Call the Gatewatch


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Hero Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Heirloom Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Oath of the Gatewatch (OGW) Rare

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Call the Gatewatch


Hooded Hydra enters the battlefield with X +1/+1 counters on it.

When Hooded Hydra dies, put a 1/1 green Snake creature token onto the battlefield for each +1/+1 counter on it.

Morph {3}{G}{G}

As Hooded Hydra is turned face up, put five +1/+1 counters on it.

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Call the Gatewatch Discussion

alias42 on Atraxa Superfriends

6 days ago

Recommended adds: Tamiyo, the Moon Sage one of the best walkers in edh... she just does nuts things

Deadeye Navigator flicker djeru, deepglow skate or thalias lancers. Win?

Bitterblossom protect those walkers bro.

Tezzeret the Seeker able to tutor chain veil to the battlefield, and goes infinite with the chain veil. Almost a 1 card win the game combo.

Ugin, the Spirit Dragon another all around great card. One of the best ults in the game, and really easy to ult. Even if you don't ult him, he's a selective board wipe or removal/burn.

I'll leave what you cut for these up to you, because alot of the chooves will be largely meta dependent. The rest of the swaps I'm going to recommend are for direct upgrades to cards that are currently in your deck, meaning swap card a for card b. Not saying to cut these to make room for the above cards, unless you feel that's the best choice.

Recommended swaps Cut Day of Judgment Add Supreme Verdict or Wrath of God. Probably Verdict since regeneration isn't super common, but either one is strictly better than day of judgment.

Cut Call the Gatewatch or Mystical Tutor or Enlightened Tutor Add Vampiric Tutor

alias42 on Atraxa's Friends Are Super!!

1 week ago

Nice looking deck man. We apparently have really similar tastes in names lmao. Have you considered running Sensei's Divining Top and/or Sylvan Library over ponder/preordain? I don't see alot of instant/sorcery synergy so having the permanents that allow you to continuously look at and dig through the top cards may or may not be helpful. I'd also recommend Djeru, With Eyes Open Over Call the Gatewatch. 2 more mana, but does WONDERS to protect your planeswalkers

hkhssweiss on Atraxa's Super F(r)iends

1 month ago


First off I have to say, definitely love the way you did the CSS/HTML scheme. Just have to +1 just for that!!!

I would love some pointers on how to do the same @[email protected]

But aside from that for some suggestions:

Oath of Teferi

Vampiric Tutor

Grasp of Fate

Primevals' Glorious Rebirth

Arena Rector

Teferi's Protection

Call the Gatewatch

Deploy the Gatewatch

Urza's Ruinous Blast

As Foretold

Hope that helps!

PhazonOmega on Atraxa- Competitive Super Friends

1 month ago

What is the win condition of this deck?

I am not too familiar with Super-Friends, but am trying to build one of my own, and am wondering if I am missing something. Some card choices I don't quite understand: Ajani Steadfast doesn't do a lot without his ult, but perhaps his -2 has more utility than I imagine. Vivien Reid seems like a better fit than Freyalise, Llanowar's Fury, since Vivian helps with manna better and can snipe flyers, along with having a more impactful ult (perhaps this list was uploaded before Reid?). Pull from Tomorrow may be better than Sphinx's Revelation, as it costs one less, and the negatives (no life gain and forced to discard a card) don't seem to be relevant. I'm also wondering why there are not a couple more counterspells or tutors that are not so specific; I would rather be able to tutor for anything from my deck (Vampiric Tutor) than have to search specifically for Planeswalkers (Call the Gatewatch).

merflock on Garruk, Caller of Progenitus

1 month ago

A splash for Call the Gatewatch could help consistency as well.

LuciferDarkstar on Atraxa Amazeballs

2 months ago

zerowner, I forgot to update that card. I did switch out Call the Gatewatch for Deploy the Gatewatch when I went from my Walker/Infect version of this deck. I'll update the deck list in a sec.

And no Oath of Jace because I completely forgot about it when making this a true superfriends deck. So thanks for the reminder on that!!!

I don't have any flip walkers because I don't currently own any. I built this deck with cards from decks I no longer use. I plan on selling my Urzatron cause Karn Liberated and Ugin, the Spirit Dragon are crazy right now, so I'll look into getting a bunch of cards for this and my The Ur-Dragon deck.

I've never really had a game where I haven't gotten color spread by turn 3 or 4, so color fixing has never been an issue thus far. Though it could use the mana ramp for speeding it up a little bit. I thought about running the moxes like Mox Sapphire etc but apparently they are banned, which makes no sense since they are legal in Tiny Leaders.

I do have Teferi's Protection in right now which is the best fog effect out right now, especially for multiplayer games.

