Arena Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Brawl Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Gladiator Legal
Highlander Legal
Historic Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Pioneer Legal
Planechase Legal
Pre-release Legal
Quest Magic Legal
Standard Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Vanguard Legal
Vintage Legal

Savior of Ollenbock

Creature — Human Soldier

Training (Whenever this creature attacks with another creature with greater power, put a +1/+1 counter on this creature.)

Whenever this trains, exile up to one other target creature from the battlefield or creature card from a graveyard.

When this leaves the battlefield, put the exiled cards onto the battlefield under their owners' control. (This is a linked ability, linked to the ability in the second paragraph on the card named "Savior of Ollenbock". Creature cards exiled by this card only return to the battlefield if those exiled cards were exiled by the ability in the second paragraph.)

IamRancor on Double-Barrel Triggers

10 months ago

Crow-Umbra thanks a bunch for the suggestions. A decent amount of them did end up getting cut. I really like Dolmen Gate and Reconnaissance but didn't make it due to their price. Most of the spendy cards on the list are there because I already own them. I did consider Breena, the Demagogue but figured that relying on other players to attack my opponents made it inconsistent, but after rethinking I think it would be good if my board isn't as much of a threat. Fervor was one of the last cuts mainly to save me a few bucks but I'd really consider Ogre Battledriver. I do agree about Hopeful Initiate but it stayed mainly because I already own it and it's basically the only possible cards to play on turn 1. I'm kinda surprised I forgot about Generous Gift. I liked Savior of Ollenbock mainly to bring stuff back from my graveyard. I cut Commissar Severina Raine to maybe cut down on the power level, slightly because of the cost, and slightly because I don't really like the art style of the cards from the Warhammer decks.

I do think I'll switch out Hopeful Initiate for Generous Gift. What do you think I should take out for Breena, Ogre Battledriver, and maybe Commissar Severina Raine? I kinda want to stick to the Myriad and Melee theme, plus I'm really liking all the creatures that tap stuff down.

Crow_Umbra on Double-Barrel Triggers

10 months ago

Your deck is off to a strong start! I do have some recommendations for stuff you can probably cut, along with a few potential swaps, depending on your budget.

Potential Cuts:

  • Hopeful Initiate - Kind of slow and clunky to actually activate the removal aspect of the card. Not super reliable as removal since it depends on 1) attacking with a bigger creature once or twice, depending if Isshin is out 2) surviving combat 3) Then activating its cost.

  • Savior of Ollenbock - Similar reasoning as Hopeful Initiate

Potential Additions:

  • Reconnaissance - A bit pricey, but one of the strongest cards out there for Isshin. Acts as a pseudo-Vigilance anthem, and can save your creatures in unfavorable blocking situations. This article can break down how that timing works for the trigger.

  • Scapegoat - Additional board protection that's both mana efficient and friendly to the wallet.

  • Calamity's Wake - Instant speed graveyard hate, if that's something relevant in your meta

  • Chivalric Alliance - Newer tech, but can draw cards and make tokens.

  • Dolmen Gate - Also kinda pricey, but can help round out your suite of board protection you already have in your deck.

  • Breena, the Demagogue - If you like Karazikar, you might like Breena. She gets huge fast, and opponents (in my meta) tend to let her stick around since they can benefit. I've won two games with her recently because she could essentially one shot people, as she reached 20+ power. She has recently become one of my favorite creatures in my Isshin deck.

  • Commissar Severina Raine - Another Hellrider style effect, plus has the benefit of being a slightly worse Skullclamp all rolled into one.

  • Anguished Unmaking - Very versatile removal

  • Generous Gift - Could be a decent swap for Hopeful Initiate, as it hits a variety of targets at Instant speed. The 3/3 Elephant donated to opponents is not really impactful, and usually dies in combat or boardwipes most games.

  • Ogre Battledriver & Fervor - Both excellent Haste anthems

I hope these suggestions are helpful. I'm down to chat through suggestions if you're interested. Best of luck with Isshin, he's a lot of fun to pilot. He's easily my favorite commander of the past year (so far) lol.

Fettsbounty on Isshin Tokens

1 year ago

Yeah Hero of Bladehold is 100% on the wishlist but on hold for budgetary reasons. I’m deep in brew mode and buying cheap cards to make several decks. And this was outdated when you saw this. Extus, Oriq Overlord  Flip was in for flip side but already cut along with Savior of Ollenbock for a silly combo of Devilish Valet and Delina, Wild Mage

lhetrick13 on G/W +1/+1 counters

1 year ago

Drestlin - If nothing else, any feedback is good feedback so you have some direction! But I am not actually surprised to hear that. I mean I think I'll Raise you +1/+1... is floating around $450 via Cardkingdom and yours is floating around $160 and the real only difference is the lands. I have fetch lands, shock lands, filter lands, and pain lands at my disposal that do not come in tapped and all allow me to "force" the mana I need when I need it, which is especially important for the three colors. I think keeping yours more green or white focused with the lands at your disposal is a solid play. Also in your defense, it seems like half my games getting like at least two lands in my opening hand (like a 70% chance with 21 lands in a 60 card deck) is a success as I still fight with the random number generator!

I also hear you with the training ability. Some games it is super awesome and literally crushes my opponent. An example is Hardened Scales + Hopeful Initiate + Luminarch Aspirant out and attacking with those two on turn 3. Savior of Ollenbock is also a love/hate relationship as he has to train to be effective and you are right, it is tough to trigger that at times. Thinking I might swap him out for something that fills a similar roll but is easier to do.

I look forward to seeing the new version of the deck! I have mostly just been playtesting stuff for mine so you have not seen much updates. With my recent addition of 4xEsper Sentinel, I no longer have need of Shapers' Sanctuary as the two are similar so trying out Driven / Despair...I like it for its upside but have not actually drawn it yet.

