Brutal Cathar

Creature — Human Soldier Werewolf

When this enters the battlefield, or transforms into this from Moonrage Brute, exile target creature an opponent controls until this leaves the battlefield.

Daybound (If a player casts no spells during their own turn, it becomes night next turn. When it becomes night, all permanents on the battlefield transform into their nightbound side if they have one, and any new permanents that enter the battlefield will enter on their nightbound side if they have one.)

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Brutal Cathar Discussion

KayneMarco on Cottagecore Counters

3 months ago

Gotta let you know that Brutal Cathar  Flip can’t legally be in your deck to red being in its color identity.

Blackgate on Venturing forth (Esper venture)

3 months ago

Hi droslag thanks for reposting your comment! Not sure what happened there.

I’ll give Brutal Cathar  Flip a shot to see how it works with the curve - I had reservations with this creature due to it’s low power and it being susceptible to Play with Fire.

I suppose Soul Shatter works if you’re dealing with creatures you can’t target? As opposed to Infernal Grasp and Fateful Absence? Sideboard could be an option for this card. Lots of great suggestions thank you!

Dungeon Crawler works surprisingly well as it’s easy to complete a dungeon with this deck so getting them back into your hand isn’t uncommon!

droslag on Venturing forth (Esper venture)

3 months ago

Weird. I'll re-comment.

I was wondering why not Brutal Cathar  Flip over Gelatinous Cube? Also I'd recomment Agadeem's Awakening  Flip could swap a swamp out for 2 or something. I find Vanishing Verse really useful main or side boarded, aswell as Divine Smite sideboard for facing black decks. Before Liesa, Forgotten Archangel I used Kaya the Inexorable and I still think shes good. Im running 2 liesa, 1 kaya. I also like to use a Lolth, Spider Queen or two just because she's good. How well does Dungeon Crawler fare? I remember cutting mine for the Yuan-Ti Malison. I'd also recommend maining or siding a couple Soul Shatter.

droslag on Venturing forth (Esper venture)

3 months ago

instead of Gelatinous Cube why not Brutal Cathar  Flip ? Also i think Vanishing Verse is really good, atleast a sideboard. I run a similar deck, but include Yuan-Ti Malison mainboard and use Lolth, Spider Queen as well as Kaya the Inexorable who has helps creatures come back like Liesa, Forgotten Archangel. How well does Dungeon Crawler fare? I remember cutting it

ChrisHansonBiomancin on Sylesnya Humans

4 months ago

Hey I've been trying out the Humans as well, tho I went a jankier route with heavier ramp & Rite of Harmony in order to do dumb things, whereas yours seems more like a straight beatdown strategy which seems like it should be pretty solid.

Intrepid Adversary seems like a must-include for this strategy as a finisher since you both go wide and ramp. I like Maja, but I think you'd need to play Augur of Autumn in order to get enough lands to get consistent tokens.

Since you're devoting 8 spots to ramp I think it'd be worth it to play 2-4 Katilda, Dawnhart Prime as it can do ridiculous things and also be an anthem effect.

You could also consider playing Lunarch Veteran  Flip instead of Prosperous Innkeeper. The one advantage the Innkeeper has is the treasure, while Lunarch costs less, is a Human, and has the disturb ability.

A few other ideas from my deck (Harmonic Humans) - Saryth, the Viper's Fang for protection & making it awkward to block your creatures, Brutal Cathar  Flip for removal, and Ellywick Tumblestrum for card advantage.