Yahenni's Expertise

Yahenni's Expertise


All creatures get -3/-3 until the end of turn.

You may cast a card with converted mana cost 3 or less from your hand without paying its mana cost.

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Yahenni's Expertise Discussion

EpicBox75 on Black Blue Control

7 months ago

Hi. I love UB control archetype so I would like to give my 2 cents. So I'll hope that this helps/gives new ideas ^_^

I think your deck at the moment has unnecessary tap lands. Halimar Depths Vivid Marsh and Polluted Mire and Lonely Sandbar. I would recommend trying Mystic Sanctuary, Sunken Ruins, Field of Ruin, Fabled Passage or Castle Vantress. Karakas is also viable option even though it acts like colorless land in UB.

I also need to recommend Search for Azcanta  Flip because it can win control mirrors almost by itself. Shark Typhoon and Omen of the Sea are my personal additions usually because both of them are 2 for 1 effects.

For sorcerys I have not been impressed with Yahenni's Expertise and I have played Shadows' Verdict and/or Dead of Winter instead of it. Also Bloodchief's Thirst and Baleful Mastery are cards that I can't stop recommending because they are just that good, the ability to get rid of an creature or planeswalker while being cheap removal if needed is just so good.

For creatures I will recommand Murderous Rider it is another hero's downfall with 2 for 1 thanks to adventure, I have never been impressed by Teferi, Mage of Zhalfir because he usually doesn't do enough for 5 mana. For planeswalkers if your meta has decks that have creatures Ashiok, Nightmare Weaver is surprisingly effective and talking about Ashiok Ashiok, Nightmare Muse is a real game closer because both +1 and -3 are extremely good and an army of 2/3 will win the game at some point.

For instants I will just write recommendations because there are so many: Archmage's Charm just does everything you would want, Commence the Endgame uncounterable threath + card draw and is especially good mirror breaker, Cryptic Command it also does everything, Disallow the stiffle can save games sometimes (like countering planeswalker "ultimate"), Erebos's Intervention I personally like this card very much because it can buy so much time against aggro decks, Hieroglyphic Illumination works as early game can trip and mid/late game divination, Spell Snare on draw this is amazing and usually the best cards are 2-3 costed so this usually hits something important and last but not least Force of Negation because it is another force. I would recommend little bit more targeted removal because edict effects are worse against decks that play mana elfs or other low impact 1 drops.

I personally wouldn't play your artifact package but because I haven't played with artifact package I won't say anything about that because I don't know how good it is.

These are just my recommendations and these aren't absolutes. Here is also list if you would like to compare different building choices

I hope that you found this helpful ^_^

zapyourtumor on Modern UB Shadow (WIP)

7 months ago

Ah I see. Also my all time favorite card to run in Shadow decks is Killing Wave , although it works a lot better in a deck like zazen's 10 rack shadow deck than something like this. I think it might still be worth testing in the sideboard and comparing it with Engineered Explosives / Yahenni's Expertise .

Darkshadow9 on Casual Budget Discard

8 months ago

Thanks for the suggestions! Yahenni's Expertise is a nice Card but unfortunately it would kill my own creatures. Which is why I chose Witch's Vengeance over it. Torment of Scarabs is fine, but I found it a bit boring after a while. But maybe I’ll add another one for Make Obsolete . :)

GodlyZero on Casual Budget Discard

8 months ago

Nice build man! The only thing I could see improved at your own interest would be some value engines for making your opponent discard. Does Torment of Scarabs not work as well as it should? For there is only one copy in this deck. Yahenni's Expertise may work well in this deck cuz the deck has so may cheap cards to cheat out lol.

JCTenor10 on The Code Meister

8 months ago

I agree with giving Fractured Identity a chance, as it is an AMAZING followup to a boardwipe like Fell the Mighty or Yahenni's Expertise .

Assault Suit I dislike for many reasons.

1) being a 4cmc artifacts means it's unlikely to get dropped before Codie,meaning we will have to flicker with Long Road Home or one of your other cheats to play it, which means it is competing with your higher impact permanents just to gimmick someone out of playing permanents, which will require removal ASAP.

2) As a Zedruu player I have learned that there is no faster way to make enemies at the table the bad gifts like Codie.

3) if you want to dip into bad gifts route play Zedruu the Greathearted .

People will hate Fractured Identity , but they won't make you the archenemy because of it. As fun as bad gifts are, most of them are just not up to Codies speed. If you are going for additional Codie triggers, I once again suggest Jeskai Ascendancy ,it does better than any other at getting multiple triggers for it's price.

Jackfrost23 on Is there a reason why Armageddon is Good??

9 months ago

That is not how it works, Yahenni's Expertise says all creatures, that includes creatures that have not yet been played.

wallisface on Is there a reason why Armageddon is Good??

9 months ago

One thing to note, and i’m not sure if it’s just the way you’ve worded your description, but you seem to imply that you can land wipe by casting Yahenni's Expertise and then Natural Affinity for free. That’s not the case. Yahenni's Expertise resolves and all creatures in play at that time get -3/-3 until end of turn. Then you get to freecast Natural Affinity, and all lands become 2/2s, but are unaffected by the before-mentioned debuff. No lands die.

Just letting you know this, in case you were playing it wrong - which you may not have been.

Argy on Artificer Control Pioneer

10 months ago

I don't know your local meta but, if Yahenni's Expertise isn't working, you could always try Languish instead.

That's what I use in one of my Control decks.

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