I saw this guy and I was intrigued. There is also just something about that name that makes me want to build a deck.

After some thought I decided that a list completely devoid of permanents didn't quite make sense so I will be including a few, but I'll be trying to keep the instant/sorcery count extra high still. I want to include some flicker effects which can be used to get Codie off the battlefield temporarily when I need to cast a permanent spell. I also want to use spell/land based ramp more than mana rocks. I want to use instant/sorcery based token generation for the majority of my creatures. Having some creatures for blocking will be an important part of the defense plan. Higher than normal amounts of removal will fit with the spells theme and also be another important part of the defense plan.

This deck tries to ramp hard in the first few turns in order to get to enough mana to cast multiple spells in a single turn. Codie provides some ramp and also creates a trigger which will get me an additional free spell. In the early turns the spells I'm casting to get Codie's trigger are likely to be ramp or draw spells in the 3-5 mana value range which will get me a free spell in the 2-4 mv range. A good number of my spells in that range are more ramp spells so the ramp feedback loop does nicely for a turn or two. It can also make sense to hold off one or two extra turns before casting Codie if I started the game with any permanents in my hand.

The next phase is when it's time to stabilize. Cast removal and copy or reanimate the opponents' creatures. Don't be too afraid to let Codie get removed if you have a permanent spell in hand; he isn't too expensive to re-cast once. This is also the part when to try to use some of the spells that can be used to cheat creatures into play from the library or graveyard. Getting Archaeomancer and Peregrine Drake into play sets up for the ability to make infinite mana.

As you get ramped up and out of imminent danger it may become possible to cast some big spells. Epic Experiment for x = 8 to 10 is a good place to be. If you've managed to dump some permanents into the graveyard (with spells such as Frantic Search or Ancient Excavation), then Eerie Ultimatum can pack a punch. It can ramp just enough to keep you going with another spell or two and even more importantly it can cheat into play those oh so powerful combo piece permanents even with Codie in play.

Archaeomancer + Displace - This can be used to increase the storm count, but does not go infinite without the mana to keep casting Displace.

Archaeomancer + Displace + Peregrine Drake - This generates infinite mana and an infinite storm count.

Divergent Transformations, Reality Scramble, Synthetic Destiny - These can be used to get around Codie's restriction by trading in tokens or stolen creatures for the useful creatures in the deck.

Thousand-Year Storm + Narset's Reversal - Reversal becomes a buyback for both itself and whatever spells you want to cast ahead of it. For optimal strategy I recommend using the top two copies of Narset's Reversal on the stack to target the original spells. Then let extra copies of Reversal fizzle by also targeting one of the original spells.

  • Pair with Brass's Bounty for some wicked mana generation (can be infinite actually).

  • Pair with a draw spell to draw lots of cards, but be careful to avoid drawing too many cards. Use a targeted draw spell to offload extra draws to an opponent (and maybe draw them out of the game).

  • Pair with a burn spell or Tendrils of Agony to close out the game.

Thousand-Year Storm + Epic Experiment - Even with a single cheap spell cast before Experiment will give you an extra copy of it. Once the first Experiment resolves it will fill the stack with several spells all of which get extra copies. The order you place them on the stack can matter because the spells placed higher on the stack see each spell cast before them and get more copies. Each spell cast off of Epic Experiment generates its own Thousand-Year Storm trigger and all of those triggers get placed on the stack after Experiment finishes resolving and before any of the newly-cast spells resolve. You can order those triggers however you want in order to manipulate which spell's copies will resolve first. One thing to note is that none of the different spells' copies will exist on the stack at the same time as each other because the first storm ability to resolve will create its copies on top of the stack and then those copies have to all resolve before the next storm ability creates its copies. Aren't crazy stacks fun?!

Jadzi, Oracle of Arcavios   + Goblin Electromancer or Baral, Chief of Compliance - I would go so far as to say this is the most powerful value engine all star in the deck. When you cast (or copy) an instant or sorcery to trigger Jadzi, she allows you to cast the top card of your library for . If that top card is an instant or sorcery you will be able to cast it for free thanks to the cost reduction of Goblin Electromancer and/or Baral, Chief of Compliance and that will also trigger Jadzi again. This continues until you hit a land, a non-land permanent, or a spell that you decide not to cast. It is not hard in this deck to get a stack 5-10 spells deep.

Jadzi's ability is also triggered by copying abilities such as Storm or Thousand-Year Storm. I will describe the complicated stack situation which will arise in this situation.

  1. Cast a spell with Storm such as Mind's Desire; the spell will go on the stack.

  2. Both Jadzi and Storm trigger and you can choose in which order to resolve them. For simplicity sake I always choose to keep the storm ability on the stack (since it hasn't resolved yet, the copies haven't been created yet) and resolve the Jadzi trigger first.

  3. It is possible (or likely even) that Jadzi will continue to build the stack on top of the Mind's Desire and Storm ability.

  4. Once the stack resolves back down to the Storm ability, it resolves and creates some number of copies (the number was locked in when the ability triggered and does not count anything cast since then) of the Mind's Desire.

  5. The creation of those copies now also triggers Jadzi for each copy made.

  6. There is now a pile of Jadzi abilities on the stack which will each need to resolve individually before we ever get back to the Mind's Desire copies.

Tendrils of Agony - It requires a big storm count, but it works especially well if infinite mana and storm count have been generated.

Approach of the Second Sun - Alternate wincon card.


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