Oketra the True


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Amonkhet (AKH) Mythic Rare
Masterpiece Series: Amonkhet Invocations (AKHMPS) Common

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Oketra the True

Legendary Creature — God

Double strike, indestructible

Oketra the True cannot attack or block unless you control at least three other creatures.

: Create a 1/1 white Warrior creature token with vigilance.

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Oketra the True Discussion

EPICSpider23 on Hour of Cat-astrophe

1 week ago

This deck looks pretty good. A few things, I'm not quite sure why you're using Resilient Khenra and although Oketra the True is a great card, I don't feel like it synergies well. Have a look at my cat tribal deck and you may find something that works Meowtastic. Prepare / Fight goes great, especially untapping Pride Sovereign and Fumigate will always come in handy.

IcyFire81 on Mono W Token Vampires

1 week ago

Some of what I've seen that would be a good 1 of closer outside of Zetalpa are Oketra the True, Cataclysmic Gearhulk, and Trapjaw Tyrant. I understand all of them (possibly not Oketra since you're running her monuments) are out of flavor. I know that people who play tribal don't want to necessarily want to "break theme", though you are looking at potential closers.

If you run Dusk know that there are times where it helps just casting it knowing that nothing will happen and it will just go right into the graveyard. It seems strange but people will have a hard time determining what to kill if they know the next turn you're just going to cast Dawn and get a replenishment of creatures back, especially if Oketra's Monument is out. If that's out, just keep your tokens back and that should help.

Fumigate is also a white counter that's almost required in standard right now for removal. Ixalan's Binding, Solemnity, and Gideon's Intervention are also options to look at, depending on your local meta. My lgs has a lot of energy decks so I actually have Solemnity in my main board. Hopefully that helps some with getting a better idea.

brodesmagodes on White Micro D*ck

1 week ago

Thanks for the suggestions. I have this deck paired up against my mono-black standard deck so the deathtouch/removal was killing me and i dont think Trial of Solidarity helps much. I took out the Seraph of the Suns as well as the Victory's Herald for Serra Angel and Queen's Commission respectively. That should lower my mana curve and also help get more tokens out for Oketra the True. I also like Imperial Aerosaur and Emissary of Sunrise instead of the Rhet-Crop Spearmaster.

mikeyoffbeat on Sneaky Fish People

2 weeks ago

Did pretty well my first FNM with this deck. Ran all over Naya Dinos 2-0. Did very well against U/B control, completely overwhelmed by creature count and was able to sufficiently protect key pieces and finished 2-0.

There were only 5 people, my third matchup was energy cats and was overrun with Oketra the True both matches and finished that set with 0-2, I was horribly outdrawn both matches, mulligan down to 5 and was very mana heavy drawing neither metallic mimic or herald. All that being said, I was able to trade licks with an army of lifelink and massive cats for at least 5 turns before I began to be overrun. With a good draw Id say I have a good chance to out tribal cats.

shrakner on Naya Myriarch

3 weeks ago


I do like Angel of Invention, but I don't have one available right now- I do admit I completely forgot about Fabricate, which works amazingly well with both Myriach and Oketra the True. Adding it to the Acquire board for future deck revisions.

I think I'll drop Torch Gauntlet down to 2x to free up a slot for the one Kinjalli's Sunwing I have. I do like the card, in theory, for giving extra damage on hard-to-block / double strike creatures, plus bumping a couple smaller creatures up enough to activate Rhonas. Onward / Victory or Appeal / Authority could play a similar role, but then they're not permanents.

I have 2x Glorybringer that would be useful for semi-removal + it's just a damn good card, but I'm already topheavy at 5 CMC. Ditto on Carnage Tyrant.

Daodejing on Senior Death-Stomp(y)

3 weeks ago

Yeah I do agree on Evolving Wilds, it's much more of a control themed deck's land, you need lands to eneter untapped here most of the time. You could play 1 for Revolt, but I would still not play it honestly.

So you could switch most of them with Hashep Oasis which makes you threatening even with an almost empty hand in the late game ;) much more fitting for the deck! And add a few Plains no doubt ;)

I would replace the Ninth Bridge Patrol with a Sacred Cat or 2, or even 3, since if it gets big through the monument it also helps you win races against other aggro decks, by damaging and gaining you life at the same time, and otherwise is just a good blocker with embalm, ensuring you always have something on board to block in the first few turns. Not sure if the Embalm part makes it a creature SPELL to trigger Rhonas's Monument but you should check, and it's just a overall good 1 mana drop, even better than the Elf. I get the idea of the combo, but it's just not worth it in my opinion in most scenarios!You could instead run Merfolk Branchwalker which is a good card overall and helps you draw, can sometimes make a difference without having to drop Lifecrafter's Bestiary to help you draw properly...

Rhonas the Indomitable would be a huge advantage for both the activated ability and the indestructible factor. I would even consider 1 Oketra the True as a finisher, but no more than 1.Angel of Invention is not a great pick IMO, since the Fabricate option is not considered a creature SPELL as they are not cast but tokens, so that wouldn't trigger Rhonas's Monument multiple times and the card itself is not that good in this deck's idea...

Last but not least, I'd switch 2 Heroic Intervention with 2 Cast Out maindeck, as the cycle is something useful as well as a good target removal spell in the right moment can make you deal critical damage much more easily. Plus every green white deck seems to play Intervention in the side and I can think that's because you usually want to be the one charging instead of standing still and countering, at least untill you're forced to ;)

Against Ramunap Red you might consider Life Goes On. Not really hard to trigger the 8 life condition, and that might just mean you win a race in that scenario!

PS Thank you for commenting my monument deck ;) Bye!!

CrazedPorcupine on Official missing/incorrect card/token thread

3 weeks ago

yeaGO Nest of Scarabs is still missing it's 1/1 black insect tokens, and Oketra the True and Oketra's Monument has them creating 1/1 Warriors that don't have vigilance while they should have vigilance.

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