Immolating Glare

Immolating Glare


Destroy target attacking creature.

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Immolating Glare Discussion

RaidenShogun69 on Azorius Testudo

1 day ago

you only have 3 removal spells and they all cost 4 mana. things like Immolating Glare and counter spells will help.

ScionsStillLive on You thought you were gonna play magic? (Azor Ctrl)

1 year ago

There is a lot of things in this deck that I see can be upgraded or removed.

First, I'll suggest some cards you could put in.

I'll start out with suggesting some boardwipes. Supreme Verdict , Wrath of God , Planar Cleansing , and Flood of Tears are some things you should look into.

More ways to stop the opponent's creatures would help. Lawmage's Binding , Frogify , and Kasmina's Transmutation stop creatures from using their abilities. Immolating Glare , Conclave Tribunal and Path to Exile are also things you should consider.

More counterspells would help too. Counterspell , Disallow , Devious Cover-Up , Void Shatter , and Absorb will stop your opponents from playing the spells they want to play.

I have a couple creature suggestions as well. God-Eternal Kefnet can cast your instants and sorceries twice, and Angel of Grace can save you from the brink.

A few miscellaneous cards that you should consider are Teferi, Hero of Dominaria , Control Magic , Lightning Greaves , and Sphinx's Insight .

Some cards to cut would be:

Flux Channeler , Cancel , No Escape , Dissolve , Blind Obedience (since it has in the card and therefore cannot be used since your commander is ), and Psychic Corrosion .

Hope this helps!

Goofydat on Glimmer and Glow

1 year ago

Feltrix I would run as many Ghostly Prisons as possible,.but the first card I would take out is the mainboard Negate and a the second being Immolating Glare . You should also probably run Glacial Fortress .

Feltrix on Glimmer and Glow

1 year ago

Goofydat I run Cataract over Memorial to Genius because I already have six taplands. Because of that, I don't have much trouble with manafixing, but I do have trouble with slow beginnings. There are a lot of situations where I would rather play a colorless untapped land than a tapped island. One more mana for the activation cost is rarely going to make a difference. I could probably switch out Blighted Cataract and a Tranquil Cove for Memorial to Genius and a Plains, but it honestly wouldn't make much difference.

Any thoughts on what I would switch out for Ghostly Prison ? Immolating Glare , maybe?

Angel_Zero on Either attack me or don't

2 years ago

cool deck!, I'd recommend Immolating Glare instead of Kill Shot in the sideboard.

5dollarMTG on $5 Kithkin Tribal

2 years ago

Good suggestion kamarupa! I hadn't seen Reprobation yet, but it does seem superior to Pacifism in almost every way (and it's only 10 cents on TCGplayer currently). You could also argue for something like Immolating Glare in this spot.

ClockworkSwordfish on How does Planeswalkers with abilities …

2 years ago

I guess the trick is to plan around forcing your opponent to attack! For instance, if he has some small but useful creatures and you have a big beefy blocker, you can force them to charge in to their death. Or you can ensure he sends his creatures into an Immolating Glare or Condemn if they weren't likely to attack otherwise.

Considering the +2 puts him at 8 loyalty, he should be able to take some hits from any creatures that get through - after which your opponent will be tapped out, meaning you can counterattack with creatures of your own, or even use Gideon's -2 to destroy a creature that attacked him last turn. Like with most any abilities in Magic, the trick is to get creative with it!

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