I just don't have much space left. If I pull out the 4 Praetors' and Toothy, Imaginary Friend that gives me 5 spots that I'm comfortable changing. Oath of Jace, Cultivate and Kodama's Reach take up 3 so far. So I could add an actual Fog and something like Tangle would work great.

And I agree that Zur the Enchanter could be a great pick. So I'll have to mull that one over.

Thanks for your input, I definitely appreciate it.

Xica on Mardu "control" ?

2 months ago

First of i like the idea of the deck but...

You need to know what you want to play. This is in no way, shape or form a conntrol deck. Just because control decks at one time diluted their gameplan with a boatload of threats in the form of planeswalkers, doesn't make superfiend decks control. Control decks are what they are, because they plan on controlling what the opponent has on the field. (Pure control is decks like grixis 8-command, or esper draw-go)

If you want to win, control decks are far from the only, or even the easiest way to do so. However if you want to look like the deck didn't matter just your skill, control decks the easiest way to have an excuse to brag about your achievment....

If you want to stick to your superfiends deck, i would recomend cutting high cmc "control finisher" planeswalkers like Elspeth, Sun's Champion - as they are a liability against control, and will be a liability against Assassin's Trophy decks - you have zero ways to protect her. Why not play some of the best walkers red has to offer, maybe Chandra, Torch of Defiance or Sarkhan, Fireblood? And ditch high cmc creature finishers - play things like board wipes, if your threats are planeswalkers, they are only going to hurt your opponent...

And focuse on the low end of the curve, Gideon of the Trials, Liliana of the Veil... etc. Its gonna cost a fortune, but its what makes superfiends good. (I guess its true for all other deck.... if you don't have a proper mana curve, you will hardly have a good game in any meta that is even somewhat prepared to handle your deck)

playing soem "oath of..." cards also seems like a good idea. However without ramp Call the Gatewatch is a trap.

DrkNinja on Jodah and Buddies

3 months ago

Two things, his CMC is a little high and he's missing the #1 walker card... Doubling Season.

I'd also like to offer a slew of cuts... It should also be noted that I play this same deck, which you can find here

The Planeswalker Society

Commander / EDH* DrkNinja


I'd take a look at it for some more suggestions than I am going to state here on this post.


  • Curator's ward: Its actually pretty good tech, but... unless you are playing against a deck that is damage or specifically targets walkers this card is a waste. For 3 CMC you could be playing Call the Gatewatch instead.
  • Oath Of Gideon: Honestly I've played with this card and it just doesn't do it for me, one extra counter generally doesn't help me at all and so it ends up being a dead card.
  • Saving Grace: Again good tech, however you don't play a lot of creatures so 70% of the time this is going to fail to enchant a creature and die.
  • Djeru, With Eyes Open: The only good part about this card is the tutor part, which again you can get from Call the Gatewatch at 3 CMC
  • Exquisite Archangel: I'd advise running Stunning Reversal in its place, it's instant speed, it's less, and it allows you to take your opponent by surprise. With the angel they know that's a thing and a kill spell or board wipe deals with it.
  • Resolute Archangel: I get why this card is appealing but I think it's unnessecary and doesn't add value to your deck and overall strategy.
  • All the Fogs: Fogs or spells like fog, all just delay the inevitable. If someone is going to attack you and that kill you or your walkers wouldn't you rather just deal with their boardstate? I would.
  • Deploy The Gatewatch: You need a majority percent of your deck to be walkers for this card to be effective, and even if you did have a good percentage there's such a possibility to wiff is just too great. I'd rather just play Jace, the Mind Sculptor and Sensei's Divining Top to control the top of my deck instead.
  • Profound Journey: Creeping Renaissance is cheaper, and can be flashed back to do again. I get that it brings it to the Battlefield but it's only two cards out of your graveyard vs. dozens.
  • Settle The Score: I get it, but just run Path to Exile and Swords to Plowshares, this card is just a "win more" card and it's too expensive to be effective.
  • All of the banners: Replace them with Coalition Relic and Chromatic Lantern trust me this is a much better solution than the banners.

I'm going to offer some general suggestions. So... More board wipes as they don't effect you because you can continually pump out tokens every turn with your walkers. More staples, play with more big staples like Leyline of Anticipation, Cyclonic Rift and Rhystic Study. MOR WALKERS!!! You dont' even have a Tamiyo, Field Researcher the most broken of Walkers! More value, make sure your cards bring you as much value as possible; creatures like Arena Rector and Captain Sisay (walkers have been change to be legendary) and Jhoira, Weatherlight Captain all of those care about walkers.

Take a look at my deck and you can find a bunch of walkers, staples, boardwipes, and cards that are high value in a walker deck.

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