Call the Gatewatch


Format Legality
Commander / EDH Legal
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Legacy Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Frontier Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Oath of the Gatewatch Rare

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Call the Gatewatch


Search your library for a planeswalker card, reveal it, and put it into your hand. Then shuffle your library.

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Call the Gatewatch Discussion

Chandrian on Saskia, Rainbow Warrior

1 day ago

I have taken out:

Oath of Gideon because I'm not playing Ally tribal and only have 4 planeswalkers, of the Oaths in the deck it seemed much less usefull than the others.

Putrefy is a good removal spell, but I think I still have enough removal in the deck even after removing it. The reason I cut this one is that except for Beast Within, which is stronger, all other removal can be tutored by Sunforger

I also removed Vizkopa Guildmage, I love that card but it doesn't do much for the deck... I needed to cut some more cards so it had to go.

I still need to cut one more card, I'm hesitating to cut Call the Gatewatch or Sylvok Explorer. Let me know what you think! Obviously you can also point out another card that you feel shouldn't be in the deck or tell me to lower my land count.

Naosu on The Nahiri Restored Balance Of The Force

1 week ago

Hi Dalf !

Thanks for notice that it only 59 cards ! I miss to put one more Call the Gatewatch in the pool :)

Aragon_Neotrix on Gideon's Abzan Vehicle Adventure

2 weeks ago

Ovalchase Dragster works for some rush damage

honestly I'd cut the legendary enchantments down to 1 each personally just because you don't want too many dead cards in your deck

I'd definitely cut Rhonas as much as I love him down to 2 as with an Indestructible, deathtouch god I doubt you'll use all 3 of them ever. In fact if this deck is good you wouldn't even use 2 most games.

I'd add some sort of ramp in here so you don't run too slowly. the new Naga Vitalist works well in 3+ colour decks.

I'd also add more creatures and maybe some of the Gideon tute cards or even Call the Gatewatch

Hope this help and as much as its frustrating thinking of versing a expensive indestructible planes walker deck like is... its also hilarious XD

Would you mind helping me with my standard The Evo word

FullmetalWes on Nissa, in a Haze of Pollen

3 weeks ago

@BubbleMatrix2357 I would personally cut the 2 Dissenter's Deliverance to the sideboard and cut Druid of the Cowl or Call the Gatewatch to make room for Oath of Nissa. The reason I recommend it so strongly is because it will help you get exactly what you need for the situation or if you don't get what you need then you are that much closer to what you do need. As for mana fixing, I'd run 4 Aether Hub since you have 4 Attune with Aether and Servant of the Conduit. Another great card that allows you to keep digging, provides energy for mana and is either a blocker/draw out removal is Rogue Refiner. Hope that helps!

herringtonr on Brezzeret, Agent of Etherium & Myrs

1 month ago

More cards like Diabolic Tutor. Call the Gatewatch isn't a very good card considering there are only 6 walkers, and having more all around tutors would be better in more situations.

Riclamin_Silentread on Brezzeret, Agent of Etherium & Myrs

1 month ago

Maybe Call the Gatewatch to get the walkers out? Or just more cards like Diabolic Tutor to hit them with. Probably gonna grab Tezzeret the Seeker first because of his -X fetch any artifact I need if I can pump him early game.

Deos on 5-Color Unbridled Walkers

1 month ago

One of the biggest problems you have, is like you said, consistency. TO help fix that I recommend Deploy the Gatewatch and Call the Gatewatch. One will most likely get you two planeswalkers onto the battlefield for free, and the other will let you search for a specific planeswalker. The other suggestion I have is Oath of Ajani. This will make pretty much all the spells you cast cost one less. Fun idea overall.

Chandrian on Should I update the commander?

1 month ago

I don't think having a supplemental color will help the deck much, it will add cards you can select obviously, but not certain if the pay-off is worth it.

While Yidris is/looks like a fun commander to build around, he requires to actually do damage, so it may be trickier to turn on cascade.

There have been new cards coming out, and a bunch of those care about planeswalkers. You could update the deck accordingly by adding stuff like Oath of Nissa.

Now that I think about this more, adding white may actually help you with the Superfriends thing because you get access to Oath of Ajani and Oath of Gideon as well as Call the Gatewatch. If you insist on going 4-color that would mean either some partner combination or go with Kynaios and Tiro of Meletis as commanders of the deck

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