Tendrils of Agony

Tendrils of Agony


Target player loses 2 life and you gain 2 life.

Storm (When you play this spell, copy it for each spell played before it this turn. You may choose new targets for the copies.)

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Arena Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Gladiator Legal
Highlander Legal
Historic Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Premodern Legal
Unformat Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
Custom Legal
Quest Magic Legal

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Tendrils of Agony Discussion

Crow-Umbra on Triple Six, Five, Forked Tongue

3 weeks ago

I had a copy of Possibility Storm in my binders, so I thought I'd give it a try Kalkris. I figured it could kinda serve multiple purposes at once. If I have the other combo pieces onboard already, I can cast any Sorcery and use it to "dig" for Chain of Smog. I only have 10 sorceries in the deck, so depending on how many I've played already, odds get better each time. I also like the pseudo-protection aspect of it messing up any interaction my opponents could play from hand, barring activated abilities and what not they already have on board.

I'm glad that Possibility Storm served you well in that game. Definitely sounds like you had the most ideal set up for it to work as intended. Now that you mention it, I do have copies of Grapeshot and Tendrils of Agony in my binders if I ever wanted to go my Stormy/Spellslinger in the future. On a similar note of Spellslinger, I do have Wandering Archaic  Flip in consideration. Regardless if I've played it, or a friend has, it has come in clutch for getting copies of removal and ramp. Another piece that could also interact nicely with Storm-Kiln Artist and Sedgemoor Witch

SomeDipshit on K'rrik Turbo Stone - Primer (The Original Deck)

2 months ago

Tendrils of Agony used to be in the deck right? why no?

legendofa on Will WotC Use Phyrexian Mana …

2 months ago

I'm surprised artifact lands got printed, and I'm waiting for the MH2 lands to break, even with entering tapped.

Dredge is only a significant problem with a bug number; Shenanigans is basically a repeatable Shatter , since Dredge 1 isn't that threatening. The most used Dredge cards are Golgari Thug and Stinkweed Imp , which dredge 4 and 5, and Golgari Grave-Troll is banned in Modern. So this is a case of overbalancing.

There's a similar story with Storm: it's only a problem if it represents a win condition, like Brain Freeze , Tendrils of Agony , Grapeshot , or Empty the Warrens . I don't think too many games have been won or lost on Astral Steel or Reaping the Graves . It depends on the effect it goes with.

Lowenstein on Solitaire: the Gathering -the way it's meant to be

3 months ago

JW398 whoops I thought I had responded. I think on first glance that Empty is still probably just better than Nutshot, but idk. I actually haven't had lots of Leylins against me, mainly just things like Rest in Peace and Relics. But I might sideboard one of those now, especially if Blossoming Calm sees play (why did they print that and not give us Tendrils of Agony , like seriously I'm kinda bugged). But yeah if you do any testing with it definitely let me know. But Empty making twice the amount of goblins is nice, even though Nutshot is easier with Breach.

On another note, Underworld Breach , wow was I wrong about that card. It's a powerhouse haha. Just finished my first FNM with two in and it was sweet.

TheVectornaut on will all cards cast by …

4 months ago

The question linked below is essentially the same as yours. The answers should give you an idea of how Mizzix's Mastery works with Thousand-Year Storm . Adding an actual storm card doesn't change things that much. Mastery copies will contribute to storm count just like 1000 year storm count while copies created by either storm will not contribute to the count of either storm. Assuming Mastery is the first spell you cast in the turn and you order things so Tendrils of Agony is cast last after 23 other spells in the yard, I calculate the total number of spells or copies you can potentially resolve that turn to be 1+(2+3+4+...+24)+(25+24) where the 1 is Mastery, the middle component is the 23 GY spells, and the last 49 are all Tendrils. I haven't done summations in a while, but that looks like 349 to me.

Asked by AwesomeOctopus 1 year ago

evilphifel on will all cards cast by …

4 months ago

lets say I cast 23 cards from my graveyard with Mizzix's Mastery and then after the all resolve cast Tendrils of Agony will i then get 23 copies. if Thousand-Year Storm is in play will I get 23 copies from that one as well? making it 47 including the original copy?

xignited on Brian Stacks' Blood Pet C/U (E)

4 months ago

This is the creative nonsense I love! How do you feel about Grim Haruspex for card draw, Tendrils of Agony as an alternate wincon and/or Bitter Ordeal as sideboard material?

TriusMalarky on K'rikk the big succ

4 months ago

You have an average CMC of 4(2.6 if you include lands). That's pretty high, and you have one low mana rock. You definitely have ways to get tons of mana, but they tend to be 4 or more mana, often they're 6 mana.

Personally, I'd want to ramp hard into things like Caged Sun and Crypt Ghast , and then use the huge amount of mana with card draw spells to draw extreme amounts of cards.

So I'd recommend the cards Dark Ritual , Cabal Ritual , Sol Ring , Mind Stone , Songs of the Damned , Charcoal Diamond , Worn Powerstone , Thran Dynamo , and Culling the Weak . You could have lines like turn one Dark Ritual, Worn Powerstone, and then cast Crypt Ghast turn two. You'd have 8 mana on turn three if all your lands were basic swamps. Of course that's a nut draw, though, so don't expect it every game.

You can then wield one-shot draw effects like Read the Bones , Sign in Blood , Night's Whisper , etc. and add to your repeatable card draw effects with Greed and Arguel's Blood Fast  Flip.

Also, I'd really recommend Tendrils of Agony , because after casting several spells in one turn with all your mana, you can cast it and do a bunch of draining. It is possible to oneshot the table with this, but it's difficult unless you're explicitly trying to.

You'll also want ways to fill your graveyard for Agadeem and such effects, but I don't have suggestions on that right now.

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