Drestlin on G/W +1/+1 counters

1 year ago

Had some games today - felt terrible, i think the deck is losing his focus A LOT.

At this point i basically removed all the white creatures in favour of Portable Hole and 2 Gavony Township - i also DEFINITELY like Lifecrafter's Bestiary as both a passive scry every turn and the now and then draw: i think i need to go back to the origins and concentrate on green creatures more - even with 8 double lands i often find myself without the right mana to cast creatures, the first few turns: especially with training, not having more than the lonely initiate down, because i'm missing the 2 green to cast, is just pain. Might have to find space to put back the Pelt Collector Will have to decide eventually, but the deck felt smoother a few iterations ago, and definitely without the white creatures in (i literally have NEVER been able to train the Savior of Ollenbock ONCE in however many games - i managed to use the initiate ability today more than once for the first time - and he trained once). I feel like training, apart from being slow in general, is also too dangerous with the amount of deathtouch stuff i'm dealing with, and having the creature die to a 1/1 dt or stay a 1/2 forever because that's my main way of pumping him up just doesn't work.

I'll update the deck with the latest revision tomorrow, so you can lmk what you think!

p.s. i have the Luminarch Aspirant, i might try him around eventually!

Drestlin on G/W +1/+1 counters exile

1 year ago

Chasmolinker the Panglacial Wurm seems great, since you don't even have to draw it, you'd need one or two at the most. i'll probably keep it in mind if i ever try to build this weird ramp counter deck we are discussing about now ahah

lhetrick13 what you found is what i suspected - unfortunately, cards should come next week so i won't be trying much apart from maybe very small changes - i don't want to print more proxies :D

i'll let you know as soon as i try out the new version.

or maybe i'll get around to print the few cards and will be able to try it tomorrow.

FYI, this is what i put together for next try:

Creatures - 4 Conclave Mentor - 3 Duskshell Crawler - 2 Hopeful Initiate - 2 Iron Apprentice - 2 Lion Sash - 2 Oran-Rief Ooze - 2 Savior of Ollenbock - 2 Scavenging Ooze - 4 Servant of the Scale - 3 Willow Geist

Lands - 4 Forest - 1 Karn's Bastion - 2 Llanowar Reborn - 3 Oran-Rief, the Vastwood - 3 Plains - 4 Razorverge Thicket - 2 Sunpetal Grove

//Enchants/Sorc/Instants - 2 Dromoka's Command - 3 Enter the Unknown - 4 Hardened Scales - 3 Swallow Whole - 3 Tezzeret's Gambit

//Sideboard - 2 Gaea's Blessing - 2 Gleeful Sabotage - 3 Mistcutter Hydra - 2 Predator Ooze - 4 Savage Summoning - 2 Wildwood Scourge

lmk if you have any comment on this one

lhetrick13 on G/W +1/+1 counters exile

1 year ago

Drestlin - see comments below...

  1. In terms of removal cards...I agree with you that Inscription of Abundance should go. I looked at it as well and although it does provide options, it is expensive to use it multiple abilities. Swallow Whole is not perfect but it does fit in a +1/+1 deck nicely with the caveat that you need a creature out and you need your opponent's creature to be tapped. You should play around with it and see what you think. I would avoid Gleeful Sabotage personally. I would not want to dedicate 2-4 slots for a card that can only kill artifacts/enchantments and be useless otherwise. Hopeful Initiate I feel like kinda fills this need for me. He is not perfect, but he does give some flexibility.

  2. In terms of the draw potential...I just play MTGO and complain about the prices of some of those cards so I feel you if you are buying some of these in paper. I run two copies of Horizon Canopy and find I almost always end up using its draw ability so it is really nice for that. I am working on getting all four copies of Esper Sentinel still and he is only around 9$ per card in MTGO! Inspiring Call has been sub-optimal in your experience huh? That is good to know. I will still experiment with it but good feedback still. I could definitely see how Hunter's Insight might provide a more consistent draw potential. Both of those two are situational but I will play with that too. Thanks for the suggestion!

  3. ya...Savior of Ollenbock is a bit of a double-edged sword for offensive creature removal, especially if you are using him to exile cards from the opponent's graveyard! Extremely effective though if you can get him to train once or twice and exiling your own graveyard :) And I feel you with Basri's Lieutenant being slow. I originally ran four copies of him and recently dropped it to three but am considering dropping him down to only two copies. Useful card but not as useful as others...

  4. If it were my deck and I was trying to find some room to fit in some of the stuff we talked about...I would drop 2xBow of Nylea. Your creatures should be bigger than most anything out there so you do not really need the deathtouch. It's activated ability is nice but I feel like for 3 CMC and an additional 2 CMC to activate an ability is pretty steep although the abilities are nice. Like you mentioned, you should most likely just run Gaea's Blessing or Elixir of Immortality for the mill deck. I would also drop Avatar of the Resolute as his ability is only mediocre I feel like even in this deck. You are only running 4 cards that allow you to remove cards from graveyard so I feel like Willow Geist could drop a copy. You could also likely drop a copy or two of Duskshell Crawler. Trample is nice but it is critical to the deck. Those are just some potential ideas for freeing up some space.

  5. In regards to tokens...I am currently running Torens, Fist of the Angels and although he has won me games, I am actually thinking of dropping him. Perhaps he will be better once I am running 4xEsper Sentinel with the Horizon Canopy but right now, I only get one of two tokens out of him and that is it usually. If I could keep more cards in my hand, then he might be better to get out 3-4 tokens typically in a game and he would be worth the slots

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